How to Make Breyer Stablemate Unicorns Into Horses | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial


Breyer came out with several new stablematemolds that are awesome unicorns, but what if you want them to be horses instead? Today I’ll show you the steps and tools
you’ll need to dehorn and refine your unicorn so it’s ready to paint as a horse. What you’ll need is fine grit sandpaper
and files. Links to these tools are in the video description. To dehorn and help refine your horse, you’ll need a rotary drill with these drill bits. Safety is crucial when sanding and dremeling, so let’s put on that heavy duty painter’s mask and goggles. Be very careful when dremeling your horn off and use a vice to limit how much you hold your horse yourself (keep your fingers safe!). This should be done with adult supervision if you are a younger customizer, or ask an adult to do it for you. No we need to switch drill bits and clean
up those pasterns. Mini Alborozo’s right foreleg pastern is
especially bad…it’s much too thick. Sand your seams. They are usually roughest around the legs, chest, neck and belly. Sand any other rough spots. …and give them a good bath. You’ll want to use gloves after this to
keep any finger grease off your models. Put your mask back on because now we are going to prep our new horses. In a well-ventilated area, spray with a modeling primer. I’ve listed some good brand suggestions
in the video description. If you find that your primer was rough, you
can always sand it with ultra fine automotive sandpaper in the 1000 grit or more range. Just remember to wash them again before priming again, or before painting. And that’s how you turn a unicorn into a
horse! Check back next week to learn how to sculpt a neck as I sculpt a new on my new mold thoroughbred. Thank you so much for watching and happy customizing. If you liked this video, be sure to give it
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  1. TnT Horse Crazy

    April 26, 2019 1:14 pm

    I just use some wire cutters to take them off, LOL XD And then I use the dremmel tool to sand down the seams ;D


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