How to Use Fly Spray on a Horse

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Alright, today we’re going to talk about
fly sprays and the first thing we’re gonna do is show it to our horse. Now this horse hasn’t had fly spray since last summer. Everything we do on one side we have to do on another. He might be a little leery of it at first. So I’m always going to start down by his legs. He should stand still for me. I’m going to fly spray under his belly, down his other leg.
I’m not gonna spray up where the saddle is. The most usual places that the flies bug them are on their legs and under their belly. I’m going to switch sides. Now he was to jump and move around and not stand still, then I would start by just holding this to him and keep holding that there until he stands still, and then try to spray a little and I may have to keep him if he keeps moving around I may have to keep spraying until he stands still. Most of them are used to being fly sprayed so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.


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