Keith Clinic – Stability Exercise #4 – The Donkey Kick


Hey guys, it’s Dr. Kyle Dunning with the Keith Clinic I’m here with Katy today and we’re going to show you the Donkey Kick exercise This is a fantastic lower hip movement It’s a very important exercise to perform because the majority of Americans sit throughout most of the
day. The lower hip muscles subsequently become very weak and inhibited. This is a fantastic way to strengthen them. Start the exercise on all fours. From this position you want your hands directly inline with your shoulders knees directly inline with the hips before you begin you want to make sure
you have a nice tight abdomen and flat back. Start the exercise by lifting one leg keeping a 90 degree angle at the knee, and end up so that the foot is parallel with the ceiling. Squeezing the gluteal muscles, maintaining this flat back, tight abdomen. Two second hold, return to the original position maintain that tight belly. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg in that same fashion. Smooth movements. Squeezing the gluteal muscles in the belly nice and tight. Slowly return to the original position Now you want to repeat this exercise 10 times per
side, two to three sets. Your abdomen, remember, should be the last part of your body to relax.


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