MLP Bullies & Backstories Ep 2 (New Look) |REUPLOAD|

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[Doorbell] Rarity: Wha-who? Oh, hi, Fluttershy! How are you? Fluttershy: Um, I’m okay. Um, your house is very pretty! Rarity: [Chuckles] I know. Now come inside dear, I insist! You first. Fluttershy: Oh, thank you! [Sigh] Fluttershy: Oh, wow, Rarity! I really love your house! I especially love the dresses! Rarity: Oh, why thank you, darling! I’m especially proud of THIS one! It’s some of my best work! Fluttershy: Um, uhhh, yeah! Uh, I-It is kinda, um…different! Heh! Um, so um…what should we do? Rarity: Oh! I have the PERFECT idea! I’ll be right back! Oh, I’m so exicted! I didn’t think I’d get a friend this quickly! Rarity: Surprise, darling! I am going to give you a makeover! Fluttershy: Oh, wow! You’re so generous, Rarity! I’m so glad to have you as a friend. Rarity: [Annoyed laughter] Okay, now, just stand over there! And let me work my unicorn magic! [Crowd chatter] Rarity: And I was like, “Oh my gosh, no you didn’t!” Twilight: [Giggles] Oh my gosh, that’s such an interesting story! Fluttershy: Excuse me? Rarity: [Huffs] What do YOU want, LOSER? Fluttershy: Huh? But I thought, uh- Rarity: You can’t sit here! [Huffs] There’s only four ponies to a table [Huffs]! Don’t you do math? Twilight: Yeah! Oh my God, you look so ugly! Pinkie Pie: Yeah, what are you doing HERE? You can’t sit here! Rainbow Blitz: Uh-um, yeah! Fluttershy: Huh? B-But Rarity, you said- Rarity: [Sigh] Just go find another place to SIT! There are plenty of other places to sit in this CAFETERIA! Fluttershy: Um, o-okay…sorry to bother you. Rarity: Oh my gosh, and then I was like, “Oh my gosh, no you didn’t!” and then I was like- Fluttershy: Um, excuse me? Gemstone Glitter: Oh my gosh, that is so hilarious! Fluttershy: Um, excuse me? Sunset Shimmer: Oh my gosh, you can-you did not believe what this-what this pony posted on Snapchat! Fluttershy: Um, excuse me? Gemstone Glitter: Huh? [Shouts] Oh my gosh, how is that allowed in dress code! Fluttershy: Oh, um- AppleJake: Yeah, you’re out of dress code! Sunset Shimmer: Ew, what did she do to her hair? Shimmer Blaze: Yeah, that is so weird! Fluttershy: Uh, huh? Gemstone Glimmer: Um, what do you think you’re doing trying to sit at OUR table? Shimmer Blaze: Yeah, this is like, where, the smart ponies sit! Or at least some of us are smart! AppleJake: HEY! Fluttershy: Oh! I-I’m sorry! Gemstone Glitter: [Scoff] What a loser! Shimmer Blaze: Yeah! Gemstone Glitter: So, anyways… Fluttershy: [Sigh] Do you mind? Starlight Glimmer: Oh, sure, you can sit here! Fluttershy: Oh, thank you! Starlight Glimmer: [Giggles] I’ve been reading this really AWESOME book [gasp]! And you should become ONE with equality! Fluttershy: Huh? Starlight Glimmer: [Tsk] Look at you! You’re so…SUPERIOR! Who needs Cutie Marks anyways, this is ridiculous! I mean I’m gonna, like, revolutionize the school with this book! Here, you should totally be equal! Fluttershy: HUH? Starlight Glimmer: Equality, equality, equality, equality… Rarity: Huh? Oh my gosh, LOOK! Twilight Sparkle: What, what is it? Oh my Celestia! Pinkie Pie: [Gasp] Oh my gosh, NO way! Gemstone Glitter: Huh? AppleJake: Oh my Celestia! Sunset Shimmer: Ooh my gosh [gasp]! Shimmer Blaze: Oh, my gosh! He-She’s sitting with the LONER! Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, the equality freak! Gemstone Glitter: [Laughs] I can’t wait to get some of this! Shimmer Blaze: Hey loser, over here! Sunset Shimmer: Heh, yeah, over here! AppleJake: Yeah! Twilight Sparkle: Ha ha, yeah, over here! Fluttershy: HUH? Rarity: Ha ha! Over HERE, loser! Let me get a good look at you! Fluttershy: Huh? Rarity, what’s going on? I thought we were friends! Rarity: [Huffs] In this school, it’s every mare for herself! Gemstone Glitter: HAHA! You’re such a LOSER in you’re ugly-ugly makeup! Haha! Fluttershy: Stop it! Starlight Glimmer: [Gasp] Oh my gosh! Everyone’s accepting…the philosophy [swoons]. [Pants] Finally! I hope this makeup washes off! [faucet noises] [Sigh] Oh my goodness! I-I just can’t believe Rarity would betray me like that! I-I thought we were friends! She was just so nice to me! Maybe she’s right. Maybe it IS everypony for themselves. [Sigh] I better get to class. Gemstone Glitter: Heey, LOSER! [Laughs] Nice makeup! Fluttershy: [Groans] Shimmer Blaze: Yeah, nice makeup! You looked so UGLY! We already posted ALL the pictures! Fluttershy: WHAT? No! Delete ’em! Sunset Shimmer: [Scoffs] You can’t DELETE ’em! They’re ALL over Instagram, Snapchat, you know! Just all those regular social media sites! Fluttershy: No! PLEASE take them off! Please? I’ll do anything! Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, WHAT? It’s not like you can do anything! You’re so weak and helpless! Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, I mean, look at you! Fluttershy: [Sigh] Gemstone Glitter: [Sticks tongue out] Fluttershy: [Agitated noise] Rarity: Uh, where do you think you’re going? Fluttershy: Rarity, just leave me alone, okay! Rarity: Uh uh uh UH! Okay, news flash! I’M the popular girl! And everypony does what I SAY! And if YOU don’t like that, then you’re-I guess you’ll just have to go to another school! Fluttershy: But, I-I can’t just go to another school! It’s-I… Rarity: [Grunt] Fine, just go to class, WHATEVER! But just-just know i-if you ever try to be FRIENDS with me again… Then…I’ll end you. Fluttershy: [Gulp] [Sigh] [Smooching] Rainbow Blitz: [Chuckles] Rarity, look I gotta go to p-soccer practice, ‘kay? [Smooching] Rarity: Aw, but I will miss you! [Smooching] Rarity: Hey! Do you MIND? Fluttershy: Uh-uh i’m sorry! I-I just- Rarity: We’re TRYING to have a MOMENT! [groans] Can you excuse me a second, dear? Rainbow Blitz: Um…sure, okay. Rarity: [Scoffs] What is your problem? Fluttershy: Uh, I-I-I I didn’t- Rarity: Look! I’m TRYING to have a moment with my coltfriend! Least I have a coltfriend, I mean, you’re never going to get one the way that you acted today, Fluttershy: ME? Rarity: I mean, yeah, you just…totally didn’t wash off that makeup when you should’ve. I mean, it was pretty hilarious, but still! You gotta be SMARTER than that! But you’re just the dumbest mare in school I bet you get all F’s! Fluttershy: Um, a-actually, I-I- Rarity: [Scoffs] You don’t even know how to s-talk right! Just…stay out of my sight! Oh, Rainbow Blitz! Fluttershy: [Sad sigh] Pinkie Pie: Heey, loser! Fluttershy: [Sigh] I-I just need to get home. [woosh] Pinkie Pie: [Scoffs] Not talkin’, huh? [tsk] Twilight Sparkle: She’s so not gonna get any friends! Rainbow Blitz: [Laughs] Okay, Rarity! Okay, that’s enough! Okay? I really, really have to go! Rarity: Okay. I really wish you could stay longer! Rainbow Blitz: Well, I mean, u-um I’ll come over to your house this weekend! Rarity: Okay! Byyee! Rainbow Blitz: Bye! [Whoosh] [Whoosh] Rarity: [Scoffs] Hey! I thought I told you to get out of my sight! Fluttershy: Wh-uh! Rarity: Look! If you REALLY want friends why don’t you just hang out with that dumb e-equality obsessed pony over there! Starlight Glimmer: Hii! Rarity: Look, I don’t wanna see you anymore! I don’t wanna see your ugly face anymore! Just get away from me! Geez! Fluttershy: [Sigh] Starlight Glimmer: Join me Fluttershy! You’ll be HAPPY forever! Hahahaha! Fluttershy: Uh, you know? I-I just realized I have something to do! [whoosh] [Sigh] Well, I guess I better check about what all that nonsense was about. Look who won the ugliest pony award! What! #uglymare accepted equality just to have a friend! I-I…these comments are AWFUL! [sobs]


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