Let’s Paint Zebra Stripes | Caitie’s Classroom

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(soft guitar music) (twinkling music) – Hi there everybody, let’s
make a craft together. I have here a zebra that
I cut out and pasted onto some black card paper
and put inside this tray. But, there’s something
not right with my zebra. What is my zebra missing? The zebra needs stripes! Of course. We’re gonna make some
stripes for our zebra using some black paint and marbles. I’m gonna roll the marbles
around in the black paint to make some stripes. Just put the marble in the black paint and roll it around with a little spoon so it gets all covered. And that way it helps keep my hands clean. Then scoop out the marble
and place it in the tray. Now we’re ready to roll the tray around and see some stripes! Here we go! Woo. All right. We’ve got some stripes started,
we need some more paint. Pick the marble back up, put it back in. We’ll make some more stripes. Go zebra, go! I got some paint on his eyes. What if I tried using
more than one marble? I’m gonna add in a red
marble and this white marble. Get it all coated in the black paint. Then we’ll make lots of stripes. One over here, one over
there, one over here. Here we go! Wee! Go marbles! (giggling) All right, it’s an abstract zebra. Let’s get these marbles back out. Our zebra’s looking pretty stripey. But I wanna try rolling
a big marble around. I’m gonna use this big blue marble and see what that looks like. Dip it in the paint. Roll the marble around. This is gonna make some big stripes. Right there. Here we go! (soft music) Woo! (giggling) All right! I think our zebra’s done, he’s
looking really stripey now. He’s got lots of stripes. I’m gonna wipe off his eyes here. And you can try this activity at home. Just go to supersimpleonline.com. Find the zebra. You can download it and print it out and try making some striped of your own. You can try it with marbles,
or use crayons or markers. You can even try dipping
some string into paint and making stripes that way. You can get really creative with it. And your zebra stripes
will look totally different than my zebra stripes. So make sure to share them on social media and use the hashtag, Catie’s Classroom so we can all see your beautiful zebras. That was lots of fun. See you soon! If you liked this activity,
we’ve got lots more coming. So please subscribe! – [Child] Woo!


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