Lunging Horses

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Thank you for watching and please subscribe.. Horses respond to pressure I often talk about how a dog on the end of a leash will just keep gagging against pressure but a horse responds the exact opposite when a pressure is applied they move away from it instead of into it like a dog does it’s the placement of the knots when you’re putting it on the horse or fitting it to the horse these if the horse would pull, as you’re leading him or training them to go in circles the knots apply pressure and for a horse if I’m over here and a tug.. it’s going to put pressure here which causes her to move back towards me and it’s very strategic in her sensitive nostril area and then also over here if she would pull back it puts pressure I can show you what lunging is just so you kind of understand lunging a horse is something that you do so you can gain their respect sometimes it’s so you can see how they are moving but, in the case of a young one it woud be typically for respect this is a trained horse going around in circles like this, you can see if a young horse was trained to take off pushing against you turn You also do this to teach a young horse balance and how to lean back on their hind end again, pressure on the nose so this is what lunging is, again the more you move towards that rump the faster they go trot turn turn see? right there.. she sat back and used her hind end and again, she just pulled on me a little bit but immediately


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