How to Spot a Healthy Horse

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So we want to look at five different areas
or six different areas. If we want to look at the top of the neck, we’d like to
have no crest formation. This mare has a very very tiny crest from here to here. It’s super tiny right now and then right here is a an area where we look for fat deposition. We look for a fat deposition over their ribs. We look forward along their back to see what the shape of their back is. We look for it over their hip bone. -excuse me. Over their shoulder, point of
their shoulder and then around the tail head. So I don’t know whether you can see this
or not, can you tip her that way. This mare actually has had trouble losing
some of the weight right here around her tail head is increased weight. This
is, this is actually a little bit showing a regional fat deposits around her tail
head at the moment. Okay, so what we would like to see is a completely straight neck with no crest. We want just a slight amount of fat deposited here. We want to be able to easily feel the horse’s ribs, but not see them. We want to have just slight amount of cover over the shoulder like we see on this mare. The hips should just be rounded as this mares’s is and the top-line should be slightly rounded in the loin area. And then there should be less fat in this tail head area. So if you had all the things we just described the horse would be a body condition
score of a five. We’re gonna give this mare today probably a five and a half to a six. She’s got a little bit of excess flesh right here This little thing here normally comes up at seven but we know that this mare has been
working on losing this so we’re not going to penalize her for this too much
because she’s gonna been working on losing that. Same with the tail head fat
would normally come into a seven or eight but she’s working on losing that
but on her rib cage and her shoulders She’s looking like a five and a half to
a six which is we want him to be, a five to a six. When you get into a horse like
this where she’s got normal body condition here over the shoulder, pretty
normal over her ribs and loin area but she wants to, having a hard
time getting rid of this the new ligament and the tail head fat then
those horses should be tested for endocrine conditions such as insulin
resistance and the PPID because that those are two common things that
will cause a horse to retain regional fat depositions even though the rest of
their body is in normal condition.


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