Kunwara {HD} – Govinda – Urmila Matondkar – Om Puri – Comedy Hindi Movie-(With Eng Subtitles)


That’s 22,000.
– Ok. Nobody will move. Don’t move. Show me the money.
Show me the money. – No. Show me the money, I say.
– No. Show me the money.
– No! Give me money. Hello.
– Urmila. Hi, Roma. What’s up?
– Vicky is in the hospital. What? Vicky is in the hospital?
– Yes. In which hospital?
– In St. Gorge Hospital. Come on, Henry. It’s broken. The leg is also broken. He has broken
everything other than my mouth. Then tell me Vicky,
how did this happen? A girl was skiing at Mount Hut. A person from the adjoining
hotel tried to molest her. And when I tried to save her.. What? Who is he?
– Raju. Raju! He is an Indian?
– Yes. He came from India to spoil
Indians’ reputation over here. Roma, book that bed too.
What was his name? Raju.
– Raju! “I, the bachelor, am here.” “The person
searching for love is here.” “I, the bachelor, am here.” “The person
searching for love is here.” “I am crazy about beauty.” “I am the cynosure of all eyes.” “A star has dropped from the sky.” “I, the bachelor, am here.” “The person
searching for love is here.” “Someone has hugged me.” “Someone has kissed me.” “I was occupied in
dreams of someone.” “I was occupied in
the heart of someone.” “I was the admirer in the
street of the beauties.” “I, the bachelor, am here.” “The person
searching for love is here.” “If someone smiles at me,
then I am the love.” “I can sacrifice my life for love.” “Let someone say my
name secretively.” “Let someone mend me,
when I cross the line.” “I killed many girls
with my flirting.” “I, the bachelor, am here.” “The person
searching for love is here.” “I am crazy about beauty.” “I am the cynosure of all eyes.” “A star has dropped from the sky.” I love you all, baby. Raju! Raju! Oh my God! Someone, help me! Help me! Why did you come from
India to New Zeeland.. ..to commit suicide? Is there
a dearth of places in India? I didn’t come here
to commit suicide.. ..but I came to kill someone.
– So you will kill someone? Very good.
– I am serious. You can kill anyone with
your looks. – Don’t make fun. The moment I get him, I will
break the bones if that idiot.. By the way, who is that idiot?
– He is an Indian. Indian?
– He is a restaurant owner. What is his name?
– Raju. Do you know him?
– I guess so. You take me to him. I won’t
leave him. – But what has he done? He has done a very cheap thing,
I can’t even tell you. You will not tell me
and you will beat him? He will confess in front
of you what he has done. And I have also booked a
berth for him in the hospital. Now come on. Let’s not
waste time. Let’s go. Get into the action. – Come on.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Who has conspired
against me? Let’s go. Hi! What is you mobile number? What is your dial number?
What is your street number? What is your road number? You know my sandal number.
I will get you arrested. I will go and confirm,
if he is that Raju. – Come fast. Ok. She is very desperate. Gopal! Has that girl
misbehaved with you? Tell me that you
have seen everything. Why does it always happen with you? I don’t know.
Whenever I approach a girl.. ..I don’t know why they slap me.
And on the other hand there’s you.. ..who are always
surrounded by girls. I wish I can be Raju for one day. Ok, my dear friend. Today, I will
fulfill all your wishes. How?
– Are you looking at that girl? Wow! She seems to be Indian. She looks very beautiful.
Shall I catch her? She herself will come and catch you.
– Really. Yes. – How? Trust me. – How? If she knows that you are not Gopal,
but Raju. Then tell her that I am Raju. But you don’t tell
her that you are Gopal. I was Raju, I am Raju and
I will be Raju. – Ok. God bless you. Thank you. “I’ll shout Raju all over,
and tear my Kurta.” “I’ll shout Raju all over,
and tear my Kurta.” “You’ll shout Majnu all over,
and tear your clothes.” “You’ll shout Majnu all over,
and tear your clothes.” Madam, be careful.
He knew that we are chasing him. He can’t escape me. – Be careful. He seems to be very dangerous.
I will stay here. You don’t worry. I will change
his condition in two minutes. So you are Raju?
– Or do I look like Aamir Khan? I heard that you would be 6 feet
tall, with moustache like a villain. But you look like a comedian. It won’t difficult
for me to beat you. You’ve mistaken by judging
me by my body and height. But madam, you don’t know
that I am a very dangerous. Half of the Indian police
force is searching me. And I am hiding here. What happened? – He has a gun. Yes. I too can see that.
One minute. One minute. Brother, why do you want to.. ..kill an Indian,
in spite of being an one. What’s the problem?
– Hold that girl. Not like that. Hug her. No. I don’t hug any girl.
I am not of that type. Hug her or I will shoot both of you. Hug me or else he will shoot you. I’ll hug that girl
only whom I’ll love and.. ..eventually whom I will marry.
Because I am a different guy. Then assume that I am
the girl whom you will love.. ..and whom you will marry
eventually. Now hug me. Come on!
– Really. Then let it be. Tightly.
– Oh! Brother,
why are you doing it with us? I am doing an experiment.
– What kind of experiment? I want to see,
if I can kill two with one bullet. I have just one bullet.
– No, brother. Brother. Get ready to die.
Move that side. Close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes. Understand. I am much tensed, brother.
– He’s gone. He’s gone? He spoiled my mood. I mean, where can he run?
By the way, Urmila.. ..what has Raju done? Catch him first and then I will
tell you. -Ok. Let’s catch him. Run. Where can he run? He will definitely come to
his restaurant. Let’s wait here. But why aren’t you telling
me why do you want to beat him? He will tell you when I will
beat him. – Ok. You are right. You wait for two minutes.
I will be back in five minutes. I will be back in a moment. Do you like to place your order?
– Get me a coffee. Would you like Irish or plain?
– Irish. Irish. Didn’t you find any
other place to hide? I am here to hide from her. I haven’t had anything
since morning, other than slaps. If you will go to the restaurant,
you will also get the kicks. -Why? Because she is there. Go away. Excuse me. Where is that girl?
– She is right up there. How did she go there?
What did she have? She had Irish coffee. – Irish! Yes. Thanks.
– Yeah. Hey, come. Come. Baby, come down. – No.
You come here. It’s lot of fun here. No. I can’t come there.
You want to search for Raju? Yes. Where is he?
– Then you won’t get him in air. You would get him on the land.
I have seen him there. Where is Raju? – Come on. Jump! I am coming. – Ok, I got you. Babe, you are not that light. “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “You are beautiful and I am young.” “I shall dedicate my life on you.” “Let’s start the
progression of love.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Don’t take my name like that.” “Think logically
while you do something.” “Let there be some distance
for the time being.” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “Your eyes are full of mischief.” “You breath is full of passion.” “There is a journey of fragrance.” “You are the queen of my heart.” “You are such a childish guy.
He doesn’t listen to me.” “He doesn’t understand
my helplessness.” “Even though he
understands my eyes.” “He isn’t in his senses.
He has gone mad.” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Why do you flirt
with me in the streets?” “I won’t come into your arms.” “Leave me, I have to go.
The heart is mad.” “Where will you go,
after making me desperate?” “Fall in love with me and see.” “Come into my arms
and don’t leave me.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Don’t take my name like that.” “Think logically
while you do something.” “Let there be some distance
for the time being.” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “You are beautiful and I am young.” “I shall dedicate my life on you.” “Let’s start the
progression of love.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” Good morning. – Good morning! Morning. Morning. That dress just looks like my dress. That doesn’t look like your dress,
but that is your dress. What?! How did this happen?
– This happened in the night. This happened in the night. What happened?
– You did many things.. ..after you drank the Irish coffee.
– What have I done? You removed your
clothes and threw them. In front of you?
– No. I turned my head. No. I turned my head. Is this the truth? – Yes. But then you removed
my dress and wore it. In front of you.
– No. I had turned my head. Then, it’s ok. I don’t remember
anything, but since you are.. ..telling me then it’s ok.
I hope you didn’t see anything. You don’t worry.
I am very good person. I don’t look even
at myself while bathing.. ..then how could I look at you. By the way Urmila! – Yes. The mole that is on your waist.. ..would have looked even better,
if it had been on you lips. You are right. You moron. I will.. What happened? – I’ll not leave you. Urmila.. tell me what is the matter? Gopal. Gopal. Gopal.
– Who is Gopal? He is Raju. Yes, he is Raju Gopal. He was about to attack you. I hit him so hard that
he won’t wake till morning. Not till tomorrow morning,
he will never wake up again. What do you mean?
