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I’m working with Tiki….come on We’re just working with a
saddle blanket and him following me I’m not holding him . Tiki come….come on. come on. Good boy. Whoa! Good job! Come on Tiki come Tiki come! Tiki Come! Pay attention… come on Good boy! Come on I know it’s
a scary driveway. no don’t eat the..(laughing) don’t lick the rocks. come on… good boy come come to me. Come on. (making fast shushing noises) Come to me….come on. Good boy! Good boy! Come to me. whoa. Good job buddy Don’t wander come to me come to me (laughing) Good boy…come on. Come to me. Come on… okay (laughing) yeah he’s like “yeah i want some grass.” Tiki- too (laughing) (laughing)so we lost this blankie
which is right here. and I’m gonna try da Just … here ya go Tiki-too. whoa whoa whoa Back up (laugh) There we go. You’re alright. good boy Can we try this again? Can we try again? That a boy! Whoa. Good boy. Good booyyy hold up don’t (laughing)
Don’t walk on me! (laughing) Turkey! lol (drops phone! hahaha) That did NOT work out good!
Okay.. lol


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