Japanese Style Steak Hamburg Restaurant “Bikkuri Donkey” in Dotonbori, Namba, Osaka #174


Look at this it’s cute isn’t it? There is “Shiso” leaf,
plus Radish on top Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV
I am Rion Alright today. I’m at Dotonbori, Namba station Yes, that’s a really popular dotonbori food street.
I will introduce my favorite hamburg stake restaurant in Dotonbori Thinking about the price, it’a bit expensive.
However it’s so good And also especially the restaurant is right next to Dotonbori as well So if you love Hamburg steaks,
you can try it. Okay, so let’s go to check Hamburg steak is a popular Japanese steak.
It is similar to the Salisbury stake Originally invented by Germans and it has change to Japanese style It is made from ground beef with finely chopped onion egg and bread crumbs Flavored with seasoning it is healthy and tasty once you tried it. You will love it Okay, so this is the restaurant,
see it is really close, right Let’s go inside the restaurant So this is my favorite restaurant called “Bikkuri Donkey”
They opened it from 7 a.m. To 5 a.m Yes pretty much 24 hours This is how the inside the restaurant looks like
there’s a seats downstairs as well But if you are lucky you can sit right next to Dotonbori Well You know, hamburg steak is Japanese thing? And also you can enjoy joy “Dotonbori” canal
which is the Osaka thing It’s good, right? I love this restaurant’s menu.
This is like a door But look at this It’s cute isn’t it?
Yes, so those are the menu they have well, you can choose either steak style
or the dish style Dish style is a bit cheaper
because they include the rice and salad But I Love steak style.
So this time, I am gonna order this steak style Well my favorite menu Is this “Cheesepaketto Dish”, which is the Hamburg steak with cheese inside or this one, the “Oroshiso burg steak” There is a shiso leaf, plus radish on top
this one really good as well Alright, so why don’t I get this “Orosshiso burg” steaks today? Well so speaking about the restaurant in Japan Usually, you know, there is a button on the table
and then whenever you ready, just press this button Then the waiter or waitress gonna come to you.
So even you have decided but if you don’t press the button They’re not gonna come
because they don’t wanna bother you So please don’t think that they are rude if they don’t come to your table
because you just haven’t pushed this button yet That’s what you get the remember it.
All right, so let’s press the button Look at this It’s not like a tiny salad. It is a kind like “good enough size” All right, so, let’s see speaking of the restaurant in Japan You see even this kind of steak style restaurant.
There is a folk, knives, and Chopsticks looks like Japan, right All right, so let’s eat!
“Itadakimasu!” there’s a small tomato on top I love their dressing.
I think this is the sesame dressing Their sesame dressing is so good!
So this salad include the carrot, radish, and cucumber Also plus the lettuce well not sure, you can hear sound or now,
but it is really crispy, well this crispy style salad, love it So, I think the humbug steak is more like a Japanese thing, so it’s much healthier Well, not sure if it’s healthier or not
but yeah, less calories I think then also the before the Hamburg steaks.
salad like this It’s good, right? For me like, you know, even you don’t like Hamburg steak you can come over here for this salad Well, you can find it in Tokyo, or you can find it everywhere in Japan and also This restaurant opens up to late night So, you know, sometimes if you get hungry in the mid-night, you can just come over here as well!! you know, so if you take a hotel around Dotonbori, and get hungry in the midnight You can come over here and then eat the Hamburg steak. Well, sometimes you travel to Japan because of the jetlag You get hungry in the midnight.
There is not many restaurant. But this place yes All right. So here is Hamburg steak!
There’s a rice and look at this Guess what is inside? Yes miso soup, of course,
Japanese style! their miso soup is my favorite as well And then this is the Hamburg steak
smells so good Look at this granted Japanese radish with Homburg sauce. It’s so good All right, so Here you go Look at this miso soup! There is a radish green onion and fried tofu, I think So good! Even only for this rice and miso soup,
I can come over here but it could be too expensive So this is the Hamburg steak So let me place the radish on top
love to eat this with rice I don’t know how they make it.
But when you bite it you can taste meat flavor a lot
and then the compared to stake this is much softer Well, of course steak is good. I love steak.
However, you know sometimes it would be too heavy right?
but this Hamburg steak perfect, and then they have a Mashed potato I think I don’t know what it is but For me I preferred the first salad So if you ask them and then they said that
there is a little, this kind of like a mashed potatoes, salad inside don’t expect that match And then there is a small hushed potato inside This Hamburg steak restaurant, so good Well, so the Homburg itself is pretty good,
but I love to eat it with shiso leaves you know the Shiso leaves flavor Makes the hamburg steak complete well the last time I’ve taught you guys how to say chopsticks in Japanese right? Remember can you say that? That’s right, yes, that’s Ohashi.
Yep chopsticks in Japanese Ohashi, so if you wanna eat the Food with chopsticks in Japan just ask them “Ohashi Kudasai” Then they’re gonna give you chopsticks if they have
if you go to McDonald and ask for the Ohashi You cannot get it because they don’t have it
But as long as they have, they are gonna give it to you This is kind of a lot
yeah, it doesn’t look like a lot but it is Yeah, so if you don’t eat a lot
then maybe you can order it, you know something less well, they have a 200 grams and 300 grams, 400 grams, even, but If you ordered this kind of set
and then you don’t have to order 300 or 400 grams but if you eat a lot,
that’s a totally different story Well, so this is how I eat Usually I finish the Hamburg steak first
and then there is a left over rice and miso soup So from on, it’s gonna be a break for style! My goodness That was so good and a lot I’m full The price was 894 Japanese yen for the Hamburg steaks and the rice miso soup salad That’s the separate set.
You have to order separately That’s 473 Japanese yen
So altogether 1,367 Japanese yen Which is close to 13 US dollars not bad, right? Well thinking about some food that you can eat it with 5 to 6 US dollars around Osaka Of course, this is not that cheap
However thinking about the quality It’s cheap
oh by the way, that’s included the tax So “Gochiso samadeshita” That’s how we greet after we eat
you know It’s like “Itadakimasu”
opposites of “Itadakimasu” that’s “Gochiso samadeshita” Alright, so let’s go outside So I’m so full that was the hamburg stake
if you haven’t tried hamburg steak in Japan Yeah, you guys definitely should try it
and then this “Bikkuri Donkey” is a really popular chain restaurant for the Hamburg steak in Japan, so Yep, you can want anything everywhere
even in Tokyo or Osaka? So if you haven’t tried Hamburg steak yet.
Just come over to tried it. You will love it Oh, by the way, I have an instagram account.
I usually post a daily Japanese life and Japanese food So if you’re interested in me or Japanese life,
please check my Instagram account as well Alright, so this videos pretty much that’s it.
Thank you very much for watching my video, please subscribe to my channel your subscription really encouraged me to take a next video Hope you like the video.
Thank you very much “Arigato” !! Bye. Bye!!