– I mean, he is dead. He is no more. He is no more. She hits really hard.
– Listen to me. You are dead. And act like a dead body.
If you are dead.. ..then she will tell me why
she wants to beat Raju. Now die. He is no more. I have tried
all means, but nothing is working. Is he really dead? – I think so. Will the police come now?
– Yes, definitely. Will they send me
to the jail? – Yes. Will they hang me up?
– Yes, they will. Please save me. You know
that I’ve done this intentionally. Anyway, what has Raju done? I will tell you about that later.. ..but do something
about the body right now. Don’t worry. Nobody has seen us. My God! – Nobody has seen us. Give me your money,
or I will kill him. Don’t kill him.
I will give you the money. Show me the money or I will kill
him. -No, no, I will give the money. Give me the money.
– Are you mad? He’ll kill that dead body.. and
he will be convicted of killing him. And we will be saved.
– What are you saying? He is my friend. – What? You didn’t get me. – What? If he cuts the neck, then
we have to take throw the neck.. ..at one place and the
body at some other place. It will be problem for us. What are you saying?
– What are you saying? What happened to him?
Right now, he was beating him.. ..and now he fell. – The spirit.. The spirit has punished him,
and you too behave yourself. Before someone comes
we should take away this body. Fast. – Before someone sees us,
we should do it. Ok. I will put his fingers
also in the car. You don’t worry. Let’s go. Sit down. Fast. Shut up. I am not talking to you. Where did you bring me?
What is this? You don’t know even that.
This is a junkyard. I know that,
but why did you stop the car here. What will with the
dead body over here? It’s very simple. Here the
cars are scraped and that is thrown. The body will also be scraped
along with the dead body.. ..and no one will know about it.
Sit down. I said keep quiet. Oh yes! Its a very good idea. Come on, dead body! Police! Police! – Police! The police are here.
What should we do? You tell me what should we do?
– Don’t scare. Think. What? Think! I got an idea. – What? You hold me tightly and kiss me.
And kiss me till the police go away. What rubbish! I will kiss
just that person whom I love.. ..and whom I will eventually marry.
I will not kiss you. What? Didn’t I hug you that day? For a moment assume
that you love me.. ..and that you will
eventually marry me. – Never. Police! – Never. Let’s check. – They are coming. They’ll catch us and then kill us.
– I don’t care. Hey, what.. What’s happening? Let’s go. – Yeah. Thank God. – Thank God. They are gone. – You are right. But why didn’t they
see the dead body? – Yes. Dead body? Yes. Look at him. He looks so
innocent even after his death. It looks like he is just sleeping. What shall we do now? The police have recognized his face. We can’t throw him here.
Let’s do one thing.. ..let’s take him to the
hotel and think about it. Ok. Ok. Ok. Move backward. You ugly dead body.
Let’s go. And clean the lipstick. When did I get this? I didn’t realize that. No one is looking at us.
Come on. Hurry up. – Do it, fast. Do it, fast. Come fast. – Come. Shall I help you?
– No, I can do it alone. Excuse me.
My room key please. – Sure. My room key, thank you.
– Something wrong? Nothing. He just got drunk. Don’t worry.
He’s not looking at you. He is not staring at you.
Don’t worry. Gopal! How did the body bend? It is a very simple thing.
Any body will bend, if you leave it. Thank God that it doesn’t
look like a dead body.. ..in spite of being a dead body. I don’t know anything about it.
I don’t have any experience in it. Don’t talk loudly
or we will be caught. First of all, bend him.
– His body isn’t straight. Oh my God!. – My God! Tell me something,
why is this body so stiff? The body got cold.
The body got cold. The body got old. He is not leaving us,
even after his death. Sometimes it happens.. What are you doing? What happened? What happened?
What happened? What happened? Why are you beating him? It will
hurt him. Why are you beating him? He was staring at me.
– No, he isn’t. It’s a dead body. Enjoy it. Haven’t you seen
ZEE horror show? Ok.. I’ll put glasses on him.
There won’t be any eye contact. Look here. Haven’t you seen that show?
ZEE horror show.. Ramsay’s movie, ‘Aaram Se’.
See, he is so relaxed. I guess you are hungry? – Yes. I will get some food for you.
– No. How can I be alone here? This body will give you company.
Don’t worry. All the best. Bye. Isn’t it. Well, madam. – Yes. The food is here. – Wow! Thank you. You didn’t tell me,
what has Raju done? Let me eat, first of all.
I am very hungry. Ok. Where is the body?
– Wow, I have hidden the body. Where? – In the fridge. In the fridge? O no! He will die. He is dead! – He is already dead.
How can he die again? Urmila, try to understand.
The body will become ice. But if the body stays outside,
it will decompose.. If it stays inside the fridge,
it will destroy the fridge. Here he is. Hello. He is still there.
– What? I mean, he is still a dead body.
He hasn’t become ice. He has scope. You do one thing.
– Hmm. You go and eat, till then
I will take care of the body. – Ok. He must been a very stiff person.
– Get straight. Cover the blanket,
or else you will die. Thank God he escaped. Wow! What are you doing! Are you mad! Are you mad! Hide away. Lay down. – What happen? Nothing, this corpse is a nuisance.
You have your food. Listen. – Yes. I have heard that the
spirits wander in the darkness. I have also heard that
the spirits wander in darkness. I have also heard that they laugh,
dance, sing.. ..and they also eat. Yes. What happened?
– The light is off by itself. Oh my God! What is happening?
– Raj has become ghost. The spirit is dancing. Come here, Urmila. Come here, Urmila. This spirit is really dancing. I guess that now
this spirit will eat. Look at it. It has started eating. Oh my God!
– Urmila! Urmila, what has Raju done? Raju has… Urmila! He became a dead body again.
– Yes. The spirit came in darkness.. ..and left when there is light.
You go to sleep. Because we have to dispose
this body in the morning. By the way Urmila,
what has Raju done? Tell me what it is? The trench is backwards. I will throw the body.
– I will also come with you. No. You stay here. It is very cold here.
– I will help you. Ok. What happened?
This is a very bad dead body. I will kick this body. Come soon and jump.
Come no! What was that voice? It is so high that any
dead body would have shouted. By the way, what has Raju done? What has Raju done?
– Come. Let’s leave this place.. ..before anyone sees us.
Come on. It’s so cold. This is too much. – Drive fast. We got saved. Thanks Gopal.
You have helped me a lot. No need to say thanks. It was my duty.
But I was thinking that.. ..I came to New
Zeeland to earn money.. ..and I got stuck
in this murder case. But, listen.. You don’t tell anyone
about this murder. Definitely, I won’t.
Why would I tell anyone? We just know about it.
– No. You didn’t get me. Someday, I’ll marry someone and.. ..you’ll also marry someone
and then you will have kids. And then you will
tell them stories.. ..that when you were
in New Zeeland and so and so. And the law doesn’t consider
age when it punishes. We will definitely
get into trouble. Gopal. Then think about some way out of it. There is just one
way out of it. – What? Instead of marrying other person.. ..we should marry each other.
You won’t tell this to your kids. And to save your husband
you will forget this story. Yes. Even if we get caught we
will go to the jail together. Yes. – Am I right? Then, why don’t you say it,
that you want to marry me. I have already expressed my view. Now you tell me what’s
there in your heart. yes or no. Well, I have to think about it.
– You have just 10 seconds. And time starts now. Raju, it’s you?
What a great friend you are? You threw me in the trench
and you went with that girl. I have done so much for you.
I become a dead man for you. I became Raju from Gopal. What are you doing like a monkey? Enough of your drama. Do you think that.. Hold on. Enough! – Shut up. Such a big betrayal with me.
Why have you done this to me? I just wanted to know that
what have I done that you wanted.. ..to kill me. – I thought that
you were a nice person and you.. ..turned out as a bad person.
– But what have I done? I will tell you everything,
but you have to come with me. Ok. Let’s go. – Useless. I am sorry Gopal,
I left you out there in the cold. I am sorry, buddy. Relax! Cool. Vicky. Hi. – Hi. Don’t beat me. – Vicky. Come out. – Don’t beat me.
Look! Don’t beat me. What did you tell her? I don’t even know her. Vicky, say it. You need
not to fear anyone. – Excuse me. What did you tell her? Tell me, or else I will
give you so many punches.. ..that no doctor of this
world will recognize you. He hasn’t done anything.
