Like buying a horse | Casimir Artmann | Architecture Corner S4E52

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My wife Lotta wanted a horse when we moved to the southern part of Sweden She had a horse as teenager but she have not been riding since then My questions was, how much does a horse cost And that is a tricky question It’s very easy to buy a horse on the internet you go to site like in US in Sweden or a similar site in your country Your search for horses and you will get a long list of animals for sale Your sort the horses by price then, you find a horse nearby you that is not so expensive The other option, if you want to buy a horse is to go to a dedicated horse site Here, you can find both horses for sale and equipment you need to the new horse The horses here are more expensive but you often have a better track record you can find information about there heritige you can also see videos of the horse in action and see how it moves You just bought a horse and you are craving for go horse riding You need to get a bridle a saddle and saddle clothing Then you need some equipment for yourself At least, you need a helmet a pair of riding boots and a safety west You know horseriding is more dangerous than icehockey after you have done riding you need to do some grooming for your horse and here, you need some tools You need an insurance to your precious darling you need to take vaccinations
at the vetrinary station hopefully, yoy don’t need to go there anymore Your horse need a place to stay therefore you need a stable at a nearby location so you can go there daily a horse need daily care and daily feeding The options here you could either do it your self or hire someone else to do it for you Your horse need daily exersice and the easiest way to do it is to do some training on the paddock You also need access to a horse rinding stable if the waether conditions are a litte bit worse If you bought a younger horse or want to participate in competions You need a trainer both for yourself and the horse It’s time for your first competion
in horseriding you need some special clothing to participate The egulations say that you least need
a jacket and a pair of white riding trouses If you need to go to the vetrinary if you want to do riding in other places,
a bit far away from your stable or going to competions the you need a horse trailer but beware,
when you just bought your new trailer you may find out that your existing car doesn’t have enough horse power for your horse and even worse,
you may need a new drving license How much does a horse cost? It depeds if you look at the purchase price or the yearly cost for a horse
during it’s lifetime The purchase price could be as little as €1,000 But the yearly cost for a horse, all inclusive is probably between €5,000 and €10,000 per year So that is a huge difference Buying a horse is like buying an IT-system You have a purchase price,
and it’s often more than you estimated then you have a yearly cost that often is
far beyond the initial investment


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