Just a Little Horse | Barnyard Babies with Dr. Pol

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DR.POL: Now this is
what I really like. If you love young
animals, we got ’em. What we have here
is the Friesian foal. This is about three
weeks old, as you can
see growing like a weed. Look at this, she is already
so tame, she just loves you. Smell good. The Friesian facts: These are
originally from the Netherlands,
where I am from. Fast facts: Horses have a
built-in mechanism in their leg, where they can lock their legs
and basically stand sleeping up. And you can stand… Mechanisms in thier legs
that locks their joints and
they can sleep standing up. Finally got it right. The little girl is
getting bored so I think
we have to wrap this up. See you next time. Captioned by
Cotter Captioning Services.


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