– Then who did it? I did it. Raju. Raju. Raju. “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I just want your heart.” “I don’t want sun, moon or stars.” “I just want a boy like you.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I just want your heart.” “I don’t want sun, moon or stars.” “I just want a boy like you.” “Your black hair. Your brown eyes.” “Your black hair. Your brown eyes.” “You are crazy and
your talk makes me crazy.” “I just want the help of your arms.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I just want your heart.” “I don’t want sun, moon or stars.” “I just want a boy like you.” “My adolescence is for you.” “My adolescence is for you.” “O my love! Give me a cue.” “I just want to be
lost in your dreams.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I don’t want diamonds,
pearls or gold.” “I just want your heart.” “I don’t want sun, moon or stars.” “I just want a boy like you.” Announcing the departure
Of flight AI 707. Will you say something or
will you just stay mum? – Raju. Are you going to India? – No.
I came to airport just for fun. In a few moments the flight will
take off.. and then I will go back. Am I right, Gopal?
– Why are you getting angry? Will you return from India?
– No. My girlfriend lives in India. I will marry her there
and get settled over there. Why would I come back?
What say, Gopal? Why are you getting angry, Raju? Say something romantic.
– How can I say? I haven’t done it before.
This is the first time I am in love. I don’t know what the lovers speak. Do you really don’t
know how they speak? Haven’t you seen in movies?
The heroine comes.. ..to the airport and then
the hero hugs her and then.. ..he kisses her, but before
that there’s an announcement. Ai 705..departure from.. It is flight’s time. I am sorry.
– Why are you saying sorry? I am flatterer. Oh my darling. – Oh Raju. – Bye. Hey enough, you’ll lose your flight. Go my dear. I am handing you over to
this dead body. Take care of her. Bye. – Leave her. This is a flight. This isn’t a train that it
will stop if you pull the chain. I have to answer to the pilot. I am sorry. I will help you. What happened? My father will kill me. Just because you
broke a glass frame. Buy another one before
you reach your home. I am sorry. Where are you going? You are crying? Take this handkerchief
and wipe off your tears. Put that handkerchief aside. Madam, you can cry on my shoulders. I will wipe off all your pain. You are very fond of
wiping off others’ tears? Buddy, you keep your mouth shut.
Shut up! That’s it. Yah! That’s it. Get down. Get down. Come on. Why mess with a woman, man? Hello! By the way this isn’t
a garden, nor a railway track. Get up. The train is about to come. I am waiting for the train.
– Then go to the platform. You may die here. – I want to die. What? Are you mad? People don’t die even
when their heart is broken.. ..and you want to die
just because of a broken glass. You don’t understand it.
It is not about a frame. Ok. Then, this must
be a typical homely problem. Let me guess. Yes. You might have told
your parents that you would.. ..get a minimum of 80%
in your exams, but you failed. And now you are thinking
how to you face your parents. Right! No. Then I will tell you something
which is 100% correct. Your parents have
fixed You marriage.. ..with a rich man’s ugly
son and you don’t like him at all. Is this the matter? – No. Even this is not the case. Then, it must have
something to do with love. Have you loved anyone
And he betrayed.. Sharmila, forget me.
I can’t meet you again. And you too don’t
try to meet me. Ajay. Oh! So you failed in love? The person who doesn’t have the guts
to talk to you in person at your face. The person who wrote this to you. And you are committing
suicide for that person. My advice is to marry a
person of your parents’ choice. But when my parents will know..
– How will they know? ..when you won’t tell them.
– They will know it in few days. How? I am pregnant. This is his fault
who has betrayed you. But why are you punishing that
innocent kid who isn’t born yet. You tell me what should I do? You go and tell everything
to your parents. You will find out
a solution for this. You don’t know my father.
He is a very angry man. To him, his reputation
is more valuable than his life. First of all, he will kill
me and then he will kill himself. Because of him we
married in a temple. I don’t have any other option.
– There is one option. You take a fake husband
to your house. He will stay in.. ..your home for a few days
and leave you after a few days. Everyone will blame him,
but you will get your home.. ..and your kid will get the family. It is easy to say that.
But who will help me? I am sure someone will help you.
– Will you help me? Me? Ok. Let’s go. The farms that you are
looking at are all ours. – Cool. In our house there is my mother,
my grandfather.. ..my grandmother and
all are very nice people. My father is also
very nice human being. But he is a hot tempered person. Oh! The old angry young man. Dacoits! The dacoits are here. You didn’t tell me that
there are dacoits in your village. You never told me still the dacoits
are there in your village. Mr. Dacoit! Why did you
leave Chambal and come here? How dare you to call our master,
a dacoit? – Ok. So you are Mr. Thakur?
So you are going for hunting? But forgive me,
those days are gone where one.. ..could kill those innocent animals. I will complaint against you,
even if you kill a single bird. You will be arrested.
– Raju, what are you doing? So what? What can he do? At most you will shoot me.
Come on, hit me. Raju, he is my father. – Ok. Alright. Daddy! My dear, daddy. Please, don’t kill
these innocent animals. It might get you arrested.
– Who is he? He is my husband. Mr. Vishwanath Pratap Singh!
Mrs. Uma Devi. Mother! Come and see and
what your daughter has done? What’s the matter? My daughter has ruined
this family’s reputation. What has she done?
– Your granddaughter is now a Mrs. Every girl goes to her in-laws’
place after she is married.. ..at her house.
But she has done otherwise. Cool, cool. Ok. What are you indicating?
Stand straight. What are you looking at? Won’t you give your blessings? You got married and
you didn’t even.. when? Who is this boy? – He himself
will tell about it. Who are you? What is your name? Raju. You are saying your name
as if you’re a prince of a kingdom. What is your profession?
– I have a fast food center. Of bread and patties?
– No. Not bread and patties. Then you must sell some
snacks or some other items. The change in menu doesn’t
change one’s status. Let him speak.
– He isn’t worthy to speak to me. I thought that she will
study hard and bring a degree.. ..but she has brought this.
– So what has she done wrong? You shut up. Why are you not talking?
Why don’t you tell.. ..her that whatever
she has done is wrong? Yes, she is wrong, but.. – What but? Now when your daughter
has accepted her as husband.. ..you too accept him. You may accept him
as Sharmila’s husband.. ..but I would never
accept him as my son-in-law. You don’t worry. I am here. Don’t cry. You know that you father
is a very angry man. Not only me,
but also his father can’t dare.. ..to speak in front of him.
– I am his daughter. Whatever he has to say,
he could have said it to me. But he shouldn’t have
insulted Raju in that way. His anger is reasonable. When a daughter is born.. ..more than mother,
a father becomes happier when.. ..he gets her married. You’ve
taken away that right from him. He will be a bit angry.
– Come. The food is served. Go and call Raju. Go! Please sit down. Son. Sit down dear. Today, when I was wandering
in the village, the villagers.. ..said that they heard about
my granddaughter’s marriage. I said that they studied
together in the college.. ..they fell in love and got married. His status is not of studying
in a college, but his.. ..status is that of selling
bread and patties in the canteen. Sharmila, tell your grandfather
that how did you marry him? He is troubling the villagers
by telling them different stories. Son. You tell us,
where did you meet Sharmila first? When she was on the track.
– Was she jumping? I am jumping the rope
in the college. – Yes. Where did you meet, first?
– Pune. – Nasik. Was it Nasik? – Pune. Yes, you are right. That was Pune. The place isn’t important.
When did you meet? May. – June. June! Yes, it was June.
You are right. There was light drizzle. – Nothing. Why are you interviewing them? How does it make any difference,
where they met? He married our granddaughter. We know it, but his parents’
might not know that. My parents are not alive. Where were you brought up?
– In an orphanage. Have you heard it?
This is the reality of his life. His life started in an orphanage.. ..and his life will end
in a canteen by selling snacks. So proudly you tell about
the 400 years of your ancestors. That your father
has built a college. That your grandfather
has built a hospital. That your great grandfather
was a landlord.. ..and he built five
ponds and 20 wells. And on the other hand there is he.
He has built a canteen. What were you thinking
when you married my daughter? You didn’t even think
about your status for once. The rivers meet ocean,
but not the wells. Father-in-law,
no matter however big the ocean.. ..may be,
it can’t put off someone’s thirst. And no matter however
small a well may be.. ..one has to go to the well
to quench the thirst. – Shut up. Because of me you had
to face a lot of insult. Come and sit. When the elders scold,
it isn’t an insult to the kids. Somewhere in their scolding,
love is hidden. And think about this. If the ears are just for hearing.. ..then God would have given
us one ear, instead of two. Do you know why did
he give us two ears? To hear with one ear
and leave it from other ear. And one more thing.
Our love story should be alike. You are saying it differently
and I am saying it differently. We will be in trouble. The story should be like this.
