I Made It BETTER – Changing The Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2020


The anime awards are behind us
Congratulations to all of our winners, and for all those who didn’t win, don’t worry,
you still have a chance because today we are going to do some changes
to the winners of this year’s anime awards Welcome back anime fans, I’m your host manga
horse and today we are going to talk about the anime awards
We are going to talk about the winners, and like I said, we will also do some changes So don’t forget to subscribe and to turn
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me know you enjoy this kind of content, and don’t forget to follow me on any of your
favorite social media. So let’s talk about the biggest categories
that need some changing, and I will also explain why in my opinion, attack on titan didn’t
win the awards for best animation or best fight scene. And why were not even nominated for best anime In today’s video i will only address the
nominees and not all the other shows who didn’t get nominated.
and of course everything today is only my own opinion so don’t forget to give me know
your favorite winners in the comments. So Let start with the little respect attack
on titan did get this year, and that is the award for the best director Now, Don’t take this award lightly, attack
on titan season 3 was one of the most eventful seasons. We had beautiful moments like the basement
reveal An amazing full scale battle scene
And Dramatic scenes like Levi’s choice between Armin and Erwin When you take into consideration the amount
of work and expertise it took to make an anime adaptation to look that good, you can realize
how significant this award really is. For example, when i read the manga I didn’t
fully grasp the power behind the scene of armin getting burnt. But seeing it animated, OMG, with the amazing
background music, that just made me much more emotional…and the amazing directing on those
scenes is one of the reasons for that. So congratulations attack on titan, you did
deserve this one. Next Award
Best boy I don’t think there is even a question about
this one Tanjiro Kamado
the boy that carries his demon sister on his back
fights demons but still feels compassion for them
always super nice and polite helps everyone around him and inspires his
friends to do better I think this is the definition of best boy
so congratulations Tanjiro, you do deserve this award. What I cannot say about the next on our list
Best girl In the last few months, whenever I go on twitter,
Instagram, facebook or any social network, do you know what I always see? Nezuko! Nezuko is freaking everywhere! People adore her, Everyone is talking about
her. Fan-made art of her is popping up every hour. So tell me, how did Raphtalia win this one? Is the internet broken? And I know I know, Raphtalia is awesome! she had a terrible childhood
she had a great character development throughout the season
And she has those adorable ears… I know all that. But on the other hand… Nezuko! I mean, this kid had her entire family killed
in front of her turned into a demon
She lives inside a freaking box, and she hadn’t eaten for 2 years!! And still, she keeps on kicking demon heads,
and also is able to turn all tiny and cute… look at her, look, she is freakin adorable!! As much as I do admire Raphtalia, I think
Nezuko is more fitting for this award. So I’m sorry Raphtalia, you are sweet as
hell, and better luck next year. But for me, this year’s award goes to Nezuko
from Demon slayer Moving on to the next on the list, and for
one more possible fix: Protagonist of the year. The winner here is Senku from the amazing
anime dr stone and don’t get me wrong, I love dr stone,
I even host a huge Dr stone facebook group, and I think Senku is a very special and unique
Protagonist. Holding in his brain, 2 million years worth
of information this boy mega-genius sets his mind on jumpstart
humanity from scratch after he finds himself thousands of years
in the future after a mysterious light turned all of humanity into stone statues. Senku leads the story into very unexpected
places while showing us how science changes the stone world at an extremely fast pace. Senku is an amazing character
But, this year he had some serious competition, including: Best boy award winner, tanjiro Kamado Saitama
which can literally punch anyone out of existence Emma from the promised neverland. A genius kid that her all purpose in life
is to defend a group of orphan children from being eaten by demons. she does that by playing a dangerous mind
game with Isabella,her foster mom in what I consider to be one of the best Anime’s
of the year. Out of the 3, I think saitama may be too overpowered
also, I don’t think being overpowered and calling yourself a hero for fun can justify
winning this award. And although I personally think Saitama is
a Genius character, he doesn’t face the same dangers and obstacles that Emma,Tanjiro
and Senku face. If It was possible for 2 characters to get
the same award, I would pick Senku and Emma in a heartbeat But because it’s not possible, I tend to
go with Emma, just because I want to see more strong female characters in anime So I’m Sorry, Senku
You know I love you 10 billion percent For the next that I think needs some change,
we go to Best Antagonist This year the winner is Isabella from the
Promised neverland. Isabella is a truly horrifying and intelligent
woman she does anything in her power to maintain
peace in the orphanage, while sending kids to their doom for years. She is a mysterious and cunning woman
hiding her true intentions behind a kind smile. Her motives in the anime were not completely
revealed yet, what contributes to the shroud of mystery surrounding this well written and
sinister character. But this time Isabella had an extremely hard
competition Facing juggernauts like: Garou
the hero killer from one punch which I bet will get much more awards in the
future because his character development in the manga is very substantial. Overhaul from boku no hero academia. A very well written character, driven by his
own desires to make a change, this villain gave a very impressive show, and it is no
surprise that he got nominated this year. But, unfortunately for Isabella, overhaul
and all the others This year they faced MY personal best antagonist
in anime… which is of course Askeladd from Vinland Saga. Askeladd is one of the main antagonists on
Vinland saga. This character is so well written and so well
played, that no matter how many horrible things he does, you simply cannot hate this guy. That is because of his unique way of conducting
himself, his amazing charisma, his sad past, and generally everything he does just makes
sense. He is the kind of guy other people want to
follow, and you can clearly see why after only watching a few episodes of the anime. Askeladd’s role as an antagonist is also what
drives our hero, thorfinn, into his own journey to avenge his father while spending every minute with the man that
killed him. Askeladd character forces the hero to evolve
as a person as well as a fighter and he is one of the main driving forces for almost
everything that is going on in Vinland Saga. Usually in that position I would go with the
female antagonist, but this time I am extremely conflicted by those 2, because Isabella is
an ongoing character that will probably have another chance to win next year. And for Askeladd it is probably the only time
he could win Looking at that this way, I decided to give
