How to Find Your Horse’s Body Weight

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Your horse’s weight is an important value
to know in order to correctly calculate feeding rates as well as dewormer and medication dosages. The most accurate way to weigh your horse
is using a scale, but not everyone has access to a scale large enough for a horse. Luckily, there are two easy methods that anyone
can use to find their horse’s weight. The first method involves using a weight tape.
Weight tapes only cost a few dollars and can be purchased from almost any equine supply
store or feed store. Wrap the weight tape around the horse’s heart
girth. The tape should sit behind the withers and behind the elbow, where the girth sits
when the horse is saddled. When the tape is pulled taught, you can take
a direct reading of your horse’s estimated weight from the tape. The second method involves using a measuring
tape and doing a calculation. First, measure the horse’s heart girth. Position
the measuring tape around the horse the same as you would position a weight tape. Record the girth value in inches. Next, measure the horse’s length, from the
point of the shoulder to the point of the buttocks. You may need a helper to hold one
end of the measuring tape. Record the length value in inches. Once you have the girth and length measurements,
use this formula to calculate the horse’s weight. Multiply girth times girth times length, and
divide that by 330. The result is an estimate of your horse’s weight in pounds. The weight tape and measuring tape methods
are not 100% accurate, but they will give you a close estimate of your horse’s weight. This video was brought to you by University
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