We met in my orphanage. And then we fell in love
and then I went to New Zeeland.. ..to earn money and when
I returned from New Zeeland.. ..we married in temple
because of your father. Ok. Ok, now. Cool relax. – Son. Grandpa, it’s you? Son, I want to apologise
for Balraj’s mistake. We treat even our guests as Gods. And he treated
his own son-in-law in this way I apologise on his behalf.
– It’s ok, grandpa. Grandpa, tell me something?
Your son.. You mean your father-in-law! – Yes. When was the last time he smiled?
– Last time? I mean how many years
Ago did he smile? Do you remember?
No. We don’t remember. Does he have a fixed
expression? Anger! I am there to laugh instead of him. Why are there two different beds? The thing is that when I
sleep on the bed, I get back pain. And when she sleeps on the floor,
she gets back pain. That’s why I am
sleeping on the floor.. ..and she is sleeping on the bed. You are lying. You are lying to me. Both of you had a fight, hadn’t you? And that too because of her father. He is a father-in-law,
who has created troubles between.. ..his daughter and his son-in-law.
I won’t leave him. No grandpa.
– I will make him understand.. ..that he is not my father,
but I am his father. You look what I am going
to do to him. – Grandpa! Balraj! Where are you? Yes. Tell me what’s the matter?
– I forgot to wish you goodnight. Goodnight! Mother! Grandma! Grandpa! Daddy! Sharmila! Sharmila! Sister, it’s you?
– Lakshmi, where is everyone? No one is here.
– Everyone went to temple. Temple? Why?
– Sister Sharmila got married. They took her and
her husband to temple. Sharmila got married. This is the temple
built by our ancestors. We bring the bride
and the groom here.. ..whenever there is a marriage. Greetings. Mr. Thakur. He is Sharmila’s husband, Raju.
Greeting. Shall I start the praying?
– Definitely. Let’s go. Not that way. This way.
He was going the wrong way. Urmila, it’s you.
– When did you come? I’ll tell you everything. But tell me,
where is my brother-in-law? There is he. You go behind the statue
of Nandi and look at Lord Shiva. Yes. Mahadev! No. Have you seen the God? No. I have seen the Goddess.
– Goddess! Raju, she is Sharmila’s
younger sister, Urmila. And he is Raju, Sharmila’s husband,
your brother-in-law. Greetings, brother-in-law! What are you doing? I am worshipping the statue
of Nandi. Please save me. Inder! Inder, stop! Inder! Dad! – Get up. You made me fall.
– I didn’t. That horse did. You know that that horse thrusts,
if it hears a whistle. And still.. – Ok. Now listen to me.. Balraj’s younger daughter
has returned from New Zeeland. So what, dad? – You fool!
You couldn’t marry Sharmila.. ..but you can at least marry Urmila. No dad. I was about to marry
Sharmila, but didn’t happen. That’s why I will never
marry a girl of that family. And this is final.
– Use your brain, you fool. What do we got to do
with Sharmila or Urmila? We are just concerned with
Balraj’s wealth. Get ready. I’ll talk to Balraj about
your marriage with Urmila. Dad, you are really smart.
– Shut up. Maid. Get me a cup of tea. – Ok. Urmila, what’s this?
Why aren’t you talking to me? What do you want to talk to me,
brother-in-law? Who is your brother-in-law?
I am not your brother-in-law. One calls sister’s husband,
brother-in-law. Brother-in-law. What are you talking about?
– Why did she come now? What? – I mean I was
talking something personal. Really! – I was asking if
she met any guy in New Zeeland. I fear she may get
into a problem like me. She is going. – Go and ask her. Hold on. I will talk to her.
Or she’ll run away. Come on. Raju, why are you chasing me?
I don’t want to talk to you. Urmila.. Urmila.. Urmila.. Let’s eat breakfast. – Take
the breakfast, brother-in-law. I am not hungry. – I know
that no one will feel hungry.. ..after hearing so many things. Why do you take
everything so seriously? You father will also feel bad,
if he sees you like this. If you will smile,
your father may think that.. ..at least his daughter is happy.
Go and take breakfast. If you’ll eat breakfast.. ..I will feel that I
have taken the breakfast. Ok. O no. Where are you going
with this poisonous spray? No, Urmila. You can’t do this.
Urmila. Urmila. Urmila. Urmila, O my God! Urmila, the whole
family will be gathered. Urmila, your tyrant
father will be here. Please, Urmila.
Urmila, open the door. Urmila, for my sake
don’t commit suicide. And listen,
if you don’t listen to me.. ..I can’t forgive myself
for the rest of my life. Don’t do. Urmila, don’t do that. Hello. Ok! Okay. Okay. Okay. Urmila, why did you
take Baygon spray? Urmila! I was killing the cockroaches. Why would I kill myself
for someone like you? Then why are you killing
me by calling me brother-in-law? What happened?
What happened? – Daddy. Daddy, brother-in-law just slipped. The person who can’t
walk two steps properly.. ..my daughter has decided
to walk with him for all her life. I want to use the
spray on this mosquito. Balraj! What? Some guests are here.
Why are you getting angry? Congrats, Mr.
Balraj! Congrats. – Please come. Please come. Congrats. We heard that
your elder daughter got married.. ..and we thought
of congratulating you. We didn’t even know about
the marriage. – Even we didn’t. This is a very fast generation. Today they fall in love.. ..tomorrow they get married
and we don’t even know about it. Where is your son-in-law?
Introduce us to him. He is somewhere around.
– Good morning everybody. Hello. He is our son-in-law.
– Well! What’s his profession? The snacks.. – Will you take snacks? He talks too much. – Meet him. He is a very reputed person
of this place, Manmohan Singh.. ..and he is his son. Sit down. Actually, my son was to marry Mr.
Balraj’s elder daughter.. ..but you married her. Mr. Thakur, now my wish is that.. ..you should get
Urmila married to him. You talk to Balraj.
Why would I have any objection? But I have an objection. – Why? I mean since Sharmila
has married the person of her.. ..choice and so should Urmila do. I mean, she can’t
just marry any XYZ.. I’ll decide whom I will marry.
– That’s what I was saying. And even if you want
someone advice, then.. Then I will take it from my parents,
brother-in-law. Come on, Inder. It’s too
hot over here. Come on. – Sure. There is no danger.
– Do you know, Inder? This is my most favorite horse,
Goldie. Hi, Goldie. She is very sweet.
– It isn’t she, but it’s he. What’s up, buddy? You are
flirting in the name of horse. What do you want, brother-in-law? The thing is that you
don’t know the difference.. ..between a horse and a donkey. I am here to show you the difference.
– You don’t try to mess with me. I am not trying.
In fact, I am messing with you. Do you think that you
are very strong? – Yes. Then, why shouldn’t we
trade a couple of punches? If we test a single Punch? I guess one punch of
mine is sufficient for you. Come on, Inder. – Come on, Inder. Come on!
– Come on! Yes, yes.
– Now, come on! Hit my hand. Come on, hit high. Hit me high, okay?
– Yeah, alright. Now come on. You it’s your turn.
– Where should I put my hand? You keep it on your face.
You keep it on your face. Yes, come on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah! What happened? Why are you crying?
– Daddy, he punched me. Uncle, we were just
playing a couple punches. I hit him one,
and he started crying like a kid. One minute. You tell me
what happened? – You tell him. He asked me to keep
my hand on the face. I did. And then he removed his
hand and I punched him like this. Like this. This was happened?
– Same like this. He punched me again. – Shut up. Now I understand, now you will
put the hand and my son will punch. Ok. Where is the wall? No. You will keep the hand
on the face and he will punch. Ok. It suits me. Hit me hard.
– Come on, Inder. Come on, Inder. A man should have brains
along with strength. And who has got both of
them is called the complete man. I think he is right, dad. What were you thinking about?
– Nothing. Ok, now tell me, since
we were kids we played together.. ..we shared everything,
then why did you hide such a big.. ..issue from me? I thought I’ll tell
you when you’ll come here. You tell me where did you meet him.. ..and how did you fell in love. I met him in this orphanage. And the orphanage
meet turned into love. Then he went to New Zeeland.
He returned a few days back. He married in a temple
because of father. At least you got the
person whom you love. Or else these days,
people just betray in love. What are you talking about?
– Nothing really. I guess you were talking about me. She was complaining to me
that I didn’t tell her anything.. ..about ourselves. We couldn’t have been together.. ..had we told her, because
she would have told your father. And your father wouldn’t
have let us marry. But at least I could
have met you in New Zealand. I could have known you better. Now we are about to be together
for the rest of the life. You will know me better.
