How to Draw a Cartoon Pony Princess for Kids Step by Step | Animated Rarity from My Little Pony


Hey guys! Mr. Clark here. Today, let’s draw a Young Rarity from My
Little Pony. Rarity represents the element of generosity
and she is also a fashion designer in Ponyville. We are going to draw a Young Rarity back when
she was still just a young filly. Let’s get started right here in the center
of the paper. So we can fit the whole drawing. Let’s begin by drawing her nearest eye as
a circle, then continue a second circular line above and around our first circle. Good. This will be her iris. And on that top circle, lets draw her pretty
eyelashes. Now her far eye we’ll draw as a pointed
oval because she is looking at us at an angle. And do the same thing continuing the circle
above the iris. And draw her long eyelashes. Good. Now inside the iris, let’s draw her
pupils. Leaving a little space so we can color in her eyes later. Now her pupils, we’ll color in black, but
first let’s add some sparkle in her eyes. Go ahead and color in her pupils black. Now, let’s draw her little nose starting
on the inside corner of her far eye. Let’s draw her head curving up and leaving room for her horn coming out of the middle of her head. Then continue the line for the top of her
head curving behind the horn. Draw two curved lines around the horn; just to show some depth. Let’s draw her ear coming from that line
and pointing upward then ending down near the back of her head. It’s shaped kind of
like a leaf. Continue that line just a little for the back
of her head and stop before her neck. Great, now let’s draw a little line for
the opening of her ear, and a nice cute smile on her face with a small divot for her nearest
nostril. We are going to draw her hair curly and tossed to the side, then flowing down over her nearest shoulder. So, I’ll start her mane just below the top
of her ear. Her mane is shaped a bit like a Mohawk, so I’ll draw a pointed tip and curve it back down into a big curly Q. Have fun drawing your own style for her hair. The back of her main is falling down over
her nearest shoulder, so I’ll continue the line for the top of her hair passing behind
her ear. And I’ll draw her hair as a big spiral curl
laying on her nearest shoulder. Add some depth to her hair that we can really
have fun with later when on we color. Great! Now let’s draw her body starting
right under her chin aligned with the center of her nearest eye. Draw a curved line for her chest then draw
her nearest leg. Her leg is a bit wider here at the base near
her hooves. Draw her far leg starting a bit higher on
the chest and this leg is just a little farther away, so it’ll appear shorter. Good. Now let’s draw her hip starting behind
her hair and nearest hind leg. Draw a curve under her foot for her rounded
hooves. Her far hind leg is drawn slightly smaller
and coming up to meet her body. Nice! Now let’s draw her swooping tail. I’ll start behind her hip and draw her tail
looping with a big corkscrew curl. Get creative here and draw her tail hair how
you’d like it. Lots of pretty spiraling curls. That’s looks so good! Now let’s finish
with a few more details to her mane and tail. I want to make her hair look soft and stylish. Depending on the direction of her hair, you can make it look really nice. Alright! We drew a Young Rarity! Ok, we’re finished drawing, now let’s
add some color! I’m going to use these cool Crayola ‘Twistables’
colored-pencils. I’ll use a light purple, a darker purple
for shading her hair and a blue for her big blue eyes. Ok, are you ready? Alright, let’s go! Yeah! We did it! Great job! We colored a Young Rarity from
My Little Pony! Now, let’s illustrate it! I’ll show you how. Join me in the next video to learn how to
illustrate our Young Rarity. I hope you had fun and if you’d like to
see more, subscribe for more drawing lessons, giveaways and creative videos. Thanks for watching!


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