Merel krijgt een pony voor haar verjaardag. / Merel gets a pony for her birthday

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what’s this? I don’t know is this a pony? not it’s a book, it is. what? It’s a book Do I get this pony? Just have a look… This is the father, isn’t it? A real horse doesn’t cry….. Real horses don’t cry….. A real horse has an…… Ooooh How is that possible? So I was right after all…. I was right after all! She just called that she’s on her way, so we have to hurry up and get dressed But, how, where, eh We go to Tjitske. Really? And she on her way, so you have to get dresses now and then we’ll go to Tjitske like a greased lightning. Does Tjitske know this too? Yep, Tjitske knows it too. Oooooh, that’s…that really is so bland.. Bland? I’ll get a pony for my birthday…..Yeah right. Off-course you’ll get a pony..


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