I just put these two in together because little April escaped. and put herself
into the side pasture because the gate was open so let her in here and
these two are just like best girlfriends. no fighting…. so far. but then here comes
velvet uh-uh! you don’t come rushing over here by me. Go on Ky go on…get together. good girls
but velvet still feel she has to be dominant over her. here we go Windy wants
nothing to do with. Velvey’s okay with April but she’s making it clear this is
her herd. not by me girls not by me work it out over there. Velvey, you took a
mouthful of food doing this?(laughing) Velvey what are you doing??? come on…. you have food in your
mouth Ky… don’t race over to me like that. Ah Ah Ah Ah…not
by me ….it’s a huge pasture work it out ahhh you always have to be such a bully. Ok Kiya… you’re alright.. go to April atta girl these two are just getting along
beautifully which is great you like to see this. there’s been absolutely no
dominancy or nothing whatsoever there’s just like they’re equal but then there’s
this …. not by me why can’t she go near April? that’s her
friend that’s her friend Velvey… Kiya’s just kind of staying with
April for …. oh goodness (lots of whinnying back and forth.) it’s okay Ky… working it out …..babies well Velvet has to let everybody
know this is her herd so she’s not been as accepting of kaya
unfortunately. It’s alright Tiki Lilttle Teekers… he gets upset he doesn’t like when everybody
fights… Neither does Classy. It’s alright big boy yes it’s all right pretty soon you guys will all be able to
come in here but I’m concerned for Classy. come on buddy I know come on you’re all right big guy it’s all right
They have to work it out. hey buddy hello Teekers. They just have to work it out. (LOUD whinny from Tiki. ) My goodness! Hey… My goodness…… shhh shhh shhh shhh it’s alright…Hi Classy. They’re working it out
the big guy that’s all . Hi Class… you such a good girl Yes… you’re a good girl.. Sorry Teekers… It’s alright Teekers. I know
you want to be in there too. – oh goodness CLASS you too?? You’re okay They’re working it out yeah I’ll go check on them.


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  1. Porsche LK -Horses -Comedy -Vloging & More

    February 19, 2017 3:30 pm

    Kiya here is now a part of the herd and everyone gets along just fine. Even when changing pastures they go through this little dance each and ever time. Then back to…. "business as usual".

  2. Darryl Bavington

    February 19, 2017 10:28 pm

    Hi there how many horses have you got? ??. And why does that creamy colour horse have hair missing all over his body. thanks Darryl


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