Left Out: Beyond the Two-Party Horse Race – Trailer


(flight attendant) We do need everyone in their seats with their seat belts fastened. Thank you. (Narration) In 2014, I documented the campaign of Green Party candidate for California Governor, bestselling author and activist
Luis J. Rodriguez, to provide a voice to those who are left out of the
media. (Chomsky) 70% of the public is simply disenfranchised. The lower seventy percent on the income scale. So that has very little resemblance to democracy. That’s plutocracy. (Crowd) What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! (Luis) I’m trying to bring in a whole new imagination. (Professor) I think they stand a
chance to to say something. To win, I would say, no. (Amy) So you have to go back and you have to have a media that is asking serious questions, not just focusing on the horse race, you know, who’s ahead by 1% and 2% (Jesse) Does the marginalization of third party and independent candidates reflect a freedom of speech suppression? (Ralph) If you run for office it’s the consummate use of the First Amendment; free-speech freedom of assembly, freedom of petition, all three. And if they are excluded by a two-party
tyranny then a competitive democracy is excluded. (Luis) No media is going to touch me barely. You make the media. (singing) The wheel of karma is broken Hello, I’m Scott Glasser, one of the
writers of Left Out. I’m here today to request funding towards the copyright,
editing, soundtrack, distribution, advertisement, and finalizing this
documentary. It is really important for us to spread the word of third-party
candidates and their vital role in our political system. So we need your help.
Please do your part and help us release this film by donating now.


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  1. Tor

    October 26, 2015 2:44 am

    HEY!!!                WTF?!?!?!                       Come on now, the Ruling Class LOVES democracy…..just not TOO much democracy.

  2. Stephen Smith

    May 13, 2016 9:24 pm

    Hey.. take this as an idea, Go to Google, Type in "Clinton Foundation" and on the upper right will come a chance for you to "Rate" the foundation. Take some time to "Rate" what you think of them


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