Krasinský VS Enžl – Czech Strength Wars #11


I am Jan Krasinský, I think you know me already. I am 27 years old. I am the one who is older and with more experience. I can´t imagine what disciplne will Kuba be on the same level. Maybe he´s my bastard son from the old days. He´s huge, strong and pumped. but his head is a mess. Even when he´s young like this, he thinks he can beat us old guys. And i will show him that, experience and age is still more than the young ruthlessness. Sorry, Jakub´s results always makes me laugh. My name is Jakub Enžl, I´m 21 years old. I am still a young blood. People wants to see us battle together. So I have to put him down from the throne. and show him that he´s to old for this. I appreciate Honza for what he´s doing. For his results in Original Strength wars, showing Czech republic got what it takes. And I am sad that it has to be me, the one to take his throne. But, he´s old, he doesnt got it anymore. So let the young pass, and compete more Learn Honza, this is how young people lift. This is his wings, that he dropped on the last training with me. Cause of how much he was scared. I will bring you old age diapers and a condicioner. I trust myself with the deadlift, 100% Thats where I dominate. I belive I will crush him in deadlift. I have a stong grab, which is a advantage. few disciplines will be good for Jakub, and all of them will be good for me. Cause I trained everything already, nothing can surprise me. Kuba was little scared what disciplines we will get, I didnt care. I look forward, I don´t care what the disciplines or rules are. I will go for everything! This is all that´s left from Kuba. Who are you battling this time? With that old fart. Oh, that one who is lifting but has no muscles. 1. Discipline – deadlift -250kg x 10 times It´s first so Kuba can at least try the deadlift, as it´s his best discipline as he said. I think he will at least keep up with me in this one. I think you all saw my deadlift, so no commentary needed. This one is mine, I will win 100% sure. 2. discipline – Bench press – 170kg x 10 times. I think I can manage, I´m good with maximum weights, but I aint so good with reps. I think he will have a little lead in this one. This one wont be 10 times per whole training, this time second counts. I want to see what youll show us. 3. discipline – Farmers hold – 260kg for 90 seconds. 130kg each hand for 90 seconds. I think, this one is hardcore. The grab will be important in this one. We both had big hands and long fingers. I am really curious who will be better at this one. Watch this Hanz. while your eyesight is still good. 4. Discipline – Atlas Stone – 110kg x 10 times. This is where my sexual experiences show up. Which are richer than Kuba´s. Iˇm just really good with the balls. 4. Discipline – Atlas stone 110kg x 10 times I have never tried this one but the weight is okay, I should be able to do it. I have long arms, I´m taller than Honza so I think it will go well. Well Kuba, Last time you ran away from training, you forgot this. This tiny wings, dont worry i will bring them to you. and I will tear them to shit in front of you. don´t forget your classbook I will write you the second place in it. Lidl has diapers in sale, so get some more. I´ll give you some coins, don´t worry. This is Honza, when he was the same age as me. I think he had different priorities in my age. You will burn like paper my friend. Hello, fans of the Czech Strength Wars This battle is what you all have been waiting for. Maybe War of this year, the most escalated battle. Honza Krasinský A.k.a. Anabolic Horse VS Jakub Enžl Are you ready for this people? This battle will be brutal, no children weights today. I´m curious for your hate comments about the low weights. Cause they are lifting big weights today. You ready? yeah get to your positions. Very big weights today, tough disciplines, this will be a though battle. Whole internet, fittness scene waited for this battle. Krasinsky vs Enžl Countdown Benchpress, second discipline. 170kg Who lifts this guys? Honza is going for next discipline. Show us your young blood Honza is in lead, but Kuba is still fighting like hell. 21 years old 170kg bench. Last rep Kuba, enjoy this one. Both at the same discipline now, the battle of Farmers hold. 90 seconds for Kuba Honza have 40 left. Kuba you can get him now. old or young, both has to rest. What a massacre guys, this is the most hardcore in CZ strength wars. These disciplines will check your strength 250kg deadlift and than Farmers hold for 90 seconds? Who does this Czech Strength Wars ladies and gentlemen, this is where you fight! This is how you recognize a champion It´s not important to win, but to fight. to fight untill the end! soon it´s over, here you can see the true fighters They won´t stop untill the end! Ladies and gentlemen. Another CZ strength war is over. Both of them reached their bottom. Well, the winner can be only one, but there is no loosers in CZ Strength Wars because everyone who fights, is a winner. But the champion can be only one, and today it´s Honza Krasinský! Applause for Kuba as well! People say that they look like twins. Even few years are bettwen them, do you have the classbook? It came true what Honza said That he will write him second place in the classbook. nah, just kidding. Thanks for watching guys, you waited for it, you got it, it was extreme. none of them finished respect to both, thanks for watching don´t forget to subscribe. comment and share. It will help us! Don´t forget, there are only one CZ strength wars. You can see this only here. On this channel Thanks for you support, see you next time.


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    August 13, 2018 1:36 pm

    Přátelé, konečně je to venku, souboj "bratrů", vězte, že nic lepšího ze soubojů už pro Vás letos nemáme! Chci všem poděkovat za sdílení a šíření válek! Zároveň se omlouvám za zhoršené zpracování souboje, kdy každý s kameramanů dělal neuvěřitelné chyby, a každý stál jinde než měl (vždy před soubojem říkáme instrukce kdo kde má stát, ale při souboji to bývá v tom adrenalinu úplně jinak…) byla to poslední válka, která se natáčela až večer ten den, a bylo to na nás všechny organizačně už asi moc… lidí máme málo a tohle jsme podcenili, 1. veřejné války, proto prosím o přimhouření oka za zachycení souboje, jsme jen nadšenci a děláme to pro zábavu to je hlavní. Děkuju moc Všem co přišli a hecovali a vytvořili nezapomenutelnou atmosféru! Pavlis Vacek

    PS: Budu moc rád, když věnujete i prostor našemu Instagramu ►

  2. Malin Buu

    September 5, 2018 3:49 pm

    people still watch still, when old dudes where on like faceless the winner from last season, they used to get over million views in matters of days. Also, they spoke english which is 2nd spoken language in the world, where I thought was real respectfull.

  3. Yevgeniy Simonov

    September 7, 2018 7:04 am

    What a battle! Competitors showed pure strength and did not give up until the end. I think that 110 stone was either too heavy for the height you set up, or the height should be lower by about 10-15 cm, so that it would be slightly easier to lift the stone. Anyway, both strongmen were amazing.

  4. CoryBrothers

    September 18, 2018 12:39 am

    i dont understand the point of having a competition that neither competitor can realistically win. these challenges are NOT PRACTICAL.

  5. Ddavid Přibyl

    April 30, 2019 9:53 pm

    Konečně pořádný VALKY🤙🤙🤙💪💪💪💪👈💪💪💪💪💪💪😎

    A prej mladá krev pořádně po staru koňskou sílou 💪💪💪💪🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐃🐃🐃🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

  6. Aestheticpro

    May 1, 2019 5:37 pm

    Tihle borci si zaslouží největší sledovanost v ČR 👌
    Nevíte někdo v 10 minutě o jaký song se jedná? Předem díky 🙂


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