How to load a sensitive mare on to a trailer (SUBS) May 2017, Ditte Young

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Before I started with Ditte, I had problems in the stable hallway. She wouldn’t get brushed, she wouldn’t get touched, she wouldn’t get rubbed, she wouldn’t relax, she couldn’t relax in her box either. Unless there were other horses nearby, she doesn’t like to get separated. She has always had a fear of getting separated, also when we were out on walks. And also in trailers where we haven’t been able to get to the competitions I would like to go to. We have seen each other one time so far and which things have we fixed? I can get her into a trailer on my own, we haven’t driven anywhere but I can get her into it on my own and close the door behind her. I can brush her now without her trying to bite me. She still doesn’t like to get rubbed, but we are getting there. She doesn’t try to bite me when I put a saddle on her, and I can control her better when we are out on walks. I have talked to Corvina one time before. If the middle wall was closed then she panicked. We haven’t trained in the trailer together before which she needed but Helena has trained that on her own two times after getting to know what she wanted from me. So now I shall see how it goes. What Corvina told me last time was that Helena needs to have a hand on her hindquarters at all time so she feels that she has a frame to follow. She describes that again and again. If it is a frame in her mouth then believe it or not, this horse would like to have a bit in her mouth. Or if it is a physical frame or a structure frame that is the same. It is good that you tell her why she needs to go in there and that she will go on the fold again afterwards. That is so good! You are a queen worthy. Nothing is going to happen. That is Helena’s hand on you. That is so good. At our first competition we used an hour to get her in the trailer and we even used a support pony who we didn’t even take with us. And then when we had to go home we used seven hours where it ended with her not even going with us the same day, we had to go get her the day after. What has made the difference? The hand on her hindquarters, just supporting her from behind. And the lung is a very good idea too.


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