Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure | Game Review

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Last year’s mash up of Mario and those mischievous Rabbids proved to be an undeniable hit! Bringing
strategic combat to the Mushroom Kingdom in the strangest
of ways… GOOSE
Well Gem, now it’s time to go troppo in the tropics as those loopy Leporidaes (that’s Latin for bunnies) team up with the
awesome ape himself in the latest expansion: the Donkey Kong Adventure GEM
This additional story chapter in the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle saga kicks off after
Rabbid Kong has some trouble programming the teleportation washing
machine, when suddenly a zap of energy from the onlooking Spawny sends him, some rabbids, Beemo and of course
Rabbid Peach far off to the DK dimension! GOOSE
It’s not the most creative excuse for another crossover, in fact I’d go so far as to call
it a Deus Ex Washing Machina . More Latin… – after arriving on the sunny shores, they’re
greeted by some less than friendly locals before the king of kong swings
in to save the day! Also cranky kong is a rabbid now…
And it’s hilarious! GEM
Together the three must team up and battle their way through a sizable amount of stages
to take on the now suped-up Rabbid Kong who has bulked up thanks
to some bad looking blue bananas! And while this does mean no option to change up your team like in the
standard story – getting to unleash the power of two new characters with brand new weapons and abilities totally
makes up for it! GOOSE
DK sure packs a punch doesn’t he!? Along with his boomerang banana that can target multiple
foes, Donkey Kong can unleash a devastating ground pound,
draw enemies closer with a jazzy bongo solo and possibly his biggest game changer is the ability to pick
up and throw almost anything within his grasp! I’m talking enemies, allies, even chunks of the environment! PLUS
the big guy has tonnes of health… I mean he almost feels a bit too overpowered actually. GEM
I thought the same thing at first, especially when compared to Cranky’s more standard moveset
– but once you get into the battles themselves
you see that they’ve all been designed with these additional abilities in mind, specifically the new enemy
types and missions. For example, throwing enemies further away
from objectives or putting a group to sleep with Cranky’s yawning area of effect become essential for passing
a stage, let alone earning enough bananas and totems to purchase upgrades! AND keep in mind this expansion
assumes you already know the basics, so don’t expect a leisurely stroll through the jungle! GOOSE
The new mission types really add a new spin to the standard gameplay – there are of course
your regular defeat all enemies and reach the goal missions
– but new here are Banna Horde huntdowns where you’ll be destroying batches of bad bananas. As well
as fetch quests that require you to chase pesky Collectors who snatch up parts of the destroyed Washing
Oh those guys are the worst! Running around the entire battlefield, even picking up parts
you haven’t grabbed yet! SO ANNOYING Fortunately DK can
also swing from designated pads placed around the map, giving you that much needed movement boost!
It’s another ability that makes DK feel almost unstoppable, but then the game throws enough
tough enemies and bosses at you to keep you on your opposable toes! GOOSE
Yeah those boss battles are great fun! And I love the design of those sharkskin wearing
brute bunnies! I will say I was a bit disappointed not to
see the whole DK universe on show here! I mean where are the Kremlings? Where’s Diddy Kong? Dixie Kong?
Kiddy Kong? DARREN
What about Funky Kon- GOOSE
Ah that’s uncool. GEM
Well even with some missing family members I think there is still more than a substantial
amount of content in this expansion! Along with battles
there are multiple puzzle sections dotted around the map, which serve as nice distractions – my favourite
were the Gold Barrel challenges that are particularly well designed, and look and sound great! GOOSE
there’s almost enough here for a full sequel. And I guess that’s really my biggest gripe
with the game I feel like there was so much potential
left unexplored in this new jungle setting! GEM
Well you know what they say Goose, always leave them wanting more… for me this was
the perfect sized mini adventure before maybe we see a proper
sequel Both of the new characters felt distinctly different to play with, and by focusing on a specific
team makeup, it allows for some really focused battles with interesting mechanics! I’m giving it 4.5 out
of 5 rubber chickens! GOOSE
Gem I’d almost forgotten just how much fun this strategic combat is, I was worried that
the lack of team customization might make this adventure feel
a bit too directed – but there’s enough variation in the mission types to keep this adventure swinging along
till the end! I’m giving it 4 out of 5 Rubber Chickens. How good is cranky kong though. GEM
So good. GOOSE
Ah so cranky.


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