this award to Askeladd the boy who rose from ash to glory. Before we go on fixing other categories, and
to show you that I’m not that negative, let’s give credit to some of the winners
who did deserve to win this year Best Drama award This year the winner is without a doubt
Vinland saga leaving behind tough competition including
Stars align, Carole and Tuesday, The promised neverland, Fruits basket And babylon Vinland saga is one of the only well adapted
historical Mangas, and thishappens once in a generation
therefore, there isn’t any better choice in my opinion
Congratulations Vinland Saga, you earned this one fair and square Next we have
Best Comedy: Kaguya-sama: Love is War is one of the biggest
comedies right now, and I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Comedic Anime,
but I did check each of them just to get the general feeling of the shows. Love is war is a comedy about the endless
fight between genders where couples manipulate each other into falling
in love if you fall in love first, you are the loser. Love is war beat some well deserved comedies
like: Aggretsuko
How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift? Isekai Quartet
Sarazanmai And, My Roommate is a Cat So Congratulations Kaguya-sama Love is war
for winning this year And with that, let’s go to one of the biggest
categories Best Fight Scene: The winner this year are Tanjiro & Nezuko
vs. Rui in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Without a doubt one of the most beautiful
moments in anime this year This beautifully animated fight was so intense
and brutal. The music was perfect and I literally held
my breath when Tanjiro’s broken sword struck rui’s neck. Although I agree with that one, there are
some very honorable fights that I personally really liked. The fight in mob psycho was intense and animated
in that unique mob psycho way. Thorfinn from Vinland saga, taking on Thorkell A beast of a man that literally punched a
horse a minute before this fight. Thorkell is the kind of man who loses 2 of
his fingers, and laughs about it. And this fight was absolutely amazing. And of course, how can we forget the amazing,
breathtaking moment when Levi took down the beast titan. Just to be clear, this is my favorite Fight The animation was top tier, and the intensity
of this scene felt real So why didn’t it win? Basically, because I think it was too short
in comparison to the other fights. But that is not a coincidence, because fights
in attack on titan usually goes like fights in a real world scenario. In a real fight, the opponents don’t usually
talk to each other they don’t call out their attacks before
striking or have meaningful flashbacks to their past
in order to unleash a new powerful attack and that is not me crapping on demon slayerI
can assure you! They are just different types of anime, and
that is absolutely fine. But that makes fights in attack on titan to
be much more realistic and therefore, much shorter. And that is why I personally think the Levi
and Zeke fight was not the winner this year, and i would really love to hear what you think
about this specific category And that brings us to Best Animation: Mob Psycho 100 II is our winner this year,
and I couldn’t disagree more. Mob psycho animation is by far the most unique
out of the bunch, but saying it is better than Attack on titan season 3, Kimetsu no
Yaiba and Vinland saga? Well, I don’t think so If I had to choose according to the action
scenes, I would go with Attack on titan. But if we are considering the animation throughout
the season, I think this year’s winner should be demon slayer. Now for a category that made me sad
Best Couple: I won’t even mention all the others, because
in my mind there should be only one winner here
Ymir and Historia, which this is their last chance to ever get this award, so with tears
of joy in my eyes I respectfully take this award from love is
war, and give it with love to our Ymir and Historia. Before we will go to the biggest awards of
this year, here are some honorable mentions: Winner for the Best Score
Goes to… Mocky, for Carole and Tuesday
A very nice performance, and being that Carole and Tuesday is an anime that revolves mainly
around music I think it’s only fitting it will get this award. Although I really wanted Hiroyuki Sawano for
Attack on Titan Season 3 to win this one. Next, winner for Best Opening Sequence:
99.9 in Mob Psycho 100 II Truly an amazing OP, beating my personal favorite
Touch off – from the promised neverland And the winner for the Best Ending Sequence:
And I hope I’m going to say this right… “Chikatto Chika Chikaa♡ in Kaguya-sama:
Love is War” Beating fire force, Vinland saga, Sarazanmai,
Dororo and Carole and tuesday. And now for our last big 2 category winners: Best Fantasy winner, goes to… THE PROMISED NEVERLAND I love the promised neverland, and I’m sure
the story is going get a lot more interesting in the upcoming seasons I must admit that in my opinion Attack on
titan has a larger scale universe and story line. But i also don’t see Attack on titan as
a fantasy, I look at it more as science fiction So congratulations the promised neverland
for beating great names like: DEMON SLAYER: KIMETSU NO YAIBA
Sarazanmai Ascendance of a Bookworm
Attack on Titan And Astra Lost in Space And for our last winner for today
And probably the biggest award of the show The winner of Anime of the year goes to:
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba I think This selection didn’t surprise anyone throughout the season Demon slayer kept dishing
out scene after scene of intense, beautiful animated fight scenes, and incredibly adorable
and relatable characters. Demon Slayer is no doubt an amazing anime,
but is it the best anime? In my opinion…. No The winner of this award in my opinion should
go to Vinland saga, for finally offering both an amazing historical anime, and a very professional
adaptation. I think that everything in this show is superb
The fighting, the story, the characters. everything feels natural and the story builds
up as we see young Thorfinn grow up in the shadow of his father’s killer. So why didn’t it win? Well, I think it is basically a question of
exposure. While the other anime were available on multiple
streaming services, Vinland saga was exclusive to amazon prime video. I don’t know if that is the case right now,
but I think that was the major reason Vinland saga didn’t get enough attention. The promised neverland already won the award
for best fantasy And mob psycho is awesome, but in my opinion
it can’t beat Vinland saga. But why attack on titan didn’t even get
nominated? If you ask me, the main reason was momentum. Maybe it was the season splitting into 2 halves,
each only 10 episodes against at least 12 in the other anime on this list. Carole and Tuesday is on Netflix, so you can
binge watch it in one day. Vinland saga and Demon slayer
Both had 24 episodes with no break between them. While attack on titan had months between both
parts of season 3, which gave the feeling of 2 separated, 10 episode short seasons. Something that disappointed a lot of viewers,
including myself And that is all the winners for today, Don’t
forget to give me your selection for the the winners this year, i would love to know what
you think about all the others shows that didn’t get nominated. And don’t forget to subscribe, like and
visit me on your favorite social media And I’ll be seeing you all real soon in
another manga horse video


