How to milk a horse – Visitday at the horse dairy


We are going to a horsefarm where they milk
horses. And that’s over there. So let’s go. At this horsefarm they use Haflinger mares
to crossbreed with Frisian horses. Today they have a visitday here. There are a lot of people who are going to
look how they milk horses. And there is also a market. Ohhh, hallo! Hallo… Now let’s taste some horsemilk. Horsemilk. Look there is lots of fun stuff to do here,
awesome. Time for the second tasting. It’s ice from the horse. Cuddletime! Look, ohhh he is so cute! This is the fun part: how to milk a horse? Usually they milk the horses 3 times per day. But when it’s very warm weather they milk
5 times a day. They are afraid that a drip will develop on the horse’s teat. If there is a fly and it sticks in the udder. Then a udder inflammation may occur. A horse has two teats and each teat has two
milk jets. This is Evelien, she studies to become a vet
and will get this done. Horses give only 3 liters milk a day. This is why horsemilk is quite expensive. And done! Hmmm, how many will be in there? This milk is from two horses. I think almost one liter.


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  1. Kristine Topazdeep

    August 4, 2019 10:32 pm

    I hope that doesent hurt for that mare if i was her i would start being crazy and tried to get that thing off me


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