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hello guys welcome to brand new video in this
video you will Learn Exactly How to Draw a Horse with This Step by Step Guide in Here. This Easy Drawing Video Where We Draw a Horse
in Easy Way. One of the most popular subjects of peoples
drawing is animals. Unfortunately, very few people can actually
draw so most pictures drawn of animals such as horses, penguins and dragons look like
absolute garbage. This is actually very ironic because many
people could actually be half way decent at drawing if they just applied a few simple
drawing techniques to their artwork. Its common belief that you have to have some
special gift to be able to draw well, and while some people are naturally better at
drawing then others this simply is not true. Drawing is like any other skill, it takes
practice and proper technique. One thing many people do not understand is
that you must take your time when drawing a detailed animal drawing. What most people do is sit down and sketch
out the entire body of the animal they are drawing within a 30 minute period. The secret most great detail oriented artist
have is that they spend almost more time preparing to draw the drawing. It actually take a great amount of planning
when you are drawing a true to life picture. One of the most common mistakes made by people
wanting to draw is there is no real strategy to how they draw the animal. For example, if they were learning how to
draw a horse they would just randomly start on a hoof and then jump to the head, and then
start shading in the head. This leads to a total mess when it comes to
the end product. Drawing a animal such as a horse is like planning
to build a house. There are literally thousands of tips that
I could reveal to you about drawing animals. However, if you are just getting started there
are a few basic things you can do to really improve your drawing. First and foremost you must take your time
and plan out the drawing. One thing most artist do is simply draw the
outline of the drawing for a while, once they have the per portions right they then start
work on the drawing. This also relates to my second tip, do not
start working on the details until you have the full drawing outline. Many people will start working on something
such as the hair, and they will not be able to make it uniform with the rest of the body
because they have not provided enough room. This would be prevented by having an outline. There are countless more techniques to learn
if you want to become a proficient artist. I suggest looking into some books or classes
if you want to continue enhancing this excellent hobby.


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