Lunging Just A Dream + My tips | Vlog #03

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Canter Good boy Canter Good Hello everyone, nice that your watching this vlog again. In this vlog I want to show you how I lunge Just A Dream. In the previous video, you’ve seen how I take care of Just A Dream and you’ve seen who we are. If you haven’t seen this video, click the “i” in the top of the video to see it. Before I brush and lunge Just A Dream, I’m going to fence off the arena with tape. *sheep* As I said I’m doing a lunging session today. I do this as a variation for Just A Dream, because, of course, it’s nice to do something different than an under-saddle training. And for me it’s also good. Because I can see him develop and see watch him work from the side. I’ve completely groomed Just A Dream and he’s totally clean now. I’ll continue with putting on his leg protection. I always train Just A Dream with tendon boots, bell boots and fetlock boots. As you can see everything is in red today. The tendon boots, fetlock boots the bell boots, lunge line, lunging whip and the lunge pad. I always make sure Just A Dream’s legs are clean. Because otherwise the boots might cause chafing. I’m now putting on the lunge pad and fasten the girth. The pad has four velcro straps the middle of the pad I put on his withers. And the same goes for the girth. Next I fasten it, to prevent it from sliding. I also do this on the other side. The bridle goes on, I attach the lunge rope, and then we’re totally ready. Come on I always start with a couple circles of walking freely. I never attach the draw reins immediately. So he can have a little warming up. Good boy Whoa. Walk. Good. He knows that if I put down the whip, he can come up to me. I have completely untied the ropes from the girth. and tied them to the bottom ring. I then put them through his front legs, and put them through the bit rings from the inside to the outside. On both sides. I always keep the ropes fairly loose in the beginning. and adjust them a little shorter during the training. And of course also on the other side. I adjust the left side a little, because I want him to bend a little. And then we’re really ready to begin. I always keep in mind to keep the loops small. To prevent me from accidentally stepping in them. Trrrot. Good boy. Come on. I always start at a relaxed pace. and gradually increase it. Good boy. He’s nicely loosened up by now. But I think he’s walking just a little bit upright too much. So I’ll bring him to a halt. And tighten the ropes a bit. And then I’ll continue. He is nice and loose now, so I slowly increase the speed. To create a nice and active trot. I keep the training short today, because it’s quite hot here. And the arena is quite heavy. So I’ll lunge him for about 20 minutes today. I’m happy with how he’s on the bit and Just A Dream’s activity. And no I’ll, do a bit of cantering. But before I do that I bring him to an active trot to make the transition easier for him. Canter. Good boy. Canter. Good. Just A Dream is only 4 year old, but I think he’s already pretty developed in the canter and actually in all gaits. But she really shines in the canter. Because of his big, nice and even strides. I think he’s good now, so I think it’s been enough for today regarding the left hand. I’ve let him make a transition to the trot, and I’ll slowly let him slow down to the walk and then I’ll prepare him for the right hand. But before I do that I’ll let him catch his breath for a moment. Well, Just A Dream has recovered a bit by now, I’ll changes sides now I do this by loosening the left side and adjusting the right side a bit. I also change the lunge line to the other side. He’s already warmed up of course. So I immediately start with a higher tempo . To a high and active tempo. Both now and when under saddle, I bring him to the border between trot and canter. To extend his trot even more. Good boy. Canter. Good. And in canter I still work on that extention, even though he has pretty big strides already, it’s still important to train him with that. I think Just A Dream has done enough work for today. I’ll bring him back to a trot and then I let him trot for a moment I’ll then let him slow to a walk. Then I’ll take of the draw reins and then he can cool down that way. Whoa, trot. Whoa, walk. I hope you got an idea of how I lunge Just A Dream. And surely I’ll soon show you how I ride him, but he’s done enough for today. We’ve already come to the end of this video. I hope you liked it, and I want to thank you for watching. And I hope to see you again next time. Bye!


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