Hi guys ! Hope you’re doing well ! Welcome back on my YouTube channel ! It’s been a long time since I recorded my last video in this room ! I don’t know when it was..! But I’ve got the feeling I’m becoming a YouTuber and thats it’s new for me lol ! So, this video is gonna be really special, as you’ve seen it in the title… because I’m becoming the new 2020 ambassador for a helmet brand I’m really happy to collaborate with them so I’m going to talk to you about that helmet brand in this video and at the end, i’ll talk to you about a huge giveway which is right now on my instagram account Enjoy the video, and let’s go ! Before beginning, don’t hesitate to subscribe, and also follow me on instagram : @mathilde_et_sligo ! In order to begin weeeeeelllll I’m gonna drink Because I’m sick and I don’t want to die during the video ! So, first, I think that you’re more interested by seeing the helmets I just received I’ve received 2 helmets from the brand I know you’re impatient to see them ! Those are from the brand EGIDE So, there is the name of the brand If you don’t know that brand, just follow them on IG Their helmets are just amazing And I’m also happy to work with them because they also work with Ilona Mezzadri And I really like her, she’s so sweet and kind ! So they just sent me 2 different helmets which are from the Epona Collection Those are horse-riding helmets They also sell cycle helmets, in case you’re looking for one Those helmets are design, they are true fashion accessories We see them on competition ring sometimes But that helmet is so cool The details and the quality are amazing I’ve already been using them for 3 weeks I have not received them yesterday ahah What is amazing is that you do not feel the helmet on your head It’s like you have nothing on your head ! They’re so light ! When you have to ride not only one horse but a few on the same day, it’s really practical The first one is this one : the EPONA CARBON And that’s so cool because you can see all my lights !! There is my backstage ahah ! That helmet is glossy and the visor is large, but it’s actually customizable you can choose the color and the size you want I took a black one but there’s also green, dark blue, red, brown… In fact, I you want to change it, you can ask directly the brand and they can change the visor as you want I took large visors on both helmets, like on polo helmets There are also small, and medium ones You can also have eventing option if you want On the back there are 4 ventilation channels I think I’m gonna show you with the second helmet, which isn’t glossy ahah The second one is navy, in leather and alcantara I’m gonna check, I don’t know if it’s Alcantara or Alcantra ahah I never know… Alcantara ! So mine is in navy leather and the front and the Lady visor are in navy alcantara There also are 4 ventilation channels
on the back Inside, you have the inner lining I’ve a big head, my size is XL, I have large feet, I size 9,5, I KNOW lol so, for me it’s 59 cm, which is an XL model You can remove and wash the inside and there is also one lining for the winter, I’ll show you after You hav right there the inside It’s made in France, in Nantes I’m gonna try them for you but my hair isn’t ready for it ! I look like a nun, perfect ! The blue looks like that It’s actually not the same form as the other helmets I used to wear and the locking system is also different, I’ll show you right after I LOVE it ! I’m fan of it ! That form is not the one I’m used to see (like GPA, Samshield) but actually, I prefer that one I really like that look with the visor ! At the beginning, I tried one EGIDE with a small visor and, I’ve got a broad jaw and with the small visor, it didn’t suit me at all ! I found it awful ! And I tried in Equita Lyon with the Lady Visor I just fell in love with this helmet I just think that large visors are made for my type of face and head because with a small visor, my head look larger that it is ! That was the first one The second…I’ll show you the winter option which is so practical right after ! SO practical ! You’ll see ! The second OH MY GOD! I love both… I don’t know actually ! I fan of it, it is completely amazing I love glossy and shiny products And moreover, my boots are a little bit glossy too ! I wasn’t sure between choosing a black or a blue visor but i finally choose the black visor It’s so comfortable ! I don’t feel anything ! I’ve got the feeling there’s nothing on my head ! I used to wear a Samshield and at the beginning, it wasn’t so comfortable, and I have wear it for 5 or 6 years and for example, I’ve never bought a GPA, because my head isn’t shaped for that type of helmet and that one is clearly perfect for me ! Then, we’re gonna talk about the locking system It’s not the same as we usually see I’ve rarely seen locking system like that one So, right there It’s just like that it’s actually magnetised it’s not a “clip'” or smth like that it isn’t easy with my arms like that ahah Its as practical as what we see nowadays in other brands but I really like the “magnetised” thing It was just a little precision ! So, as you might understand, I’m fan of those helmets ! The “winter” option is really useful if you want more details It arrives in those boxes like that one helmets are right in there it’s also really quick ! They arrived in 1 day and a half (Paris, France) SO, the winter option It doesn’t mean anything like that It’s another inside for the helmet that you can change for winter and cold times I’ll talk to you about that on IG With only the inside, I won’t be pretty, ok ? pls don’t judge ahah There is the inside and it goes on your ears ! Guys, it’s so warm inside ! It looks like a hockey thing like that ! or American Football ! It’s so cool to have a warm thing on your ears ! During winter, it’s so cold otherwise … I’ll show you on Instagram more precisely later ! But, just know that I’ve tried and it’s soooo useful ! I’ll talk about it in my story and also maybe in a review post. It’s revolutionary, REALLY I hope that you liked that little discovery with me I’ll talk about it on Instagram I’ll post a lot of pictures with it Because there are the helmets I’m gonna wear for the next years You’ll see me with those helmets only I do not have old picture with my old helmet, so next IG pics will be with those ones ! I’ll talk more precisely about the winter kit next month Ask your questions in the commentaries below I’ll answer them with pleasure ! Go follow @egide_riders on IG ! Go follow me @mathilde-et_slig on IG! and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share this video, so your friends can also discover EGIDE ! and NOW, let’s talk about the GIVEAWAY ! I’m just gonna change my hair ahah So, we’re now 60K on IG and on YT THANKS A LOT !!!! It’s huge ! Thanks thanks thanks !!! In order to thank you, I organize a giveaway with AnimaVital a Belgian products brand There are lots of products to win There are 2 big gifts with different products an ointment, a shampoo, … I forgot every single thing but there are lost of things and also one saddle-pad in each gift ! I hope you like that ! Don’t hesitate to participate on IG Don’t hesitate to share this video if you just discovered the brand EGIDE Share the video if you want your friends to discover it too ! on FB, IG, Twitter, everywhere ! I hope you enjoyed the video ! big kisses and see u soon !


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