Introducing the Zebra ZE500 Series Print Engine


Hello my name’s Chuck Wilson. I’m the
industry development manager for print engines for Zebra Technologies and I’m
here at the 2012 pack Expo show in Chicago. and we’re splashing the new print engine, the ZE500 and I’d like to take you through the printer and show you some of the features and benefits so that device. First off the pacs nomenclature is going
away and we’re going to a ZE500 naming convention. That’s ZE: Zebra Engine. There’s many changes in this as
it’s a ground-up redesign. The front panel as you can see has been
designed it’s a bigger graphical display on the front, as well as a simple five button layout easy to navigate our menu. No more orphan button off to the side. Additionally these two screws can be loosened and this display can be rotated 180 degrees or with an optional kid can even be
remote it up to 2 meters so the you still have accessibility even
during odd mounting orientations. Now I wanna go through the front of the Zebra ZE500 print engine and open that up and take a look at it. First thing you’ll notice is the ribbon
system has been revamped we’ve removed the dancer arm system in the four-inch
model which was famous for causing some nicking of the ribbon which may cause break during loading. Additionally there’s a QR code if anybody
has any trouble even though the loading path is quite intuitive they can scan
this go to our website and look at videos on changing the
ribbon and changing the drive system, changing the printhead and many other
features. Two printhead toggles on the front have helped maximize the pressure dispensation across the printhead to allow for dialing in a print quality. Easy to use upward CAM system adjusts the printhead to the to the platen
roller in all three different axes allows for maximization of a print
quality image despite whatever media is being used. The three rollers, the platen, pension, the
pill rollers assemblies can all be removed from the front without removing the
print supply system or without removing the ZE from the print
apply system. To remove the platen roller, rotate, pull that out, platen roller is changed. Heavy-duty pens that lock into a coupling system on the inside. The peel and the pinch rollers remove in a
very similar fashion with captured fasteners that don’t fall
on the floor you take them out. The pinch and the peel roller are now the
same exact part number. No more putting those back in the wrong
places Three rollers exchanged in just a matter of minutes used to take hours in the previous model. I’ve turned the new ZE500 print engine around to show you the back. First thing you’ll notice is there’s no
perforations in the cabinet. More conducive to a dusty environment our environment were washed down in water may be splashed around. nothing can penetrate the cabinet to
get on the motors, the circuit boards, and the wiring and so forth. You’ll also notice standard connections of serial, parallel, USB and wired Ethernet. These are all standard with every device that comes out an optional wireless card can be
purchased to provide wireless connectivity. the applicator IO is now the same IO
for five older 24 vaults just a matter of easily moving jumpers to convert from
one to the other. Still no fans in the unit, so the lack of perforations is key to a harsher environment. Taking the back off gives us complete access to the back via
this cage system. The cage is open around in every area
where I have to be able to unplug connections. And then it swings open very wide to
give access to all power supplies, circuit boards, wiring, and our new modular drive system. This modular drive system can be removed with just three screws and used as a spare module or rebuild on
a bench top. The belts are underneath this plate. The belts are easily changed, what used to take a long time now takes 10 to 15 minutes. Even changing resolution in your
printing device from 203 to 300 or 300 to 203 can be done in just a matter of 10
to 15 minutes. I wanted to remove the modular drive
system for you to show you the ease of this process. I’ve loosened three screws, one in line
connector, the modular drive system removes. These are the three couplings a go
through the firewall for the platen pension pill roller to snap into. Three screws removed this cover and allowed me to get to the belts. There’s two belts instead of three. Auto tensioning, very easy process to
change the belts when they wear or need replacement or even a change resolution from 203 to 300 or 300 back to 203. Ease of service and ease of integration are the story behind the ZE500, which equates to more up-time. And to top all a lot off we’ve also increase the print speeds on the 300 DPI
models. The 4 inch wide 300 DPI model has moved from eight inches per second to 12 inches per second. And the 7 inch wide 300 DPI model is moved from eight inches per second to 10 inches per second. For more information from us, on on the Zebra ZE500 print engine please visit


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