Is Canon a Dark Horse in the Mirrorless game | Canon EOS R Unboxing


today is a very special day this is kind
of like my Christmas you know whenever I get stuff on the Amazon and nah just
kidding whenever I get camera gears camera gears that’s right
whenever i get camera you know what maybe let’s start with the smaller
package first alrighty this unboxing is gonna be kinda different because I don’t need a knife for this when
you see this and you know right away yeah it’s here it’s got a big dent
though what happened here that’s come on really well luckily i don’t the anything
was damaged here manuel/oh haven’t seen this in a while these people I can
charge camera with you okay okay camera straps I don’t ever use camera straps but
I still keep them all right I wish I don’t have
fingerprints so it doesn’t get you know but wow it’s been a while since I used
the Canon camera I actually started photography with Canon the very first
camera I got was the Canon Rebel I believe the very very very old beginner
rebel camera and then later on I got that Canon 60d with the flippy screen
that’s when I first start with the flip oout screen like this one yeah
and then I switched to a full frame which is a Canon 6D the very first
generation Mark one that was an awesome camera except it’s just too big to carry
around all the time that’s when I switched to Fuji film so the very first
Fuji film I got was the X100T I was just trying it out just to see how it
goes and just to get a feel of Fuji film and the Fuji film color for that X
hundred series you cannot change the lens on that one so it’s actually really
good to practice with it later on that’s when I got the first we should feel XT -two
I didn’t get it XT one cuz the specs just it’s not just not there yet but the
XT – two oh it was on point it was good that’s the one I’m shooting right now
yeah that’s right there so I got the camera body right now I
actually don’t have anymore good lens for the Canon well I didn’t sell
all of them I still have something but grip much better than XT – twoI have
to say it is bigger I think I’m just okay yeah yeah so I said it’s a bit
bigger on the side too yeah cuz it’s got a
better grip here but especially this part but it’s worth it yeah I know
only one SD card slot it’s definitely not gonna use this for wedding but I
feel like every camera nowadays you just have this flippy screen thing it’s just
so useful I mean would you Fuji film has one it’s
just not fully articulated – like this I can see myself whenever I’m vlogging or
making videos so I don’t have to get another monitor just to monitor myself which I
still don’t have I have to go all the way around behind the camera and see if
everything is in frame and all that stuff but this is gonna help a lot like
a lot it’s gonna save me a lot of time which was also one of the reason why I
came back to Canon well I wouldn’t say I’m coming back to Canon yet but maybe I
got the good old 40 pancake lens here and the nifty 50 the very first
generation of this it’s not the new ones it’s the old one and yeah it doesn’t sound very good I
don’t I’m not sure this still works so we’ll find out but first I need an
adapter so this is the basic adapter it actually comes with the body it was on
sale for like $1499 on Amazon along with adapters so that’s why I got it I
might get the adapter with the control ring I’m not sure yet
depends on how it works yeah it’s actually bigger than I expected but I am the eos
r has this cover for the sensor so it doesn’t get dirty
that’s very brilliant all of the camera should have this right now oh you
know what I need battery I hope it’s charged usually it comes in
like maybe like 30 percent or so so we should be fine here let’s try on the
40 because I’m pretty sure that this one still works so with the pancake 40 it’s
actually quite big already with the with the adapter although I have to say this is a very good grip it’s very firm in my hand I can actually really okay maybe not
the pinkie part but it’s not too bad I can fit all my fingers up here maybe
just a little bit off when I grab it real quick not at the right angle
but overall not too bad the grip is there it’s very good no there’s no
battery there’s no battery there’s no what are you serious you got to be
kidding me usually comes with battery yeah that’s
the right there’s no other way to put it in cause it’s Canon you can make put it
in a long way or as I’m gonna close that’s a good part on Fuji film you
have to really line up your batteries before you put it in because if it’s in
the wrong side you can still put it in but it’s not gonna work but not for
Canon though all right give me a moment I think it’s fully charged right now
let’s put the battery in and load up this eos r okay so I played around a
little bit this is very nice to have my hands on
Canon again it feels so good and the lens too I haven’t used it for such a long
time I feel like I have this nostalgic kind of feeling when I first started photography
all that enthusiasm just kinda swarmed in again so right now I don’t
think I’m gonna switch to Canon completely yet I’m gonna have to try
this out and see how it goes right now I’m still gonna use the Fuji film as the
main camera probably both for video and photography maybe less photography since I got the Canon and I want to try the video on the
cannon too cuz I do want to try the c log on this camera just to play around
with the color grading man this thing just feels so good in hands such good
grip I really do wish they have the dual SD slot though the EOS our mark 2 is
probably gonna have the dual SD card slot so looking forward to that too yeah
but right now this thing should work I’m not gonna switch to Canon right away
from Fujifilm I I kind of want to you know test the water out a bit and see
how it goes especially next year 2020 canons gonna
have a lot more new RF lenes so I’m really looking forward to that the one
that they have right now 15 to 35 and 85 50 they’re really really expensive I
might go for it 15 to 35 in the future but probably not right now it’s just way too
expensive for me biggest thing I’ll miss from the Fujifilm will be the film
simulation though those colors are just so good but not to say that I’m gonna
ditch the Fuji film I’m still gonna use it though I see Canon as a
black horse in the mirrorless market they start it out with just the lens and
all these lens are really good 15 to 35 50 and 85 for portrait they even have the
70 to 200 in a smaller size too these three wait that’s four these four
lenses are amazing canons really good at making lenses and that makes sense for
them to to start with the lens first to have the right line up before you have
the body for it I think they’re gonna have like the better body mirrorless
body just for those new RF lenses yeah but anyways I’m really excited to see
what Canon has to offer next year it’s a very interesting era now in
photography and I do wish to see Canon come back the black horse here yeah so what do you guys think what lens should I get for
eos r right now I only have a 40 pancake and it’s a decent size
I’m pretty sure to RF lens is gonna make this thing bulky but it’s a really
good lens so I don’t mind the size at all yeah it’s a little bit hard to decide
what lens should I get next I might have to think a little bit more about that
and see what kind lens I need to sale to get more Canon lens
yeah so I’ll update you guys about the Canon experience so stay tuned for that
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next one


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