How to Fit Your Horse with a Western Saddle : Supplies for Saddling a Horse Western Style

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Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you my tips and techniques to saddle your horse with a Western Saddle.
So the first thing you will want to do when saddling your horse to ride western and you
are preparing to put the saddle on, is you want to make sure you are grooming your horse.
So you want to use a curry comb, a stiff brush and a finishing brush for this. Just make
sure that you remove any surface dirt and debris as well as anything encrusted sweat
or anything from your horse’s back. Because if you don’t do that when you put the saddle
on, it can lead to the horse getting a fungal infection or a lot of discomfort for your
horse. The next thing you will need is a western saddle pad which is a lot different from an
English saddle pad. It is a little bit bigger, a little bit longer. It is also a little bit
thicker and it gives a little bit more cushion for the horse’s back since a Western saddle
is a lot heavier. Of course, you need the Western saddle which if you notice is a lot
different from an English saddle. Of course, it has the horn here and is a little bit heavier
and a little bit wider of a seat. It has a little bit longer stirrup and of course, your
western cinch which will tighten the girth onto the horse’s back so that the saddle will
stay in place. So these are the supplies that you will need to saddle your horse to ride


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  1. Olivia K

    April 18, 2009 1:53 pm

    She's an aesthetician. And a makeup artist. Oh my God. Nothing about riding experience. Just two things that have NOTHING to do with horses.


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