Kuruluş Osman 13. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı


Hello, friends. The mysterious person in the trailer … In
this video, I will give you two great pieces of information that will surprise you all,
as the clearest one guess. Watch the video very carefully without skipping. yeah friends, but I finally found it for 8
hours without sleep. I’ve watched dozens or even hundreds of old
videos. I watched many hours of videos for the person
shown in the trailer for 2 seconds and made thousands of comparisons. I looked at the comments. I made a comparison by looking at the most
frequently said people in the comments. And I finally found it. Yes, I’m going to have a sleepless day today. My only request is that you have been so sleepless,
you can support us by subscribing to the channel by watching the video to the end. Now let’s look at the very opposite corner
before the person who came to the plague in the trailer and then touched the shoulder
of Osman Bey. The mysterious person who came to Oba actually
goes to the osa of the samsa sergeant, not the kayi oba first. Now listen very carefully here. It seemed like a dream to me in the beginning. So Osman Bey seemed as if he was dreaming. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous that the man who
went to the obsa of the samsa sergeant in the brain dream of Osman comes to the brain
quarters of Ertuğrul. So I’m not saying it’s not a dream. But if Osman sees a man on the horse that
comes to the apricot in his dream, it makes sense that he touches Osman Bey’s shoulder
in his room. But when you look carefully, you will realize
that this mysterious person first goes to the osa of the sergeant. Then he comes to Osman Bey. So first of all let me say this is not a dream
in my opinion. Secondly, it’s normal to get confused in the
trailer. Even though I watched the trailer 29 times
very carefully, even myself was confused. Don’t get me wrong, by the way. I’m not even confused because I have any advantage
over you. I say because we can analyze the same scenes
over and over again, because we can analyze them over and over again. Let’s also mention this. Now we see that the Dundar brain comes from
somewhere in the region with the Mongolian banner. Probably comes from the bale from the market. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Dundar enters the apricot with Mongolian banner. Then Ertuğrul empties his brain bed. I do not know whether Ertuğrul is draining
his brain rest for himself or Balgay. The Selcan line says that I do not spoil the
Ertuğrul brain bed to you. Dundar brain head Alpi Saltuk evacuates the
alpe bed. Write it in the corner of your mind. You will say where and where in a moment. I combined all the tips for you overnight. So to continue to give the clearest accurate
estimate, continue without skipping the video. Now many people said that the person who came
on the horse was Turgut Alp. As a result of my comparisons, I am not saying
that Turgut Alp is not very similar, but I am not saying that it is not Turgut Alp. I’ve seen dozens of videos published with
the prosecutor character will be published further. But you, my dear followers, have also noticed
that Osman’s hand on the shoulder of his brain is quite old. So it’s unlikely to be a young person. I can say Yarhisar tekfuru or levent Özdilek
very, very little. But that’s not my real guess. If that mysterious person comes out of Yarhisar
tekfuru or levent Özdilek, I would say at least. Jokes aside, the low probability sheikh, who
came as a banamantic, had come from Sheikh Edebali at the beginning, but after 8 hours,
all the theses I have told you so far have decayed. The second biggest question in our minds is
whether samsa sergeant is treacherous before I explain why and tell who the mysterious
person is. Friends are so complicated that it is hard
to solve. Although I am not sure, I will tell you my
guess. If Samsa sergeant was a traitor, this samsa
sergeant killed the Mongolians who came to obasin, as shown in the first trailer. There’s a bit of a nib here. The law holds the protector by kneeling in
front of the ax. Samsa sergeant is the person who says martyrdom
in every episode. A man who says honor, honor, honor, after
all, why would he do such a thing now? Either the screenwriter made a big mistake
and showed the samsa sergeant as a traitor who made a mistake, or, uh, uh, here is where
the tail of the calf breaks. Now I connect all the issues. Hold on tight and listen very, very carefully. We have not seen that the mysterious person
who came with the white horse came to the obasia of the sergeant, not the apricot. Could the person who came to the obasin of
the samsa sergeant with that white horse might have established a plan with the samsa sergeant. Could be. Now let’s come to the other subject. The person who put his hand on the shoulder
of Osman brain has a giant ring. Whose ring is this? Have we seen before? Let’s meet those who remember that ring from
the resurrection Ertuğrul in the comments. Friends that ring is the ring of Ertuğrul
brain father Süleyman Şah. I have already left the comparisons at the
end, you can see all of them one by one. But first, let’s combine the details. If that ring is the Süleyman Şahin ring,
the person who comes to the place cannot be an ordinary person, right? Who could be the one wearing Ee Süleyman
Şah’s ring? Yes, I know the name that comes to your mind,
but let’s reinforce it with some evidence. I am giving you the first of the biggest clues. Two-and-a-half-hour comparisons with only
the white horse that came to the camp. Yes, clearly that horse Ertuğrul brain horse
aktolgali friends. I get it from where. There is a black spot on the knee of the left
front foot of the horse just as it enters the horse. And on the back leg there is another spot
behind the knee cap. I put all the comparison pictures at the end
and you can look at them last. Horse Ertuğrul brain horse. It was not enough that I compared the hand
of the vast Altan duzyatan with the hand of the mysterious person shown to us in the trailer
as well as his left hand, since his left hand was visible. Now I give one of the last and biggest tips. The first one might be Ertuğrul bey, who
came to the obasin of the samsa sergeant and made a plan with the samsa sergeant. Second and most importantly, those who know
always know that this series is the same as the resurrection Ertuğrul scenario. Well, remember the resurrection Ertuğrul
very well. Before the last two episodes, Osman bey and
Dündar bey said let’s see a new highland. Or will Dundar be forced to migrate, as he
did in the past. Remember, Hanlı had tried to sell the market
with Emir Saadettin and the rye gentleman. As if the room was not enough, he tried to
immigrate with the confirmation. Now, the evacuation of Ertuğrul brain tag
is not the same with the Mongol flags drawn all over. This time, he will leave everything from the
belt instead of gold. Ertuğrul Gazi’s brother is taking out the
trust of the relics. He’s probably taking it out for Balgay. So Balgay might have said that. Ee Osman was caught. Bala chick was injured. They cut the oba and destroyed many. Now I have presented you all the tips. I don’t know if it’s a dream, but it’s not
a dream for me. I said that the horse is the horse of aktolgali
Ertuğrul Gazi. [11:19, 03.03.2020] I am Yunus Çelik: I did
everything from the horse in the horse to the comparison of Ertuğrul bey, the vast
Altan Düzyatan. I did not say that person Ertuğrul Gazi. But I also showed you with clear evidence
that all the roads to the Ertuğrul veteran. Here I ask you now? Osman got caught no alps caught samsa sergeant
left only Bala hatun was injured Dundar emptied the bed. So what else? So I say that when Ertuğrul Gazi will not
come right now, when will he come? Perhaps the Sulean hawk ring may be one of
the families that Ertuğrul Gazi trusts or a doctor who will bring news from Ertuğrul
veteran who is very close to the family. Or Ertuğrul brought news from the bey. If you go with Aktolgali, Ertuğrul Bey can
say that they will believe you. What i will understand is the horse of Ertuğrul
Gazi Ring Süleyman Şah’s Ring I think it was very similar to both. Engin Altan Düzyatana,
In the hands of levent Özdilek. So my friends are sleepless I did not sleep
during the night oba samsa I did not fully confirm whether the sergeant’s obes came first
or kayı obas Sorry if something went wrong or a little bit wrong. You can support us both by subscribing to
this channel and our channel on the link. You can confirm what I said by looking at
the pictures carefully. Be entrusted to Allah, goodbye.


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