HUGE Shimmer and Shine Magic Surprise Toy Chest My Little Pony Shopkins Frozen Kinder Playtime

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Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) Emily: Shimmer and Shine! Kinder Mom: Hello Kinder Playtime friends. Today we have this beautiful, shimmery, shiny, Shimmer and Shine magical chest to do. (yeah!) How cool is that? (yeah!) The girls love Shimmer and Shine. Who’s your favorite? Shimmer or Shine? Chloe: Shine Kinder Mom: Shine? Who do you like? Shimmer or Shine? Emily: Shine Kinder Mom: Shine? Well I think Shimmer and Shine are both cute and they have such cute things. We have a bunch of Shimmer and Shine stuff in here. And some blind bags and surprises! I can’t wait! Emily: Open it, open it, open it. Kinder Mom: Are you ready? (yeah!) Woo… Ahh.. Wow! Okay, so right on the top, we’ve got these pretty purple Shimmer and Shine slippers. So you can play some dress up. (yeah!) That’s cute! Emily: Oh, what does Chloe have? Kinder Mom: Accessories! These are jewels that you can, yup, you put them on the bangles, the little bracelets that Shimmer and Shine wear. (yeah!) You can customize them! How fun! Alright, so those go here. And then we have this cool genie bottle. Cause that’s what their friend gets them out of, is their genie bottle. That’s pretty neat. And then, I guess that’s like a little spiny game. That’s cool! (yeah!) Alright! We also got these genie bottle, Shimmer and Shine barrettes for hair! So let’s what they look like on the girls. Emily: Are you ready Chloe? Kinder Mom: Are you ready to be like Shimmer and Shine and all pretty? Here Emily, you ready? Want to pin your hair up so pretty like a genie? There you go! Cute! Woo! Sparkly! Oh Chloe wants to already customize hers. Okay, so we’re going to customize our bracelets, and they’re magic genie bracelets and they’ll help us open all of our surprises! Maybe they’ll be good luck charms and we’ll get everything that we want to. Don’t you think? (yeah) Chloe: I got a genie. Kinder Mom: Yeah, that’s pretty. Oh, pretty designs, girls! Shimmer and Shine.. (singing theme song) Alright Chloe, you got your magic bangle to help you pick out surprises? My Mini MixieQ’s, here we go! Okay, let’s see what MixieQ’s you got. Whoa! Pretty! Emily: We got different ones! We got Vampire and French Bulldog and they’re both special. Emily: Look at all of these surpries! Oh a Sophia surprise! Yeah! Here we go! Let’s see who you got from Sophia. Who’d you get? Awe, it’s a ballerina Sophia. So cute! Look at her tutu! That’s adorable! Chloe’s turn. My Little Pony! Alright! Emily: Here we go! Chloe: I want Pinkie Pie. Kinder Mom: You want Pinkie Pie again? You already have a Pinkie Pie though. Emily: You got Apple Jack! Kinder Mom: Oh you got Apple Cobbler! Chloe: No, Apple Jack. Kinder Mom: Oh it looks like Apple Jack, but her name is Apple Cobbler. Chloe: It’s Apple Jack. Emily’s turn. Kinder Mom: It is Emily’s turn. More Sophia? Emily: Yeah, I like Sophia. Kinder Mom: You like the Sophia’s? Here we go! (Here we go!) The Amber looks really cute. Okay, here we go! We got another Ballerina Sophia! Here we go. Here, see? Now we have two of them! One for Emily and one for Chloe. Emily: Yeah, they’re dancing! Kinder Mom: Alright Chloe, use your magic bangle. Which one are you going to get? Trolls! Here we go. I always get so worried that I’m going to cut their hair. Here, I’ll cut from the side. Emily: That’s a great idea! Kinder Mom: Thanks! Purple! Oh my gosh, it’s all fuzzy. It’s completely fuzzy. It’s a different one. Oh, it’s this one. It’s like cousin It. It’s just got feet. Look, it’s just a tiny fuzz ball! Emily: Yeah, they’re different! Kinder Mom: Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy. Emily: They’re different. Kinder Mom: Alright Ms. Emily. More Sophia? You just want to open all of the Sophia’s. Emily: I like Sophia movies. Kinder Mom: Who’d you get? That one’s big. Who’s inside? Who is it? It’s another Sophia! She’s pink! She’s in a pink pretty dress. So beautiful! Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe’s turn. What’d you find? Whoa, these are big. Oh it’s the candy dispensers. Cool, here we go! Who’d you get? Apple Jack! That one really is Apple Jack. And candy! Emily: Yeah, let’s open it up and try it out… Chloe: Let’s try it out. Kinder Mom: Okay, who wants candy from Apple Jack? (Me! Me!) Yum! Alright, you ready? Here we go! Oh! Here you go! I want one too! No, this one’s mommy’s! Mmmm Whoa! (Oh, that’s for me. It’s Emmy’s turn. We got some Palace Pets. You got this girl. You don’t need me. Awe! Look how cute! It’s a little piggy. Chloe: I like him. The piggy’s name is Truffles. Reach in the sparkly chest… Oh Trolls, and these are season two. We figured that out, huh? These are different trolls. New trolls. Chloe: I want a rainbow! Kinder Mom: Ready? Did you get the same one? We got two fuzz balls now! Emily: Yeah, one for me and one for Chloe. Fuzzy, fuzzy hair. Okay girlfriend. Oh, Littlest Pet Shop. Here we go! (yeah) Chloe: Littlest Pet Shop. Kinder Mom: What’d you get inside? What is it? You being sneaky? Awe, it’s like a little lady bug. Mmm, a ladybug cupcake with yellow frosting on top. I love how she’s pink and purple. Emily: It looks so yummy! Kinder Mom: Who’s turn is it? Chloe’s turn! (Sing along with your favorite songs from Frozen, or connect your MP3 player) There’s two of them! Oh they’re beautiful! (Let it go begins to play) I think we’re going to be like singing for months. Wow! That was good surprise. Can Emily pick another one? What you got? What is that? Have I ever seen these before? Happy Places Shopkins?! Emily: Yeah, we’ve seen them before! Kinder Mom: We have? Cool! Oh, let’s open them. I’m excited. Emily: I need help opening it. Kinder Mom: Alright, here we go. Three Petkins and one tile. Emily: We got a different one this time. Let’s get the list out. Kinder Mom: It looks like we got a kind of bathroom set. We got hand soap, moisturizer, and bubble bath. Emily: Awe, cute! Kinder Mom: These are fun! (Yeah!) Emily: Even tiny. Chloe: Even tiny. My turn! Kinder Mom: Pick one! Emily: Pick one. Kinder Mom: Oh, more My Little Pony. Emily: Yeah, let’s see who we got. Chloe: I want Pinkie Pie. Kinder Mom: You always want Pinkie Pie. We got a pink pony with yellow hair. Her name is June Bug. Bye! Bye! Emily: Bye little pony. Here we go again. Oh, Twosies! Cool! Emily: Let’s open it. Kinder Mom: Alright, show us your Twosies, Emily. A little fox? Cute! (Shimmer and Shine!) Yeah, we’re opening the Shimmer and Shine surprises. What’s that? A little bear? We got Gracie the baby and she’s common, and we also got Foxa the fox, and the fox is rare. They’re so sweet! Which magical surprise are you going to get? Monster High Mini’s! Alright, here we go. Chloe: Alright, here we go. Kinder Mom: Seventy plus to collect, wow! That’s a lot! I remember that thes are so cute. (yeah!) So cute! Emily: And I very like them. Kinder Mom: You very like them? Very, very like them. Whoops! Wow! It’s a pink and black kitty cat. Oh, it’s already open. I’m silly. Awe, look at her dress! It’s polka dots. Emily: I like her. Kinder Mom: Our kitty girl is one of the original ghouls and she is labeled as a fantastic find. Alright, we got two more surprise. So Emmy gets a turn and then mommy gets a turn! Oh, she went with the My Little Pony surprise. Here we go. Who’d we get? Who is it? Oh, Trixie Lulamoon. Emily: And I get to keep her. Kinder Mom: She’s so pretty! Look at her! Awe! Emily: So pretty. Kinder Mom: That means mommy gets Shopkins! Yay! Here we go. (okay) I love Shopkins! Emily: Let’s see what you get. Kinder Mom: Let’s see what I get. They’re so cute! Emily: I hope you get different ones. Kinder Mom: I always hope we get different ones. Alright, these are backpacks… Alright, here we go Shopkin number one! Awe, it’s a pretty layer cake with sprinkles on top. So pretty! And here’s our Shopkin number two! It’s a flower box. Cute! We got Sprinkle-y Cake, common, and Peta Planter, also common! Yay! We always have so much fun opening surprises together, huh girls? (Yeah!) Today was no different. We had so many cute surprises, and it was uber fun. So, thank you for joining us for this Shimmer and Shine treasure box surprise opening, and since we had so much fun, guess what that means? (What?!) Singing time! (Kinder Mom, Emily, and Chloe sing the Shimmer and Shine theme song.) Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe. Thanks for watching, bye!


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