so what time is it now? it’s 8.30 at first, she wanted to pick me up at 6.30 can you imagine? 6.30 ended up she picked me up at 8 am in the morning, and it’s so early for us and now we’re in Serpong we want to go to Branchsto It is actually quite small and suitable for kids she took the horse riding class but i am so curious! because i never see such a thing here in Jakarta or near Jakarta yeah, usually if you want to take horse riding classes, you can go to Puncak (quite far from Jakarta) but now you can just go directly to BSD! guys look, she got apples and pears for horses so if you join horse riding class here, you will get the shoes and also the helmet right? how old is she? 9 years old how many years can a horse live? usually around 25 years it’s like 1:4 compared to humans how many horses do you guys have here? we have 26 horses


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