Learning Colors Board Game with PJ Masks Mashem Toys My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Batman

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Hi everyone! It’s me, Ellie Sparkles. And look at all these awesome mashem toys! The evil Romeo has stolen them…but Owlette
and the PJ Masks have an idea to help us get our mashems back! We’re going to play the Mashem game against
Romeo and win back our Mashems! In the Mashem game, we have to use this game
board to pick which mashem we open next. If we pick all of our mashems, we win the
game and we get to slime Romeo. But be careful, there are 3 romeo mashems
in the middle. If we get pick all 3 Romeo mashems, we lose
the game and Romeo keeps the Mashems. ….. Let’s see what Mashems and Fashems surprises
we have today! We have Frozen, Paw Patrol, Disney Princess,
Finding Dory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, the first Romeo, the second
Romeo and the third Romeo. Another Disney Princess, Justice Leage, a
second Paw Patrol, a second My Little Pony, another Frozen, and Batman! Are you ready to find all the mashems and
slime the evil Romeo? Let’s go! OK let’s go to the mashem board and see which
mashem we get to open first. It’s moving so fast.. aaaand… stop! Nice! It landed on Finding Dory! There are so many fun characters in the Finding
Dory movie like Hank, Nemo, and Baily! I wonder which character we have in here! Let’s open it up! Awesome! It’s Destiny! Destiny is a whale shark! Did you know that whale shark is the largest
fish in the ocean? That’s really cool! Let’s see how squishy Destiney is! Wow Destiny is super squishy! And you can also stretch her! This is so much fun! I can’t stop strecthing her! hahaha…. Now let’s see which mashem is next. No Romeo…No Romeo…No Romeo annnnnnd Stop! Oh No…it’s a Romeo mashem! This is our first Romeo Mashem…if we get
3 Romeo mashems, we lose the game. Hmmm, I hope Romeo isn’t trying to cheat. Let’s see what’s inside this Romeo mashem. This isn’t a mashem..this is slime….icky
green slime. Romeo tricked us! What a mean night villain. We have to be careful in case Romeo is still
trying to cheat. OK, let’s go to the mashem board again. Hey, what is Romeo doing here? Oh No, the board changed to all Romeo mashems! And it landed on a Romeo! Romeo is cheating! I knew it! This is our 2nd Romeo mashem. And Romeo filled it with gooey Purple slime! If we get slimed 1 more time by Romeo, we
lose the game and all our mashems. We need the PJ Masks’ help to make sure
Romeo doesn’t cheat again. It’s time to pick up our next surprise Mashem! Oh No! Romeo is back to cheat again! Look! Catboy is here…. and Romeo ran away. Good job Catboy! With the PJ Masks here, it will be hard for
Romeo to cheat. OK, now that Romeo is gone, let’s pick our
next Mashem. There it goes. And…. stop! Yay! It landed on Paw Patrol! We finally avoided Romeo! I can’t wait to see which Paw Patrol pup we
have in here! Let’s see… Oh it’s our firefighter pup Marshall! Marshall’s red firefighter hat is so cool! Now let’s stretch Marshall! Wow Marshall Mashem is pretty squishy too! And also easy to stretch! Bye Marshall! Ok it’s time to pick up the next mashem. I hope we don’t land on Romeo. Annnnnd Stop! Awesome! It’s a Frozen Fashem! Frozen has so many great characters like Elsa,
Anna, and Olaf. And here is Sven! Cool. Look at Sven’s huge reindeer antlers. OK Frozen Fans, what is the name of Sven’s
best friend? Let me know in the comments. Say bye to Sven and his big antlers! Now let’s see which Mashem is next. The board is moving so fast! annnnnnd Stop! It’s a Disney Princess Fashem. We missed another Romeo mashem! Now let’s open this fashem and see which princess
we have. Oh nice, it’s Snow White. Snow White is a princess who tries to stop
the Evil Queen from doing mean things. And Snow White has little friends named Dwarfs
to help her. Do you know how many Dwarfs there are? That’s right, it’s Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Let’s see which Mashem we get to open next! No Romeo…No Romeo..No Romeo… Annd.. stop! Awesome! We landed on a Batman mashem! We missed Romeo again! I hope we can get a superhero mashem in here! Let’s open it up! We got the Penguin! Penguin is a supervillain in Batman just like
