How to measure your horse for a rug?

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How do you determine the right rug size for your horse? We have a simple method for this. We advise to always measure your horse before you buy a rug. You start measuring from the center of the chest. Right in the middle of the two muscles. Then you measure in a horizontal line backward and then stop at the far side of the buttock. So if you put the horse with the rear against a wall, the first part that touches the wall, that’t where you stop measureing. I measure 1,87m. Take a look at the size chart on the website to see what rug size you should order. This is a Friesian with a proper neck but according to our experience the neck in our standard rugs will do fine. A number of models we have in a Big Neck version.  So if you have a horse with a very big neck, we advise to take a look at which rugs are available in Big Neck versions. Never buy a rug too big! If a rug is too large it will be fixed at the withers and will hang on the end so the risk of warping is very high. So be wise, just measure your horse and determine if the right size rug for your horse. Then you will enjoy a perfectly fitting Bucas rug longer.


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