Little Superhero Kids 11 – The Inspector

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New Sky Kids! [dramatic theme music] All: Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Batman: Great minds think alike. All: Rock, paper, scissors, bomb! Batman: Bomb?
[mimics explosion] Supergirl: You’re it, Batman! Batman: What? That’s cheating! [rock music] Batman: Tag! You’re it!
Supergirl: Oh come on, Batman! You know that’s cheating! Batman: What’s cheating is using your
supersonic speed powers in a game of tag! Supergirl: But that’s what makes me
and the Flash so good at playing tag! Flash: I’ll be it this time…
If you let me ride the Batmobile. Batman: We should probably be
heading back to headquarters. Batman: Inspector’s supposed to arrive at three.
Supergirl: What time is it now? Batman: Time to go! -Who’s Inspector? [playful music] Flash: What’s going on? Batman: Someone told the government
about our secret headquarters, And now they’re sending an inspector
to go check it out. Supergirl: And we can’t let anyone
know about this place… Or that we’re superheroes. Here, put this on. We can’t let
anyone see us in our uniforms. [knocking] Batman: Flash! Inspector: Government Inspection Service. Batman: Come in. Supergirl: How can we help you, ma’am? Inspector: I’m Inspector Lake. I’ve been sent by
the GIS to investigate some superhero sightings. [crickets chirping] [all laughing] -Superheroes? Nothing but
ordinary civilians here. Ha, ha… -May I ask your name? Batman: Oh, how rude of me. I’m Bruce Wayne. -I’m Barry Allen.
-I’m Kara Zor-El. -And what’s your company’s name? [all saying different names] Batman: Uh, we’re Java-miflin-soft. -And what does your company do? [all saying different names] Supergirl: Yeah, we sell paper and whoopee cushions. [clears throat] -Would you like anything to drink? -Water, if you don’t mind. Flash: Here you go, ma’am. Inspector: How did you do that so fast? Batman: Barry here was a track star
in high school. Flash: Yeah, what…what he said… Batman: Shall we give you the grand tour? -And this is our break room. [crickets chirping] Inspector: Where are the rest of the employees? Flash: Out saving the world.
Batman: From paper cuts! Did you know our paper is so soft,
you can wipe a baby’s nose with it? Or even your own nose! [blows nose] Smooth as Egyptian cotton. Inspector: What’s in here? [dramatic tune] Batman: It’s nothing… It’s just our parking garage. Supergirl: Hey, Inspector!
Check out this whoopee cushion! [fart noise] Inspector: I should be going… Ah! Spider! [laser beam] [explosion] Inspector: What’s going on here?
Supergirl: Uhh, we can explain… Batman: Please Inspector,
you can’t tell anyone about us! Supergirl: We’ll do anything,
just don’t blow our cover! -I won’t tell anyone on one condition. Can I get your autographs? [cheerful music] Supergirl: Here you go. Inspector: Thanks so much, Super Squad! Or should I say, Java-miflin-soft. Batman: Boy, that was close.
Supergirl: Yeah. Flash: Tag, you’re it. Batman: Sometimes I wish I did just
work for a paper company. Flash: And whoopee cushions. Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!


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