– Brother-in-law! You are married to my sister
that’s why I am apprehensive. Because there are
people who marry here.. ..and still flirt and
fool other women over there. Urmila, he is not one of them. He used to call me regularly
even when he was there, didn’t you? Really.
– Because I love. I don’t leave a person whom I love. You will know it soon.
– I can see it. Anyway, now I should leave. I am being a hurdle
between two lovers. Goodnight, brother-in-law!
– Ok, hug.. Have I done the right thing? – Yes. Have I crossed the line? – No. Now, she believes
that we love each other. Even I believe that
nothing can happen now. Where is she sleeping? Where is she sleeping? Urmila! Urmila! Hey Urmila! O God! She wasn’t leaving me. Urmila! I am thirsty. What?
– Water! Take this. Give it to me. Where is she? So she is here. Urmila. Don’t say anything. Come outside.
I want to talk to you. Come outside. Come with me. Who’s there? Who is wandering here? What is this nuisance? Look at him. The person
whom you call son-in-law.. ..is with a maid. What are you saying? He isn’t conscious.
He walks in sleep. Look at him. He isn’t conscious, he walks
in sleep. I feel like killing.. Hey. Wake up. You do one thing.
Leave him to his room. Me! Or else he may fall somewhere.
– Will he? Urmila, listen to me. Oh my God! This is too much.
– Urmila, I love you. Urmila, listen to me.
– No. I don’t want to listen. “My dear, listen to me.” “Understand the
condition of my heart.” “My dear, listen to me.” “Understand the
condition of my heart.” “Agree with me, love me.
Listen to me.” “Stop chasing me.” “Break this fake relationship.” “Stop chasing me.” “Break this fake relationship.” “Agree with me, don’t love me.
Listen to me.” “I enjoy flirting with you.” “I enjoy flirting with you.” “This fun may cause
trouble for you.” “Don’t walk like that.
Don’t change colours.” “You can’t get me.
Don’t feel envy at me.” “You have robbed
me with your beauty.” “Stop chasing me.” “Break this fake relationship.” “Agree with me, don’t love me.
Listen to me.” “I will make such
a condition of yours.. ..that you won’t forget it forever.” “I will make such
a condition of yours.. ..that you won’t forget it forever.” “But I feel like touching
your rosy cheeks.” “Don’t pretend in front of me,
I won’t fall for your tricks.” “Why are you fighting with me?
Let’s kiss and make up.” “Go away from me.
Don’t make excuses.” “My dear, listen to me.” “Understand the
condition of my heart.” “My dear, listen to me.” “Understand the
condition of my heart.” “Agree with me, love me.
Listen to me.” Urmila, listen to me.
Urmila, please. Listen to me and you
won’t be angry at me anymore. Leave my hand. What if anyone sees? Urmila, I was yours.
I am yours and I will be yours. You have mistaken me.
I came here to help someone.. ..and I got stuck here.
O no! Urmila! Sharmila will feel so
bad if she knows about us. That’s why I am leaving
this house by marrying. Urmila, listen to me. – No, I won’t. Urmila, I am not Sharmila’s husband. I have got nothing
to do with Sharmila. If you are not Sharmila’s husband.. ..then how are you related
to Urmila. – Grandfather. Now I got it. This is you. – Yes. And this is Urmila. – Yes. This is Sharmila. – Yes. You love Urmila. – Yes. And you are here as
Sharmila’s husband. – Yes. And Urmila is unhappy? – Yes This is a very big problem.
I can’t do anything about it. This isn’t a big problem for you.
You are the eldest in this house. Wouldn’t your son listen
to you if you talk to him? You want me to talk to him? You want me to get beaten up?
No, I won’t do it. Grandpa, are you afraid of your son? I am not afraid of him,
but I am afraid of his big gun. What a shame! He is your son. If you talk to him,
will he shoot you? I know that he is my son.
He knows that I am his father. But the gun doesn’t know
how are we related to each other? What if it fires?
I will have to go straight there. I can’t do it.
– Sad. What’s your name? Vishwanath Pratap Singh.
– Do you know what Singh means? The lion. – The dangerous lion. You are the lion of the circus
that follows the ringmaster. If you are a real lion then
go and tell that mouse that.. ..you are the boss. You are
the whole and soul of this house. You are making me angry. I am not making you angry.
I am telling you the truth. I’ll threaten him
with just one roar. Just do it. – Should I? Yes. – Shall I give you
a demonstration of my power? Yes. – Balraj. Balraj! Balraj! Hey, Balraj. Hey, Balraj. Why is he shouting at this time? What’s the matter? – Can’t
you hear me? I am calling you. Come here. What’s the matter? – Look down.
I’ve tolerated you a lot. Now I won’t tolerate you anymore. If you shout one more time,
I’ll throw you out of this house. Are you out of your senses?
– I wasn’t. Now I came to my senses. All the times you talk about
the status, family, ancestors. Don’t you care about
the human beings! Do you know that you are
the one who spoiled Raju’s life? Tell me clearly what’s the matter?
– Should I? Urmila loves Raju. Come to your senses.
Raju is Sharmila’s husband. – No. Someone else is Sharmila’s husband.
He betrayed her. She was about to commit suicide.
Raju saved her. Because of you she brought
him as his husband.. ..into this house.
This is the truth. Sharmila, is this all true? Sharmila! – Yes. Have you seen it?
Now I will take the decision. I.. Vishwanath Pratap Singh. The owner of this house,
your father. I will get Urmila married to Raju. Urmila, come here. Come to me. I am here. Come. I am here. Come here. Come with me. Raju. Come, son.
– Come outside. Take this hand. Are you happy now? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have united them.
I have united them. Will you unite us just in
your dreams? Or will it be real? Where is Urmila? – She is inside. She is inside.
Just now, I united you. It was in your dreams,
not in reality. In reality, I can unite
you tomorrow, but not now. Grandpa, don’t do that. This lion woke up
after so many years. Don’t leave him.
Come on, let’s go, grandpa. You go first. I will follow you.
– Really. Follow me. – Yes. Let’s go and shake them. – We shall. Follow me. – Let’s go. Balraj. Balraj. Hey, Balraj. Hey, Balraj. Why are you shouting at this time? Actually.. I want to eat.
– You want to eat? Now? No. I want to talk. – About what? That..
– Marriage! Flower veil. My hair is too long.
– You hair isn’t long. Now he is hitting his head. – Who? He’s gone.
Now, he’s back. He does like this. What happened to you?
– That… Yeah,
I want to blow the trumpets.. What are you doing? Hey, marriage. I want to adorn you with a garland. No. I want to talk to you
about marriage. – Whose marriage? My marriage, of course! – What? My mind isn’t working.
Take me to my room. Take me. Ramu. Ramu. It would have been
better to ask Urmila.. ..before fixing her marriage. I told you my decision.
I didn’t ask you about your advice. Whose marriage are
you talking about? About your with Inder’s. Listen to me carefully. You opinion won’t
change my decision. – No. The question of rejecting
doesn’t arise, father. You definitely would
have given much thought to it. Urmila, what’s this?
Whom are you marrying? Why? Does he have any bad qualities? No, but then, he doesn’t
even have any good-qualities. Even you don’t have
any good qualities. He has a house, money, reputation.. ..and more than everything,
he has a family. Father-in-law,
you didn’t get my point. Urmila and he don’t suit each other. Even you don’t suit Sharmila. And from now onwards don’t
interfere in our family matters. This isn’t your family matter.. ..but this is matter related
to my heart, you old man. Where is she? Grandpa. – Yes. Have you seen this scarecrow? – Yes. You stand there instead of that,
then at least you can.. ..scare the crows.
Because no one is scared of you. Talk to me with respect. You didn’t give a chance to do that. I thought that you’re the
oldest and the head of the family. But you’re just an old man. But now I realized that
you are just an old man. Are you challenging me?
– No. I am not challenging you. But I am ignoring you like others.
– What did you say? Why don’t you try to understand me? Ok. What you said was your name? You forgot my name.
Where is the stone? Yes, some Singh. Vishwanath Pratap Singh.
– Vishwanath Pratap Singh! Singh means lion.
The lion of the jungle. But why have you become
the lion of the circus. I can’t understand it.
You can’t do anything. Really. Now, you see what I can do. No. There is no need to do that.
– You see what I can do. You cannot. – Cannot?
– Cannot! Ok, then, leave it. Hey. Listen.
– No, I can’t do anything. No. – No. I am an old man. No. – I am just a circus loin. No. I will give you a chance.