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  1. Anas Bigharassen

    March 2, 2020 5:38 pm

    CrunchyRoll is a western cuck company . They dont want to give it an award because it reflects some aspects of our world that might wake people up .

  2. Jorge Lopez

    March 2, 2020 5:41 pm

    1st off AOT to me has the best of everything,, but award shows are gonna pick who they want , they should have online voting. I alsolove Demon Slayer and promised Neverland oh and not to forget dr. Stone I never really watched those other ones

  3. Ifhaam Anees

    March 2, 2020 6:48 pm

    Hey look who's back.
    Yo bro, how are you.

    Congratulations for 1k 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Well the hardest award to choose was Best Girl, i mean looots of cheeks😵.

    I truly wanted Levi vs Zeke as best fight but everyone has different opinion so no more comment.

    I think that in 2020 AOT Eren's would win best protagonist due to its epic character development.

  4. kikooOOoo

    March 2, 2020 9:23 pm

    How did Askeladd not win?! I loved to hate him man, one of the most memorable characters I've ever seen… 99.9 is a freaking masterpiece glad to see it got the recognition it deserved. I generally agree on everything else. Cheers on the 1k you deserved it 😀

  5. Mehran Gh

    March 3, 2020 12:45 pm

    Congratulations for 1000 subs .I couldn’t finish demon slayer , I tried many times but it’s fight scenes was just too stupid to tolerate , even my little brother said that when I asked him about this anime


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