I pretended to fall off a horse, but I didn’t expect the emperor will rescue me.|ep49-3

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Why did you propose to the emperor to let Fu Heng go to the battlefield? He helped me once I help him achieve his wish You can repay him. Once Queen flower arrangement Look good Look at the flowers I planted So yeah Did the emperor say you were vulgar? calligraphy Painting and piano art can be made up the day after tomorrow but Vision and attitude But it takes years to train The queen was born in Dahu I grew up in a small family Certainly not comparable Then you still practice Not a day I use it for one year, ten years for one year Not talented Diligence Qin Qi calligraphy and painting can not be proficient But every time the emperor asks I can’t know nothing Things are done And the emperor gave a riding suit Take you to horseback tomorrow horse riding? horse riding? Yes In the future, the emperor will take you to the Magnolia autumn hunt, you must learn to ride horses Who said I was going to go hunting Let him rest I dare not tell the emperor Emperor teaches horse riding in person This is an honor that the concubine has never had. horse riding horse riding The emperor is right, learning to ride is also very interesting Xiaoquanzi Go and spread the news that the emperor will teach me to ride horses. This is ginseng specially given to your child Sister is grateful But Wu’s got a cough. The hospital has been using Chuanbei conditioning I’m afraid I can’t use such a big supplement, I will let you down Ordinary cough is certainly not available with ginseng But I already asked too much doctor Your child’s cough due to weak lungs This ginseng It’s specifically for him. There are thousands of ginseng in Guangxi Division I’ll choose the one that suits him best, rest assured thank you Don’t be polite with me, get up Have you heard that the emperor is going to take Ling Fei tomorrow Don’t say that I’m tired I want to rest earlier do not let me down Do n’t get on horseback Hold your reins Don’t be too stiff You are not a puppet, relax, relax Li Yu, run up do not worry You are running All right Faster slower walk slowly Yes, walk up, walk up, this horse is not good at all It is not obedient at all This is my sweaty horse The most beloved horse that no one else can touch, you still hate Why not blame yourself stupid Emperor, slow down What’s wrong, nothing, I’ve never seen the emperor love a woman There is no love for no reason To get the emperor’s love It took her a lot of thought How to say her You look proud Can you ride it by yourself now Yes, I can ride This horse is too tall, go and bring me a tame horse Bring it to her You have to be careful in a while I don’t care Emperor rest assured Come Be careful such Arm relaxation Correct of course Emergency military newspaper Report to the military You said War tension Fu Heng killed five thousand Another general was injured Accidentally fell off immediately Minor leg injury Fu Heng pursues and flees Holden No exact news so far I already ordered him Holden is cunning Good at seducing the enemy Nothing can be too aggressive Emperor rest assured Fu Heng’s own Emperor, don’t Wreaths! Where is the doctor Emperor, her right arm fractured Badly injured I have applied the hot medicine to my arm Help her relieve pain Don’t you fix her arm first To fix directly She will be in pain After the heat pack works Pain is reduced to normalize bones And this hot compress painkiller? Once cooled You need to switch to a new medicine right away Can’t leave for a moment I will keep staring, when the medicine is cold, I will change to a new one I’ll fix her wound later I’m afraid she won’t be able to sleep You must take good care of her Don’t let her move her wounds. Emperor, the battle report is here Mingyu Take good care of her. Yes emperor Emperor, I checked the horse just now Let’s talk about business Yes emperor Fu Hengquan destroys the fleeing enemy Only Horton escaped with dozens of soldiers Fu Heng and General Zhao Hui are reorganizing the army In preparation for another battle I know emperor When I checked that horse I found someone moving hands in food So the meek horse suddenly became crazy. Before she leaves her If the emperor hadn’t protected her, her head would have landed I’m afraid she will die From above The Minister of Regulatory Affairs together with Yuan Wailang will be charged for strict interrogation Yes The Emperor’s Drought in Zhejiang The Han Han military ministers are waiting for you at Xi Nuan Ge. But here she is I order Zhang Yuan ordered shifts to guard Yanxi Palace If she wakes up, tell me immediately!


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