Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

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Hello my name is Konner Johnson and I go to a horse barn called Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue. Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a safe haven for unwanted, abused, neglected horses and to improve the relationship between horses and people. We’re committed to raising funds to support the rescued horses in our care and will pursue the acquisition of grants, gifts, bequests and donations to support the organization. We are a no-kill rescue striving to promote the humane treatment and to strengthen the bond between horses and people through the education of people, especially children. Our goal is to properly unite humans and horses in a safe environment using accepted methods to preserve the best equine care through informative and instructional guidance education and administration adhering to the understanding of the need for the preservation of rural equine communities. We are not breed specific and promise each of our horses will never again know the abuse, neglect, abandonment or other injury that brought them to our facilities Here’s one horse that was really abused before he came to Lucky Orphans. His name is Nitro and is Deanna’s first horse. Deanna is the owner of Lucky Orphans Nitro Before he was rescued, he was returned to a sale barn multiple times because he was not very nice. It was discovered that Nitro had Lyme’s Disease and people were trying to make him work when he wasn’t able to! Nitro ended up a sale barn where his halter never came off. It was on for so long that his skin got rubbed raw and then was healing over the halter. Deanna’s grandfather bought him to give to Deanna, because he reminded him of the sad horses in the Korean where he fought. Deanna was 12 and always wanted to ride Nitro. Because of his history, he taught her a thing or two about perseverance. However, he was too difficult for Deanna to handle and she eventually wanted to give him away. Deanna’s dad told her that if she did, she could never get another horse again and would have to quit riding. Because of this, Deanna was encouraged to not be a quitter and it also encouraged her to start LOHR to save other unwanted horses. Nitro has been with Deanna for 20 years and she takes special care of him at the rescue! Another horse is Gypsy She was an unexpected rescue from a Greene County rodeo breeding lot. She was covered in lice and maggots and her tail had wire and burrs tangled in it. When LOHR came to the lot, she was tied to a tree in a separate area so she didn’t get in the way since she was a bit unruly. She wanted to be rescued too, so she reared and fought even though she was hobbled and tied to the tree. Finally someone cut her rope and she fell through the electric tensile fence. The fence sliced into her shoulder and her owner was going to shoot her right there! LOHR volunteers stopped him and asked for Gypsy to go with them. He laughed at them because she was unable to be touched by anyone. When they drove the trailer into her paddock and dropped the tailgate she jumped right in. When they arrived at LOHR, the vet was there and fixed Gypsy’s shoulder. She’s as good as new now… even better, actually! Now she loves to be groomed and has learned how to cross tie, stand for the farrier, lunge under tack and even be ridden! She’s been to the Yorktown Grange Fair and has been told that she is the perfect example of how forgiving horses can be. But Lucky Orphans doesn’t only lift the spirits of horses. Lucky Orphans can also lift the spirits of humans as well with these horses. For example, one horse at LOHR, his name is Casper At his very first race at the age of 3, he broke his right knee on the starting gate, which ended his career He was tossed around from home to home after that which led him to a training barn where they were trying to retrain him as a riding horse. But with his broken knee, he is not sound enough to be ridden. Casper came to Lucky Orphans in the summer of 2013 with pain and swelling in his knee, pain in his hooves due to bad shoeing, and Casper was broken-spirited. Here he met Danielle. She is young girl with two prosthetic legs… she is broken just like Casper! Casper finally felt he belonged somewhere. Danielle has helped him and lifted his spirits, along with Casper lifting hers. If you want to donate to LOHR, and help even more horses, and people, then just click the link in the description to learn how you can help. Thanks for watching. I hope this changes your mind about horses. And also gives you a good example of LOHR


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