MLP | useing 3D pony maker (NOT THAT GOOD)


hi everybody it’s cream puff~! and um im going to be showing some people ’cause i love using this thing just for fun i just um (gibberish) i’ve got a deviant art account i’ll show at the end and i post a lot these sorta little things so i’m gonna be making…… one of my OC’s i just, i really like having the orchard, this one cause it looks like their standing in it instead of looking like their floating above it ~~~oooolollob~~~~ ehehe and the hairs like like oOOooooAaallaaoooaaa wee wee! uh (i have no idea what i said here lol) ANYWAY i’m going to be making me oh uhm, WhOOps *ehem* (omg i talk way to much XD and too fast) (computer fan kicks in) as you can see here, you’ve got the body animation is that way you can walk trot
running fly you know don’t you just a doll you probably read lips
let me just reload this while that’s loading I’m gonna go to my
diva table and post the link in the bottom or Coffee daddy
I’m for changeling line whoopee-doo I currently made these I have a lot of
random things I’m here that is my first OC creampuff is my
other OC that’s all my theory cream for puff was originally a pony that got
bitten by a Chinese language is like infected by like a werewolf bite any
Chinese its insult it does you know if you got the same name people try and
find her tell her yeah okay so let me then thousand burp as others reverse okay let’s get started so you have all
these really cool things but I go to changeling the female usually because
I’m into changeling oh yeah it’s that I’m not going to show you you to
experience it is experience them for yourself and find
out yourself what here I’m gonna pull when you try to do this
stuff isn’t it it’s like duffle instead and make that screen yeah anyway all that stuff if you want to use control-c or coffee
and control V paste with the weeding right just make them a nice light color
if you’re using genes earnings even though these Darkwing I didn’t even know
what that is it daringly McLean all that cool stuff
pretty cool actually too big right who ain’t here the Train
I don’t live anywhere near a train but it echoes
you know it was fine two years
years bikes look at it from your side why am I doing
this – it was that’s crystal I’m very much relative size shape sir
full changing history goodbye
right I’m gonna take over our lockdown great thank God there we go they’re my eyes Oh Christmas
tree when I recommend because the others with women it’s hard not to be offensive
to a lot of people and that just sounded even worse that just means how far to one side it
goes like this way you’re laughing I don’t like messing with Multi moment because this before I’m
using it so anyway I use this right yeah they update this the changing
prices just been updated as well the wings
a while ago but I wasn’t there when the update going to say that anyone good what what what color my hair is green okay that level nope nope nope stuffing this up please
there what the hell I had it really good
before that I can’t change my food that’s the 101 copy and paste but I don’t have any
other colors in this might have I based herself a heart her saw I did have let
me change my hairstyle which is swipe to the side by the way it looks pretty good
and I’m nothing like he’d seen us in the head because it success to me and my cats trying to open the door
that’s amore so yeah there you go that’s how to make
face feet yes yeah how to make it anyway
accessories when you can idle these things color clothes the main color
secondary color third Sophie shut up cats
and face you can quit expression islet raise if this Spacely make friends the fanny baby that was a bit reliable to keep dipping
I think I keep saying is hotter that’s kind of mean but it just is looking out
the place I don’t want you some cat on your bed it’s really obvious kind of
like that that made no sense but yeah you know these are some things like your
foot I just ain’t your language and then tried to smuggle anyway you can add
stickers and just be that but that’s these like one who needs at it and it
will appear on that slide there was help I like do it want these – I like making
like that Alex and I will be poses this is how you do the poses open it I’ve got
to be really clear about the speaker these are the complicated things I’m
gonna have my looking to the side so this button here is for the head the
green one does this attendant move side to side
Thanks and you have to like go in a circle like that to make it go so I want
the head turn to one side you know that goes up and down up down
funk you up not that route would I’m not gonna say that because I don’t want to
spend it I’m considered yes I’m really confident and that’s pretty easy I guess that’s
sir it just kind of smooth these look at different angles down then get it back
and all that it does help move and practice like just whatever that guy’s
thing is in that high-pitched voice yeah it’s an 80 song I don’t know why I know
it hmm okay so that’s the front leg back legs
I don’t like cutting I’m never stand like this in real life I’m just like boy
boy boy boy I’m a lot likely to keep I actually to be accurate run
I’m not joking and seriously snack a lunch is a high score high school yeah high school oh my god
oh my school smack a lunch every day around the backside jumping up and down
and never stay in one place add bird I want a to face I want to be more happy
it looks kind of like I’m not happy at the moment I’m really depressed I’m so
smiling like that I never are that oh honey I haven’t been
like that recently oh no no no no no like hey
I’ve ate fruit punch and your model should shut up cats
really annoying me like fan noise and I think the plan that you mind if
different that can be the really part of it and I learn it about two more minutes
of sleep plus time on it they do connie both hammer blow there’s nothin you know
motors and blah blah blah blah a big that you have it people love even more
canoes college you see you have all these awesome facial expressions that
are really handy they really good for making a free do CDs that you can use
and with the easy to change the color if you don’t want a background that’s
transparency over you wouldn’t learn that much better but Dallas if Jefferson
should show our appreciation should show up in your dollars yes they have thanks for watching I’m
pretty sure this edit would be as loud here’s a lot fun great be better
I’m just saying my sister she’s the one who’s a member of snap she says not to
say that but I am she is I showed up in as a picture video this video and yeah we talked a lot to achieve younger like
a Linda it’s just really good editing sir my father asked her how much to use
a different editor I just use the regular in this one
shut up cats oh I’ll be damned like subscribe that stuff and see you later
like subscribe that stuff yeah


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