Man Eats Raw Meat: Donkey, Goat, Chicken


[Goat Meat] He eats raw meat… [Beef Abomasum] [Donkey Meat] Sungho/ It’s way delicious than beef My friend’s really unique You think everything tastes good I object How’s that tasty? Don’t care…
Ate raw meat & GAINED ENERGY! I need a snack Pork neck, you’re what I need right now (I wanna roast it for him) Sungho/ Can you fry half of the chicken and leave the other half raw? ※ This was before the bird flu occurred (What the…?) Production Crew/ Aren’t you enjoying it too much? Sungho/ Cause it’s delicious Your stomach is okay, right? I’ll be fine, don’t worry (Don’t need no cooking) It’s so delishhh Friend chicken tastes better… (I still got my muscles…) (Definitely worth eating raw meat LOL) Popeye’s strong because he ate spinach And I’m strong because I ate raw meat


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