How to Refill Zebra Pen Zensations Colored Pencils

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Hey guys Christian here to show you how to refill your Zebra colored pencils Guys, I LOVE these pencils. They are perfect for adults and children. With their triangular shaped barrel, your
pencil can not fall off the table! It is also provides a comfortable, natural grip. Now let’s refilling this pencil! Notice the number at the tip of the pencil it will indicate the color lead you will need Hold the tip of the pencil down and give it a little shake to make sure there is no lead inside and to prevent any jamming. Find the matching number on the color pencil refill packet. Pull out that color And insert the lead into the tip of the pencil while you hold down the opposite side full. Get the top of the pencil to the desired length you like And you are ready to color Let us know if you have any additional questions! Make sure you follow Zebra on Social Media. And for additional refills visit


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