How to Sculpt Wrinkles and Stretches on a Model Horse | Customizing Tutorial


Today’s tutorial is one of my most requested
and is all about sculpting model horse wrinkles. For this tutorial, you will need a model horse
and a two-part epoxy clay that cures without baking. Aves, Magic Sculpt amd Milliput are all good
options. First, sand or scratch the area you want wrinkles
or stretch marks, wash it, and then apply your epoxy clay. Sanding or scratching lines into the area
gives the epoxy the tooth it needs so it won’t lift when dried. Make sure to blend out the epoxy so you have
a smooth transition to the original plastic. There are many different kinds of tools you
could use, even something as simple as a toothpick, but my favorite are tiny clay shapers because
they flex just enough to get in those tiny spots around the throatlatch or elbow. They are also great for smoothing. I find the epoxy easier to work with if I
let it sit for about 10 mins so it’s not too soft or wet when I sculpt. If it gets too hard, just wet the area. Sometimes it gets too wet, or you don’t
like the shape. If this happens, grab an old paint brush and
smooth out the area. To create the wrinkles, just add curved lines
into your little patch of epoxy and smooth with the paint brush. To create skin folds, lay out a noodle and
use your clay shapers to refine the shape of the stretched skin. And there you have it! Awesome wrinkles and stretch marks. Thanks for watching and for more tutorials
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