Leslie Young: How to be a successful Horse Race Trainer

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Marry a husband. That’s a good jockey that can help you Get the horses number one But no – I mean I’ve had to do this on my own now since he’s gotten hurt Well, I grew up in Unionville my parents Fox hunted. I pony raced and then when I went to boarding school I used to work for Jack Fisher on the weekends and in the summers, I worked for Jonathan Shephard at home This Jonathan Shephard once told me he said you’ll have your ups and downs But you take something from each person you work for and you kind of do your own thing It’s just having one the facility to having the owners to support you I’m giving you the horses and three just the confidence to try but don’t rush yourself when you train horses There’s no point trying to rush something. It’s taking your time and wait until they tell you the right That’s how it all started and how I got there


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