– You will give me a chance. Grandpa, do something. Come with me. – Grandpa,
why did you bring me here? I want to tell you a story.
– A story! Yes. A boy loves a girl. One day a boy sees that a
girl is trying to commit suicide. The boy saved her.
He asked her the reason for that. She said that the boy whom
she loved had betrayed her. She said that she can’t
show her face to their parents. He had sympathy on her. He went to her house
as her fake husband, but unfortunately.. ..it turned out to be the
house the girl whom he loved. That girl turned out to
be this girl’s elder sister. Grandpa, I feel that I
have heard this story somewhere. This story you haven’t heard but
you have seen it. Because I am that boy.
You are that girl. And the other girl
is your sister Sharmila. Daughter, he is right.
He came here just to help her. Raju. – I love you, Urmila. Urmila, I love you. – Raju. Be ashamed of yourselves.
I am standing right here. Grandpa, don’t put
me into formalities now. I am hugging her after so many days.
– So what? Grandpa, a postman’s job
is to just deliver the letter. Am I a postman?
I am taking my letter back. Please don’t do that, grandpa. Ok, I will turn that way.
What other option do I have? Raju. Is it over? – No. It isn’t yet.
– What’s this problem? “This girl has become young.” “She had mercy on me.” “This girl has become young.” “She had mercy on me.” “Everyone loves her..” “Everyone loves her..” “She became the life of young men.” “She became the life of young men.” “This boy has become young.” “He became the life
of beautiful girls.” “This boy has become young.” “He became the life
of beautiful girls.” “Everyone loves him..” “Everyone loves him..” “He became the life
of beautiful girls.” “He became the life
of beautiful girls.” “Let me increase the
rosy-ness of your cheeks.” “Your hair is scattered,
let me compose it.” “Let me increase the
rosy-ness of your cheeks.” “Your hair is scattered,
let me compose it.” “I want to spend
my life in your arms.” “I feel like giving
you a lot of love.” “Let me kiss you.. “Let me kiss you.. ..you have become my voice.” ..you have become my voice.” “This girl has become young.” “She became the life of young men.” “A little bit of fun and
a little bit of happiness.” “But there is not mistake of mine.” “A little bit of fun and
a little bit of happiness.” “But there is not mistake of mine.” “I have become mad in love.” “Even your intentions
are not right.” “I am scared of your words.. “I am scared of your words.. ..you have become a bit naughty.” ..you have become a bit naughty.” “This boy has become young.” “He became the life
of beautiful girls.” “This girl has become young.” “She became the life of young men.” “Everyone loves him..” “Everyone loves him..” Listen watchman.
Which uneducated person.. ..I am talking to.
You might not know me, guard. What did you say! Guard? Or do you want me to call
you the owner of this bungalow? Who are you?
– How dare you take my introduction? I am Raja’s friend.
Where is Raja? – He went to hell. How dare you to speak
like that about your master? Right now, I will get you fired. And I’ll fire you from the world. Oh God, help me. Gopal, why did you come here?
I asked you not to come. Save me from this mad man.
– Hey, fool! Come here. Why should I? To kill myself.
– No one can save you. Father-in-law,
he is my friend, Gopal. We used to work
together in New Zeeland. Say that you used
to make snacks together. Gopal! – What happened?
There was some firing. Who fired? Look here. There was already one,
now there is one more. He is a friend of his. Now,
both of them will make snacks here. And change this
bungalow into a canteen. Calm down. The villagers, who were
sacred even to look at this.. ..bungalow,
will eat snacks in this veranda. What kind of a guard is he?
– He is not a guard. He is a landlord, man.
He is my father-in-law. You married this dacoit’s daughter? I will tell you that story later. Come, I will introduce
you to grandma. – Ok. The grandma. Grandma.
– And she is my mother-in-law. Greetings, grandma. He always gets confused.
Come, I will introduce you.. ..to your sister-in-law.
– As if I don’t know her. Come with me.
Don’t put me in troubles. Hey. When she is my wife,
then how can she be sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! You forgot? I am.. I died. Then I became a spirit.
Then I was in the fridge. Then I came out.
Then I ate and danced. He isn’t well. He lost his mind. I will treat him.
Come with me inside. – Inside? Who is he? – He is his friend. Do you know him? – Very well. Is it? The dishes are very tasty.
– Did you like it? After a long time,
I am having a tasty dish. Do you know who prepared
these dishes? – Who? We prepared them, father-in-law. We just want you to like the dishes. You made very tasty dishes.
I am very happy with you. Both of you share this.
– What are you doing? He is our son-in-law. I didn’t give this
tip to son-in-law. But I gave the tip to the cook. Even the cook of
hotel Mughal cooks well. That doesn’t mean that I
will accept him as my son-in-law. You have 100 rupees as tip.
Now eat those dishes. When will this old mad change? He is not worth his salt!
– His salt. Yes. I have put the
salt in those dishes. I would have given 7 kg salt in it,
had I known him earlier. Some income-tax officer
should raid his house. You go there and search that room.. ..and bring all the jewelry
that you find there. – Ok, sir. You go to the stable and
see the length of the horses. And make a report of that.
– But who are you? We are from Income-Tax department. There is no need to worry.
You give me all the jewels.. ..that are in the hands,
neck, ears, nose, fingers.. And also put your watches over here. What’s going on? Who are you? Who are you!
I am Sardar Singh Aluwalia. Did you get me?
Don’t raise your voice. Or else I’ll write such a report.. .. that you’ll just revolve around.. ..the income-tax office for
the rest of your life on your horse. Okay, I remembered one thing.
And what do you feed your horse? The horse eats the grass
and the grass is from the farms. Where did you get those farms from? They belong to our ancestors.
– Belong to the ancestors? So this.. Don’t touch me or
else I will shoot you. Aalu! Aluwalia,
what are you doing here? – Raju. What are you doing here?
– This person has hidden.. ..a lot of money and
also he hasn’t paid the tax. And also he is threatening
an income-tax officer.. ..that he will kill him.
They both are eye witnesses to this. I will send him to the jail today. He is my father-in-law.
– He isn’t. – He is! You are our son-in-law’s friend.
Please sit down. Have some tea. Grandma, there is no need for that.
He is my friend. Aalu, you leave this place. He is already angry at me.. ..and if you don’t leave now,
he will be angrier. He is angry at you?
I will leave him at one condition. If he apologizes to Raju.
– Aalu. – You shut up. If he hugs you and
calls you son-in-law.. ..then, I will leave this place. Balraj, what are you thinking about?
Call him son-in-law. Embrace him. Don’t think about it.
Please call him son-in-law. He is a very stiff person.
I will treat him. Aalu, you are saying too much. You keep quiet. Let me speak today.
We got a chance today. He always gives those
angry looks to us. That day we cooked so well for him.. ..and in turn he called
us cooks and gave us tip. When I came to this house,
he fired at me. I could have died. What rights does he have? Then, he says that we will
sell snacks for two rupees. What does he think of himself?
Where is he? Why do you always fire at me?
I was just joking. I am leaving. “Listen to me father-in-law.. ..I’ll treat your ego.
I’ll bend you.” “I will fire your gun at you.
I will trouble you as much as.. ..you troubled me. You stare at me.
You are a pushover.” “You always fight.
You have very arrogant.” “I will treat your
arrogance in a moment.” “Quit this fighting.” “Both of you join hands.” “Quit this fighting.” “Both of you join hands.” “You have seen me.
You have known me.” “You too know the
capabilities of my gun.” “Who has the guts
to stand in front of me?” “Don’t come in front of me.
Don’t challenge me.” “He lives in my house
and eats my money.” “And then he harms me
and teaches you ugly dances.” “Don’t get upset.” “Come and hug him.” “Don’t get upset.” “Come and hug him.” “What can he do to me?
He will burn me?” “If you wake up the sleeping lion,
you will regret it later.” “How many days will it go on?
You will bring the horse.. ..and get me on it,
you will blow the trumpet.. ..you will accept
me as your son-in-law.” “You have insulted me.
You have slapped me.” “You have challenged a young man.
No one can save you.” “I will kill you.
I will give you merciless death.” “You will die now.
No one will save you.” “Don’t fire the gun like that.” “Don’t hurt your dear ones.” “Don’t fire the gun like that.” “Don’t hurt your dear ones.” “You will do what isn’t
supposed to happen.” “You will make your daughter,
a widow?” “You will kill his husband?” “You want there to be
mourning in your own house.” “If you do that,
we will complain to the police.” “We will bring the police.
We will send you to prison.” “You will be there in the
jail for the rest of your life.” “In the jail for
the rest of your life.” Old man!
