Mobile Invoicing & Printing. Create & Print Invoices with TC55 & Zebra Printer iMZ320 – LaceUp

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So I’m going to teach you guys how to create
an order on lace-up mobile invoice. Step one select your client, when you go into
client details you’ll see client name, address and open balance, from here you tap menu
and you go to create order. When you going to create order; you see your order
template, these are the products that you sold to that client within last 90
days. You tap on the white box and you tap a quantity 5, you tap on the white
box of the next item three the white box of the third item… When the order is complete
you dismiss the keyboard, if you see. There you gonna go menu, ok ,then you’ll
going to scroll down and you gonna receive the client signature, you gonna past the
tablet and there gonna sign their name. You gonna save the signature. When the
invoices complete and you save the signature you wanna go menu and you gonna
print order


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