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  1. Pohon Qelapa

    June 21, 2019 8:04 am

    ライオンさんのユーチュブをよく見ましたから,大阪へ遊びに行きたくなる。。どうしょ。。?😁 へへへ

  2. Rion Ishida

    June 21, 2019 2:44 pm

    This is my favorite Hamburg steak Restaurant😋!!
    Have you tried Hamburg steak before? Which you prefer? regular steak or Hamburg steak?
    Please let me know by the comment😊
    Your comment is my motivation for the next video🤣

  3. Burger

    June 21, 2019 7:48 pm

    Japanese Hamburg steak is oishi! I love the ones with cheese inside. But I LOVE curry Hamburg with cheese inside from Coco Ichibanya

  4. Kookie Jeon

    July 29, 2019 1:19 pm

    I went to Osaka and Kyoto as a side trip last March. will be going back for the 4th time and I plan to visit this. Keep up the good work!

  5. KuroiKarasu89

    December 20, 2019 9:40 pm

    Btw this kind of "steak" has several different names in germany depending on dialect and where you live it can be called "Fleischküchle, Fleischpflanzerl, Bulette, Hack-Klops, Frikadelle" 😀

  6. Monik Joyo

    February 16, 2020 3:20 pm

    Hi Rion, can you suggest me about a cheap n good yakiniku restaurant in Osaka which can be visited by a single traveler? If you have a chance to review that restaurant, it would be great as well 🙂


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