He scares me even in the dreams. He made me sweat. I don’t understand
what kind of a person he is. What are you doing here?
– Nothing. I was thinking. Were you? What were you thinking? Did you wash your son’s
face with glue when he was young? Why? – His skin got stuck. There isn’t any expression
on his face, other than anger. It seems that he is the first
Mogambo, who isn’t happy. – Yes. Confess that you
can’t win with my son. I will lose when there
will be a competition with me. He is just ignoring me. – Really. Can you ride the horse? Do you want your
son-in-law to drive a cart? Every year a cart race
is held in our village. For the last three years
Balraj’s enemy Prithviraj’s.. ..horses are winning and
Balraj’s horses are losing. And if you win this race
then Assume that Mogambo is happy. Grandpa, if that’s the case
then assume that Mogambo is happy. Where is father-in-law’s horse? Here it is. – Is this a horse? Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Fool! Even father-in-law’s
horse is out of control. Neither he is in control
nor is she in control. I will see you. Idiot! Have you seen my horse?
– Yes. I have seen it. He went this way. But you go back. Because you are not
going to get that horse. What are you saying?
How can I let it go? Thank God, you caught my horse. Or else it would have
really got me into trouble. You can’t take this horse. – Why? Because not only horses,
even human beings can’t.. ..escape once they enter our farm. I can escape and also
I will take my horse back. Really! Boys, tie this
rude boy along with the horses. Don’t do that. Give me the horse without
getting beaten up by me. He wants his horse. Do you want the horse? Hey move! Stop! What is going on? Father-in-law,
they aren’t returning our horse. How dare you to bring my horse here? I didn’t bring it here. That horse threw me and
and came himself to this place. But what was the necessity
to bring the horse over here. Mr. Prithvi Singh. Give me my horse back. There are only two options for you
to take the horse back. – Tell me. The first one is that
if you win this year’s race.. ..you can take your horse.
– And the second one? You’ve to apologize to me
for the mistake this boy has done. Control your tongue! You will have to answer me,
if you try to insult my uncle. You are too proud of your win,
aren’t you? I will crush your pride. I’ll win this year’s chariot race.. ..and I will present
this horse to my uncle. Very good, my son. Have you seen it? This is what is called
the family blood.. ..which never takes insult. Son, you are one who suits
most to be my son-in-law. The day after tomorrow,
there will be the engagement.. ..ceremony with Urmila. Let’s go. Urmila. – Raju. Hi. Is this the time to come?
– Why else can I do? I have to escape from
father’s eyes and come here. Or else he will shoot me.
– Is he your father or your enemy? What did you say? – No. I don’t
know why, whenever I try to.. ..praise him, things like
this come out of my mouth. Urmila. Urmila. Urmila. How did the donkey enter
into the horse stable? Now deal with him. – What? Urmila. Urmila.
– Won’t you say anything else? I want to give this flower
and kiss you before engagement. O no! The light went off.
Why did it go away right now? When will it return?
– After you leave. After I leave?
But, who said this? – I said it. But what happened to your voice? I got an infection last night.
– I don’t mind. I just want to kiss your lips.
– First of all, wash your face. Where can I go in darkness?
I can’t see anything. Go anywhere. – Where? Take right, then take left
and then go straight. – Ok. Take this flower. – Give it to me. Quite confusing, isn’t it?
– Get going. Urmila, here it is very dark.
– Do as I say. – Ok. Go right. – Ok, I am following you. Now take left. That’s it. – Alright. Now get down. – And I did it. Very good.
Now wash your face with that water. Great. – Ok! Very good. Ok. Don’t get up. Now come here on your knees,
if you want to kiss me. Alright. No problem.
– Close your eyes and come forward. Urmila. – Keep moving.
Now take a bit right. – Ok. And a bit left. – Ok. And now raise your head. That’s enough. Now there’s.. ..a gap of two inches
between you and my lips. You mean it? – I mean it
and just go ahead please now. Yes, baby. Yes. Darling, do you have
an infection on your lips? They are so thick. – Don’t
ask the question, just go ahead. Okay. Okay. Yes. Yes. A horse. Stupid. Fool. Idiot. Come here. What is it? You are kissing the
horses in the darkness. No. I came here to kiss Urmila.
– And you kissed a horse? I haven’t done it before.
I don’t know how to do it. You fool.
Kissing is an art. – Really. I will teach you. Urmila, come here. First of all,
one needs to hold the girl’s hand. Not you, I will do it for you. – Ok. First of all hold the girl’s hand,
then turn her.. – Alright. Then pull her towards you
and then kiss her. – That’s it. So easy. So simple. I have
learnt it. – You have learnt it. You kissed my would-be. – O, yes. Daddy! Raju, how dare you
make fun of my son. Didn’t you tell him what happened? I told him that I kissed a horse,
assuming her to be Urmila. Then I told him that kissing
one’s would-be is an art. And then, what did you say? I told him that I don’t know
this art, tell me how to do it. Then what did you tell?
– Then I showed him that art. How come? – Put that cup over here.
You move backwards. I held Urmila’s hand,
then I pulled her towards me.. ..then I pulled her
and then I kissed her. Dad! He kissed her again.
– You fool. Why are you crying? What happened?
– Last night, I kissed a horse.. ..assuming her to be Urmila. I feel very sorry for that horse. Grandpa. – Shut up. What happened? I told him that kissing one’s
would-be is an art. – Ok, Then? I told him that I don’t
know that art. Explain it to me. Then what did you explain?
– Then, I held Urmila’s hand.. ..then I pulled her,
then turned her and then kissed her. Grandpa, he kissed her again. Why don’t you beat him? Shut up! Dear Raju! For a moment
assume that you are my son. Why should I?
– Assume it for a moment. What’s there in assuming? Come here. You stand here. You fool, go there. Now tell me what
happened last night? Last night I kissed a horse,
assuming her to be Urmila. Then what did you say?
– I told him that kissing one’s.. ..would-be is an art.
– Very Good, then what did you say? I said that I don’t know this art.
Explain it to me. Now tell me Raju,
what happened last night? Go back. I held Urmila’s hands,
I went near her.. ..then I turned her and then.. Shut up. You fool. – Dad! Dad, I am ready. Let’s party. Dad! What happened? – I am thinking. Today, I knew that you too think.
– Shut up. I am much tensed, today. I feel that although
Raju is Sharmila’s husband, he is having an affair with Urmila.
So? What so?
You are about to marry Urmila. It doesn’t matter even
if she has an affair with Raju.. ..because we are just bothered
with Mr. Thakur’s money. O God! I can’t treat him, but if he gets engaged to Urmila.. ..I can definitely treat Raju. “When the boy is a bachelor..” “When he roams
without any purpose..” “When the boy is a bachelor..” “When he roams without any purpose.. ..the heart beats faster and says.” “This guy is mine.” “This guy is mine.” “When the girl is unmarried..” “When she roams
without any purpose..” “When the girl is unmarried..” “When she roams
without any purpose.. ..the heart beats faster and says.” “This girl is mine.” “This girl is mine.” “Your love troubles me a lot.
I can’t bear in anymore.” “I can’t tell you the
condition of my heart.” “We may die, if we are
scared of this cruel world.” “O dear, let’s see how
it is to die for each other.” “I said this, the moment I saw you.” “This girl is mine.” “This girl is mine.” “When the boy is a bachelor..” “When he roams without any purpose.. ..the heart beats faster and says.” “This guy is mine.” “This guy is mine.” “They create the walls..” “They create all sort of problems..” “When two lovers meet,
whole world becomes envious.” “Don’t get bothered about them.” “Let them do what they want to do.” “Their job is to get envy..” “Let them burn with envy.” “I indicate you to kiss me.” “This guy is mine.” “This guy is mine.” “When the girl is unmarried..” “When she roams
without any purpose.. ..the heart beats faster and says.” “This girl is mine.” “This guy is mine.” Move aside. Get started. Daddy is here. Urmila, don’t behave
like a stupid girl. Try to understand what I am saying.
– You stupid. Who are you to tell me? After all you are my sister-in-law. What is going on?
– Daddy, you please tell him.. ..not to interfere
in our family matters. Father-in-law! I was telling
her that.. – You keep quiet. Yes, daughter.
– Daddy, I was saying that.. ..Sharmila let you down in front
of the village by marrying him. And now,
I want to raise your reputation.. ..in front of the whole village. When Inder’s horse will win.. ..you will have so much
goodwill in the village. And then I will engage with Inder. Have you seen her?
She is my daughter.. ..who is so bothered
about his father’s reputation. Father-in-law! Why are
you dreaming about engagement.. ..by sending donkey to a horse race.
