I Smell Horse Poop! DEMONETIZED

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I’m gonna meet the Clydesdales today. How excited are you? Awesomely excited. I wonder how many more walks we did yesterday. Shoes!! Shoes up there. Haha. How did shoes get up there? How did those things get on there? I don’t know. It’s an electric shoe. It’s an electric shoe? Yeah. Haha. There they are. They are like across there. Almost there Miss Al. Hehe. This took us about 30 seconds to get across here right. Don’t sniff it smells like do-do in here. Haha. It really does. Haha. Does it smell like Papa Yaya’s farm? It totally smells like Papa Yaya’s farm. You know what, this is one of the horses I’m gonna like. What? Sparky. Oh yeah? He’s the, I think he’s the horse I like. So much bigger than Sassy huh. Yeah and they have bigger feet. I like this. Oh you like Ace the best? I like every, I like all of them. There’s Prince. That’s Prince. Yep. Yep that’s Prince That’s Mick. Oh yes. Oh he’s so itchy. Okay Ma. Bye Bud. Okay we saw the horses. Thank you Buddy. How was that Miss Al? Awesome. You got to meet your horses, huh? Uh huh. Now what are we gonna do here?


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