Kiwibird puppet comedy: A Donkey’s Tale

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Come and meet the kiwi bird, he’s one-of-a-kind lives in the Catlins it’s not hard to find. He’s an absolute legend, fun loving too, With the community at heart, proud kiwi through and through. He likes a girl in gumboots, she’s the apple of his eye Crazy world of puppets, you’ll laugh
until you cry. Oh come and meet the kiwibird, he’s one of a kind. Lives in the Catlins, it’s not hard to find (donkey braying) G’day, I’m a Catlins donkey. I used
to live in Queenstown but a talented mate of mine wrote a book about me I started getting mobbed by lovely children. It’s good to begin with, but in the end
being mobbed by kids all the time started to make me feel dizzy and often wonky so I’ve upped sticks and moved to a Owaka in the Catline, much quieter. Since moving here I’ve discovered other donkeys in the hood. Pooh, I met one donkey Eeyore smells
funny apparently he smells that way because he wears Donkey Burro by Avon Bit of an old-school brand. Guess there’s
nothing like being quirky. there’s There’s another donkey goes nuts if you wear anything green.
Sees green clothing just hoofs over there and starts shreking it up. Buggered if I know why. Shut him in his house to keep the cameraman safe. And we’re working on a remedy for him (sound of donkey banging inside) Working donkeys usually have to work really hard and carry heavy loads. Personally I was lucky enough to get work as a real estate agent, living the good life. Currently I’m selling this delightful mansion. It’s a standalone lakeside property It’s got fabulous views, a seamless
transition indoor and outdoor living Inside it’s all open plan for an airy feel and boasts trendy rustic decor There’s ample parking and a small beach to berth a yacht plus a private fishing deck Bit of a lucky find if you ask me. It’s got a solar heated outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor minibar. Bonus. Just out of sight it also boasts tennis courts and a helipad, just in case you need it. Offers over 20 million, should take it.
Pocket change for some. I plan to surprise the future purchaser, throw in a free pizza, plus I’ll make it all posh and fancy pants. Who doesn’t love pizza? So if you know any rich Muppets out there, send them my way. Good on ya. Come on New Zealand, Get your puppets out!


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