You’ll regret it later. Shut up. Now the engagement
will happen after the race. Good acting. I am impressed. Like every year,
we welcome you this year also. Since last two years
my horse is winning.. ..and I know that this
year also my horse will win. This will be decided
after the race.. ..because for the first time my.. ..son is participating in this race. He is our son. – You look forward. You look forward. Come on. Come on. Run! Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, Inder. Come on. Lovely! Well done!
Have you seen him? He is my son. Come on. Come on, son. Dad, you whistled again.
You made me fall again. Now how can I marry Urmila? Urmila! What have I done? Come on. Yes. Yes. Come on, baby. Hey, you are cheating. You idiot! Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, baby. Buck up! This is cheating, man. Come on. Buck up. Come on. Well done. Yes, sure. Well done, son.
Come into my arms. -This is strange. Today, you made Thakur
Balraj Singh’s head.. ..higher with pride. – Thank you. It isn’t wrong to confess
a mistake in front of many.. ..which has been done
between the four walls. Son, I never accepted
your and Sharmila’s marriage. Neither did I accept
you as my son-in-law. But I was wrong. But today,
I announce it in front of everyone. Next Saturday,
I will get Sharmila and Raju.. ..marry in front of everyone.
I invite all of you. Be happy, son. We are done for. Mr. Thakur,
along with that also announce.. ..Inder and Urmila’s marriage. The person who falls in
front of everyone in the race.. I can’t accept a loser
to be my son-in-law. Raju! You used to ask
me when I will laugh.. ..when I will be happy.
Now, look at me, I am so happy. But why did your smile disappear? What does smile mean?
I heard this term somewhere. I like this attitude of yours
very much. Get ready soon. – Yes. Daughter, you do this,
I have a lot of things to do. Come daughter-in-law.
– Let’s go. – You come here. Girls, now you may go. Now, I will apply
the turmeric to him. She is doing it with so much love. I guess she is the
first girl in this world.. ..who is adorning
boyfriend for her sister. Raju, what else can I do?
I don’t know what to do. And you don’t expect
anything from me. I am like that gun which can
be hung on the wall but can’t fire. But whatever is happening,
I won’t let this happen. Then what will you do?
– I will give you an idea. Do one thing.
You take her away from here. What are you saying, grandpa? What will happen to the history
of 400 years of your family? I don’t care about
its reputation or anything. If it can’t help two lives,
then what is its purpose? Elope with her.
– No, grandpa. When we haven’t
done anything wrong.. ..then He, who is up over there,
won’t do any harm to us. He, who is up over there,
will definitely listen to us. What happened now? Someone up there heard us.
– What do you mean? Sharmila heard everything. No. Hello! Sharmila. Sharmila. Sharmila. Sharmila, what were you doing?
Are you mad? Let me die. I am just worth dyeing. I am worth dyeing. I was about to take
away my sister’s happiness. No, Sharmila. Are you mad? Whatever I have done was
for you and for this family. And on the other hand,
you’re spoiling everything. I am so unfortunate, Raju. I am so unfortunate that he left me. And now there isn’t
any hope of his returning. Show me that photo. Sharmila, I have seen him somewhere. I guess I have seen
him at Prithvi Singh’s farm. He is his son. Ok. What are you mumbling? Did you get scared? Come downstairs within two minutes. The guests are about to be here. Grandpa, the time is too less.
You take care of my love. I will bring her love at any cost.
– I too will come with you. Grandpa, what’s the use
of the bullet-less gun in the war? You don’t need to come.
– I am very angry. You discharge your anger here. Listen to me, Raju. Ok, I got you. You! I saw you earlier. That day I came here.. ..to take the horse and today
I came here to take you. – Me? It’s so shameful that
you are enjoying here.. ..and there Sharmila is
suffering because of your love. Do you know she is
pregnant with you child? How do you know Sharmila?
– I know everything about you. You don’t know this,
but I love Sharmila a lot. But my father and
her father are enemies. I want to marry Sharmila,
that’s why they kept me here. You want to marry Sharmila,
right? – Yes. Then my problem is solved. Let’s go. Where is the way to go out? Call the groom.
The auspicious time is passing. Father, call Raju. – Yes.. Grandpa, what will happen now? Don’t worry!
I have full faith in my Raju. He will bring Ajay here,
before the time. Where are you going?
– Father today you can’t stop me. I will go.
– And I will take him there. That day you couldn’t
take a horse’s kid.. ..so what’s makes you think
that you can take Thakur’s kid. I will take him with me.
I know that, but don’t know that. Then, your men will try to stop me,
and they will be beaten. This too,
I know, but you don’t know. Sharmila will become your
daughter-in-law, by tomorrow. This too,
I know, but you don’t know. But there is one thing
I would like to tell you. I will beat everyone,
but I won’t beat you.. ..because you are Sharmila’s
future father-in-law. I just know about it,
then how can you know about it. Ajay, let’s go. – Catch him. Get lost! Mr. Thakur, bring the groom soon. The auspicious time is passing. Father, call Raju.
Why are you standing here? He will call him, only if
he is there. – What do you mean? I mean that he fooled
your both daughters. What nonsense are you talking? What’s the use in holding my colour?
This is the truth. He is lying. Raju is getting ready. What’s there for a
bride to get ready so long? I will shoot you.
– Just check before shooting at me.. ..if the groom is
here or he ran away. He is.. – You keep quiet. Raju! Ajay! Now, why are you mum? Ask your family members
that where is Raju? Ask your elder daughter
who is pregnant. Ask your younger
daughter who shared.. ..a man along with
their dresses and stuff. Ask your father,
who didn’t even stop them.. ..even though he knew everything. Come on. The reputation and goodwill
which you always talk about.. ..your own family members
had buried it in your house. Even if you want to kill,
whom will you kill, Mr. Thakur? How will you drive the
vehicle without the keys? Catch him. Even if he wants me to
marry both the daughters.. ..I will never marry a girl of
this family. What do you say, dad? Not at all.
You are belong to good families.. ..instead of eating
dinner over here.. ..it would be better
if you eat at a funeral. They are a characterless
family. Get up. Let’s go. Come on, everyone, leave this place. The family which never
faced any kind of insult.. ..today everyone has
spitted on that family. The reputation of a 400 years
old family lost its existence. And everyone of
this family will die. Till now I just hold this gun,
but I never used on anyone. But today, this gun will be used.. ..and there will be
dead bodies all around. Bodies all around. Ajay, take the blessings. – Grandpa. Now, why are you standing like that? Use your gun and kill everyone. All your life you were just
bothered about your family’s.. ..false reputation. And have you seen
the result of that? Your kids don’t love you,
they are afraid of you. If you had given them love,
instead of carrying the gun.. ..then you wouldn’t
have to see this day. Raju isn’t Sharmila’s husband.
He is his husband. Ajay. In fact loves Urmila. This daughter of yours
was about to commit suicide. Raju saved her and
came here as her husband.. ..so that people wouldn’t
raise fingers at your reputation. And you have given this
to him in turn? – Grandpa. Let me speak, son. First time in my life
I got a chance to speak. No, grandpa. You be calm.
I will leave this place. If I leave this place,
he will also become calm. And also I achieved
my purpose of coming here. And apart from that,
an orphan like me got a chance.. ..to see so many relations. Grandpa,
grandpa, mother, a good friend.. ..and also an angry father. But before leaving I
would like to say something. You are Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Singh means lion,
and do you know which lion.. ..the lion of the jungle,
but not that of circus. What? What. – Where? When I came to this
village you fired at me.. ..and you are firing
at me when I am leaving. Can’t you speak
without fire or what? In the 400 years of
the history of our family.. ..no groom left his would-be. Then how could you leave
Urmila without marrying her? I like your style, man.
You are cool. You are quite good, ok.
– Alright young man. Let’s have it. Hey father-in-law. Try and catch me. Urmila. Urmila. Grandpa. “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “You are beautiful and I am young.” “I shall dedicate my life on you.” “Let’s start the
progression of love.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Hey, you’re the man in love!” “Go away crazy.
Don’t burn my heart like that.” “Don’t take my name like that.” “Think logically
while you do something.” “Let there be some distance
for the time being.” “Urmila, Urmila, Urmila.” “The love flower
blossomed in my heart.” “Your eyes are full of mischief.” “You breath is full of passion.” “There is a journey of fragrance.” “You are the queen of my heart.” “You are such a childish guy.
He doesn’t listen to me.” “He doesn’t understand
my helplessness.” “He isn’t in his senses.
He has gone mad.”


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