LEGO Friends: Olivia’s Newborn Foal (41003) Exploration

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Jaystepher presents: Olivia’s Newborn Foal by Lego Friends. Set number 41003. Contains 70 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. So here we got Olivia and her foal. She’s feeding her a carrot. Here’s all the other various actions. Let’s see what’s inside the box. Well here’s the foal. A bag of small elements. A larger bag with larger elements. One folded instruction manual. Nothing else in the box. So let me get building on
Olivia’s Newborn Foal. Now that Olivia’s Newborn Foal has been assembled, I will be walking through Olivia and her foal, accessories, water pump and tree, and the water trough. Here we have Olivia. Her blouse is printed on. She’s got a bow in her hair. That can be removed. Nice hairpiece. It is compatible with standard Lego minifigures. Moving on to the foal. She is a terrific animal figure. She has a bow on her as well
and that can be removed. Her eyes are printed on. Let’s have a look at the accessories. You do get one carrot for Olivia’s foal. A pail to fetch water. A red wheelbarrow. The wheel does move. And various other accessories. You do get ribbons, awards, hairbrushes, a soap bottle, and a bar of soap. Olivia’s horse must be very special for having a large variety of accessories. Moving on to the tree. It is brick-built. Nice use of the brown elements. We have three leaf elements with studs. I presuming these are apples. Moving on to the water pump. Got a tap and an aerial for the pump handle. So we can take our bucket and fill it full of water. Here we have the water trough. There are transparent blue studs for water. Nice dark red roof. The plate on top is magenta. Got a bail of hay. Nice use of the profile brick. We have holders, and these are used to attach our accessories. Let’s put the little comb. The soap. And on this side, let’s put the brush and the smaller comb. Really good idea. We have an eyelet brick. We can use this to put
one of out foal’s awards. It’s really a great idea. You can remove the bail of hay if desired. This is a profile brick. We can put that in the wheelbarrow. And the water trough is the right height for Olivia’s foal. Here are the extra pieces. We do get an extra tap, aerial, carrot top, three studs, and a spare handle. These parts will be great for other Lego creations. This concludes the review for Olivia’s Newborn Foal by Lego Friends. Set number 41003. Contains 70 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. You get a lot of accessories with this set including the carrot and the foal. I’m not sure as to why Olivia has
her wheelbarrow full of accessories. She must really love her foal. This set will be a perfect addition
to an existing Lego Friends theme or as a source for spare parts. Thank you for watching!


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