Jeep Wrangler Strike Force Zebra Half Doors (2007-2017 JK 4-Door) Review & Install

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These are for those of you looking for a half
door on your JK so that you have better visibility when you’re on a trail or just more of an
open feeling while you’re driving down the road without having to purchase a steel half
door. Today we’re gonna talk through the installation
of these doors, which is a very simple one out of three wrench install. The first time you install these, putting
the mirrors in place might take you a little bit longer than every time after that. But from there, it’s really just a matter
of popping the doors on and off very simply just like you would a factory door, and we’ll
talk more about that installation in just a second. The benefit to something like this over a
steel door is one, it’s going be significantly lighter than a steel door. Two, it has built-in storage on the inside
of the door, which is a really nice feature. And three, this is an impact resistant plastic,
so if you are doing some hardcore wheeling and getting some off-camber situations, you
might catch a rock to the door, this may get a little bit of damage on it, but you’re not
going to dent and break a much more expensive and painted metal door. So that’s where these really fall into place,
in my opinion. Now these are going to be more expensive than
a tube door, less expensive than the factory steel doors, they fall right in the middle
there. But again, they do have some features that
make them worth the money if you have the budget for them. As far as construction goes, like I said before,
these are a lightweight molded thermoplastic material that has been UV treated, so these
aren’t going to fade in the sun over time, they’re gonna stay nice and black. These have an OEM style hinge, which makes
the install very simple, they’re just gonna drop right into the hinge that’s on the top
of your Jeep already. Of course, they heavy built-in latching mechanism
that’s also lockable and you might be saying, “Why do I need a lock? These half doors don’t have uppers, you’re
gonna be able to very easily reach or even climb over top if you really wanted to get
in my jeep.” Well, the lock is really to keep the door
on the Jeep. It’s something that is lightweight, it’s very
easy to just open the door and lift them off even if you were to attach the nuts on the
door hinges, those can be very easily removed. So the lock makes it much more difficult for
someone to walk away with your doors. So that’s the construction itself. These also have some weatherstripping on the
inside of them which make them seal up very nice and tight, and you’re not going get any
whistling from wind, you’re not going to get any water in between the door and the tub,
they’re gonna seal very well. And like I said before, on the inside of this
door, you do have a good bit of storage, which is something you’re not going to get with
a factory door. Now these are going be less expensive than
steel, but they’re also a very expensive door and there are a couple areas in the mold where
I’d like to see a little bit more fit and finish. Now this is really just around the latching
mechanism here, it’s not something you’re gonna see when the door is closed, but for
my money, I’d like to see every detail taken care of, and that’s one area where these ones
lack just a little bit. But again, this is a unique piece. It’s still I think a pretty fair price for
all of the quality and the features that you’re getting, just one area I wanted to point out. So to get these installed, you are gonna have
to remove your factory doors first, and that process is pretty much just unplugging the
wiring harness to the door, removing the limiting strap, and then removing the retention nuts
if you still have a them in place before lifting the door off of the hinges. Now when you have that limiting strap removed,
be very careful up front, that door can hyper-extend, and if it does, the mirror will [inaudible
00:03:20], that’s a very common dimple for a lot of JKs that has, so be very careful. The second you release that limiting strap,
make sure you keep a hand on the door, don’t let it swing all the way open. Once you have your door removed, you can remove
your factory mirror, go ahead and install it on your new half door, set the half doors
on the factory hinges, attach the limiting strap that they come with, again, same issue
comes into play there, so use that limiting strap right away. If you wanna put the factory retention nuts
back on these hinges, you can do that. If you’re gonna be switching doors back and
forth a lot, you don’t need to. And then you just close the door, get in the
Jeep and go. Very simple install. It’s just like taking your factory doors on
and off, which again is very, very easy. So these are gonna run you right around $700
for a pair, $1,400 if you have a four-door JK and you’re looking for a full set. So these are certainly not an inexpensive
option. If you’re looking for something less expensive,
you can get a two-door or a two-door with a door skin on it, which is gonna give you
a similar feel, though it’s not exactly the same, but be a lot less expensive. This is going to be for those of you that
aren’t looking to spend the money on a steel door that want an impact resistant plastic
door lightweight that has storage built into it and has the budget for these. Again these aren’t gonna be for everyone because
they are a little bit expensive, but I think they do have some nice features that make
them worth the cost. So that’s my review of the Strike Force Zebra
Half Doors, fitting all 2007 enough JKs, that you can find here at


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