MODIFICATION – Remington 870 Side Saddle on a CAM870 | AIRSOFT

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In this episode I’m going to mount a real-steel
side saddle on my APS CAM870. First I disassemble the side saddle by removing
the shell clamp from the mounting plate. Next I align the mounting plate and realise
that it doesn’t fit, so I need to modify it. The APS scope mount pin is 4.5mm in diameter,
so I need to move and enlarge the front hole on the mounting plate. In order to align the front hole I use a 4mm
end mill to move the hole approx. 1.5mm forward. Next I enlarge the hole using a 4.2mm drill
bit. I do some final fine tuning with a file. When the holes on the mounting plate and shotgun
receiver align I countersink both holes to make the screws
sit flush, otherwise the shell clamp won’t fit securely. Now to put it all back together. Tune in next time on April 27th to see me
modify a shell catcher to fit this gun. Please like and subscribe.


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