How to Paint a Model Horse Foal in Black | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial

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Today’s tutorial will show you how to transform
this custom model horse into a soft, baby black foal using an airbrush! Start by making sure you have a perfectly
prepped and primed model horse with no signs of flaws like rough spots. Wash it to remove
finger grease and continue with gloves. Your base color is going to be a nice, buttery
white. Mix the following paint colors in these proportions. If you are using non-airbrush
paints like these, don’t forget to mix in your airbrush medium too so you don’t clog
your airbrush. This first layer takes some time, and might
be easiest to paint in a few different stages. It also helps this stage finish faster if
you use a white primer, but I really like the warmer look I get using red primer. It’s
a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Your second coat is my caramel mixture. You’ll want to apply this very, very lightly
to the top, neck, head and joints. It will help warm up your black, but it doesn’t
need to show strongly. See? It’s very light. We’ll start to darken the foal a bit with
the Hershey mixture. Like the prior layer, apply it very lightly
along the top, neck, head and upper parts of the legs. You can make a second pass if
you want a darker foal than what I am making (which is perfect for an older foal like a
weanling) Now the magic happens with the deep black
mixture. Be careful to apply it lightly so you horse
stays a soft grey and doesn’t become pitch black. As with all the other layers, it’s much
easier to control the effect and the look of your foal if you start with the topline
and work your way down. Be sure to add a little more along the knees,
hocks, muzzle, eyes, mane and tail. Those can be almost true black. This stage can also take a while, but it’s
so important not to rush it if you want a truly realistic foal. And there you have it! The color recipes and
steps needed to create a realistic baby black foal! For more videos like this, subscribe to my
YouTube channel, check out my website,, and my social media in the description for
regular inspiration. Now go paint the ponies!


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