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Who is it? Hello. Good Morning Motu Sir. Patlu, this donkey spoke just now. What? A donkey that speaks? The day has barely started and your drama has started Motu. Hello Patlu Sir. Good morning. The donkey is really speaking Motu. Run. Where are you running Motu Patlu? Listen. I am not a donkey; I am a horse. What? You are not a donkey; You are a horse? G-Ghost. Donkey G-G-Ghost! Motu Patlu, who is chasing you today? A donkey that speaks. N-N-No No No Sorry. Horse Horse Horse Looks like a donkey But a horse. I cannot stop laughing after hearing it. Hello Chingum Sir. Attention It is impossible to escape the claws of Chingum. I mean impossible. This is funny. Very funny. This donkey speaks. It says my name. Enough. Enough. Motu Patlu listen to me at least once, I want your help. I want to tell you both something since so long. What kind of help do you want? Tell us. Don’t be afraid. I am actually not a donkey but a horse. But I look like a donkey. Then one day one bad magician reined my speed. He pulled me and dragged me with him. He chained me. That magician wanted to ride me. When I refused him, he reined my speed. And he turned me into a donkey. Your tale is really tragic. I cannot listen to it anymore. Control Motu. Control. Control. If you don’t listen to him how will you help him? Now only you two can cure me. How can we cure you? This is a very small thing for you. The magician has kept a Nagmani of his in Furfuri Nagar’s bank safe. If you somehow get that Mani and put it in my mouth for a few seconds then I will be free of this curse. You can keep the Mani back in the safe as soon as I am cured. You don’t worry at all my friend. We will get that Nagmani. We will cure you. This is my promise. Chingum Sir will also help us. This is a promise to a friend from a friend. Motu my brother, my friend. Doney’s do not speak. And neither are they horses. He is a donkey. And he will remain a donkey. A donkey to horse. I have never seen anything like this in my 20 years of experience. Dr. Jhatla. What does your science say? Keep your science to yourself you two. And take my gift. It also speaks. No No No No No No I cannot believe this. In today’s times I do not believe in things such as magic and curses. I will not give you the Nagmani no matter what. Who will be responsibe if there is a theft? Manger Sir, I myself have heard this donkey- I mean this horse speaking. You just have to give that Nagmani for a second. Nagmani. We will keep it in its mouth As soon as the donkey turns into a horse take it back. I take responsibility. Okay. Alright Chingum Sir. I’m ready to go out of my way and give the Nagmani because you said so. You all stand in one line to see a miracle. After I keep the Nagmani in my mouth Everyone close your eyes and say 1 2 3 4. Okay. [1] 2 3 4 It ran away. The donkey has taken the Nagmani and run away. If I don’t get the Nagmani back then I will lose my job. Chingum Sir I will not let your job off either. You just watch. Motu Patlu. Your donkey made you a donkey and ran away. Catch him. Stop Donkey. Motu Patlu. If I don’t get the Nagmani, I won’t let you off. If you had listened to a scientist then this wouldn’t have happened. [Donkey.] Stop. Where did so many donkeys come from? How do we recognize it? It’s not here. It’s not here. Find it. Open. Donkey Sir. Donkey Sir. Open your mouth once. Just once. Return the Nagmani. Please. I have fooled Motu Patlu so well. Now Chingum Sir will throw then out of Furfuri Nagar like how you remove the horns from a donkey’s head. A donkey fooled us. He ruined our humanity. Motu. Motu. No problem has been solved yet by crying. One thing is confirmed that the Nagmani Donkey was not real. If it wasn’t real then who was it? It was John. John. That Mani thief is definitely John. It can’t be anyone except for him. John! Now you won’t escape. Now you won’t escape. Patlu I cannot think on an empty stomach. You only give an idea. Idea. Listen. John will become a Don. John will become a Don. The clouds of sorrow are gone Now it will rain money when I sell this Nagmani in the international market. Child. A miraculous snake of Nagmani has come in this jungle. I will catch that snake and sell its Nagmani and become a millionaire, child. Boss Boss. That sage’s eyes are on your Nagmani. If he takes the Mani then what will happen to us? This cannot happen. Sage, I know every nook and cranny of this place. There is no such snake here. Is that so? I will check it now child. Did you see, kid? You doubted my knowledge. The Nagmani snake has come. Tell me. Where is your Nagmani? Boss Boss. Did it realize that you have the Nagmani? Leave me. Leave me. Leave. Child. The Cobra has caught you that means you have stolen its Mani. Where is that Mani? Return the Mani. And save your life. If you don’t return it, then it will bite you. Hiss! The one who gets bitten by Cobra cannot even ask for water. Keep the Nagmani on the crown of its head for a while. As soon as the Cobra leaves you, take the Mani and run away. No! I will not return the Nagmani. Sage, it is continuing to squeeze me. What should I do? What should I do? Alright! I will keep the Mani. I kept it. What kind of a snake is this? It also has two hands. This is deception. You both deceived me. How can there be deception with the cheater John? Your snake dance is still left. No! What kind of a dance are you making me do? Patlu I have beaten up John a lot till today. Today its your turn. Complete all the wishes of your heart. Its my turn after Patlu. It is impossible to escape the claws of Chingum. I mean impossible. Its my chance after that. I swear on my patients. Even I will wash my hands in the flowing Ganga. You took the Nagmani. Now from this small matter Leave this Big John. Stop staring and subscribe


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