Romeo! He’s wearing a black suit and a black hat. Ok, let’s squish Penguin. Wow this supervillain is super squishy! Now stretch him! I wonder if Batman is as squishy as this Penguin
mashem! He’s only wearing glasses on one of his eyes! That’s funny! Hey, Romeo is back and he is trying to cheat. But Gekko is here to stop him! Nice job Gekko. The PJ Masks stopped Romeo again. Now that Romeo is gone, let’s pick the next
mashem surprise. And let’s stopppp….nowww! Awesome! It’s a Justice League mashem! There are so many cool superheros in Justice
League! Let’s see which hero we got in here. Wow we got something green! This is Martian Manhunter. Wow he is kind of mean looking. But he is actually a superhero! Martian Manhunter reminds me of another green
superhero….The Hulk! Ok lt’s time to check out the next mashem! There it goes….annnd… stop!! It landed on a My Little Pony fashem! I love collecting My Little Pony fashems! They are so adorable! Can you guess which pony we have in here? Let’s check it out! Nice! It’s Scootaloo! Scootaloo is an orange pony with pink hair. She is good friends with Apple Bloom and Sweetie
Belle. She is not as squishy as the other mashems,
but she is pretty strechy! Bye Scootaloo! Let’s see which mashem we open next. I hope it doesn’t land on that 3rd Romeo. Annnnnd…stop! Awesome! It landed on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Mashem! The ninja turtles are a group of superhero
ninjas who fights evil villains…just like the pj masks! I wonder which Ninja Turtle we have in here. Let’s open it up! Nice! We have Leonardo! Leonardo is wearing a blue eyemask and carrying
2 katanas to fight the villains. He looks really brave…and stretchy! I don’t see Romeo around, so let’s pick the
next mashem before he tries to cheat again. There it goes…and let’ssss….Stop! Nice, It’s another Disney Princess Fashem. Sorry Romeo, we missed your evil mashem again. Let’s see which princess we have this time. It’s another Snow White! Her dress is so pretty, I hope it doesn’t
get messy when we squish this fashem. Nope, the dress looks fine! There are only a few mashems left. This is going to be such a close game. And let’s stopppp….NOW! Nice! It’s a Frozen Fashem! This is the second Frozen Fashem we’ve picked. We found Sven the reindeer in the first fashem…I
wonder who we have in this one. It’s Pabbie! Pabbie is a troll and he is one of Kristoff’s
friends. Pabbie looks a little scary, but he is a good
guy. Did you know trolls like Pabbie are some of
the squishiest fashems around? There are only 2 mashems and 1 Romeo mashem
left. Let’s see who is next. There it goes. Annnd….Stop! It’s a My LIttle Pony Fashem. Nice, we missed Romeo again…he must be so
mad! Let’s see which My LIttle Pony character we
have in here. It’s Pinkie Pie! Pinkie Pie is a pink pony and she has a dark
pink tail and hair. Pinkie pie’s cutie mark is party balloons…that’s
so much fun! Pinkie Pie likes to have parties and be squished! Hey wait, Romeo is back! It’s Owlette…and Catboy! Sorry Romeo, you are trapped! Now Romeo can’t cheat, let’s see who will
win the game. If it lands on the Paw Patrol mashem, we win
the game, but if lands on the Romeo mashem, we lose the game. There it goes. This is so exciting….and let’ssss STOP! Awesome! It’s the Paw Patrol Mashem. We win the game! Romeo tried to cheat, but the PJ Masks saved
us! Now let’s see which Paw Patrol mashem we have. It’s Chase! Chase is the police pup in the paw patrol. He looks so brave here in his blue police
dog uniform. Thanks for helping us win the game Chase! Since we won the mashem game, now we get to
slime Romeo for trying to cheat! Are you ready? 1..2…3! We slimed Romeo with his own icky blue slime. Thanks PJ Masks. I had so much fun playing the Mashem Game
with you and winning back our mashems from Romeo. If you enjoyed the video, give me a thumbs
up and subscribe for more fun PJ Masks videos. Thanks for watching, this is Ellie Sparkles,


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