My Little Pony “Canterlot Court” Playdoh set with Celestia Luna and Twilight Sparkle


Hi Rarity you look super happy
today hmm oh yes hi pinkie pie I am really
excited today guess what I’m gonna be doing um I don’t know you’re making a
dress for the royal ball oh it’s better than that I’m a royal designer for all
the princesses at the ball royal designer
what does that mean it means I get to dress them head to hoof and that’s
Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle oh wow that sounds exciting
you’re gonna do such a good job I sure hope so
oh look at a time I better go. Hi everyone welcome to Evie’s Toy House. and take a
look we have a brand new play-doh play set featuring My Little Pony and what’s
super exciting is that this is the princess set so this one is called
Canterlot court and only my gosh take a look we have princess Celestia
Princess Luna and down here princess Twilight Sparkle so this is a super cool
set because what we get to do is to decorate their hair or their mane and
add decorations to their body too so here is the back of the box isn’t this
super awesome oh my gosh I am so excited all right – let’s open
this up and see what’s inside all right so we did a light purple one
and orange one a green one a darker purple and a blue looks like this is the base or to stand
and take a look at the mold so we got all the crowns here you got some bows
some jewelry some gems and other decorations he’s a really really neat alright and we have a few more items and
so these look like they’re too princess Stan’s they look like they would fit
right here and we have another one so these are
actually extruders chairs so we can put the pony on top and then extrude their
main we have what looks like a little clip I think this is such a tall let’s
see a crimper this looks like a little flat iron and bright crimps the hair we
have a pair of scissors and we have a roller and take a look at the roller
their designs on there that’s so cool we have the sun you got some stars and we
also have a backdrop so let’s put this on the stand here and of course we have our ponies so here
is princess Twilight Sparkle is she cute but she’s in a sitting position and she
has her dope cutie mark down here but as you can see her name here her wings and
her tail is ready for compounds who color it so this is really cool it’s on
both sides and she also has these holes on top of her hair for her mane so we’re
gonna do it as essentially put her onto the extruder this way. next we have Princess Luna oh my gosh she is so so pretty and her cutie mark is from this side but
just like Twilight Sparkle her mane and wing and her tail is ready for play-doh
and over here she also has holes on top of her head for the extruder to sprout
some hair there clip go and finally we have Princess Celestia
she is so big and so pretty oh my gosh take a look at this I love the way her
Mane kind of turned out on the side like this and just like the other ponies they
are all ready with molds for you to put play-doh in then up here she has a
different shape that the other two these are kind of long instead of circles and
she also has a larger extruder right in the middle so she would go all right
like this Princess Celestia Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna I’m here are
you guys ready yes we’re ready all right then let’s get started so let’s start
with Twilight Sparkle up some purple compound here and we’re gonna fill in
the hair and also the wing gonna take a little bit and just press
it into space there and fill it in and what I wouldn’t do the same for the
tail here just press it in and then we’ll remove the extras and what’s
really cool about the tail is that if you take out the piece after pressing it
in you’ll see that there is a design on it and taking this you can put it on the
opposite end and it’ll fit in perfectly just like that your dude is on both
sides here’s the other piece and we’ll pop
that right in there and then we’ll finish filling in this side Twilight
Sparkle is looking pretty good so far we got her wing and also her tail and mane
filled in so now we’re gonna extrude some extra hair and then stick in some
purple clay I’m going to come over here and put her on the platform and extruder
hair out isn’t this cute only nice look at this we want to make our hair longer all we
have to do is take her back out and add more play-doh okay extrude some more there we go now that’s a lot of hair
using the molds on her stand we’re gonna add lots and lots of fight purple stars
in her hair using some gold we’re gonna make her crown alright then here it is
doesn’t look great add that crown to her and on this side we’ll make her a
necklace I tie that you are done you look fabulous
just take a look at all the stars in your hair yes I really like a birdie
thank you all right on to Princess Luna for
Princess Luna we’re gonna do the same thing we’re gonna fill in her hair but
I’m gonna use a light blue color because this set actually doesn’t come with
darker blue colors it’s gonna use a light blue color and fill in her mane gonna fill in her wings and her tail but tail pieces wouldn’t do
the same as Twilight we can to take it out and then flip it so this piece goes
in here and this piece goes in here so here she is looking really cool with her
light blue hair and now we’re going to extrude some hair on top go I’m gonna
add a little bit more and this time we’re gonna take this tool
here and we’re going to lightly crimp it not too much because you don’t want to
break it pro princes leaned out with a nap lots and lots of little flowers so
there’s one flora could add enough one and a third one using gold we’re also
going to make her a crown now we can give her a golden crown and it will also
make her a necklace right now for Princess Celestia
so Princess Celestia is super beautiful and she has all these grooves over here
for her hair but first we don’t start by filling in her wings I want her to look
extra special so I’m going to give her golden wings and now for our tale so we can fill in
her tail with a few different cutters and let’s start with some green the next
layer is going to be blue so it with a little bit of blue in there I’m try not
to mix it with a cream and of course probably on the very bottom we’re going
to add some purple this is very tricky because it’s very narrow down here
alright so take a look at the wings and the tail done that’s also filling some
of the grooves in your hair over here now that’s extrude some hair so I’m
going to take all the different colors and we’re going to stack them a little
bit and roll them up and then stick it under princess celestia right so this is
looking really cool so if all sorts of different cutters all mixed in take your
pick out and add a little bit more hair so some of the pieces are a little bit
heavy and they broke off but what I’m gonna do is add them back in like this
so it’s just going to attach them to be back let’s give her a golden crown right
here on the side and a Sun her hair and some jewels and adds a final touch we’re
going to use for the roller here and roll out a beautiful carpet for princess
celestia all right ladies I’m done what do you guys think I think you did a
wonderful job Rarity thank you so much oh you’re welcome I’m so glad you like it
all right well I’m gonna go get dressed I’ll see you guys at the ball I alright
everyone so I’ve had a lot of fun I really love this set I love that it
comes with three princesses and that you can do so much with their hair so let me
know down below in the comment section what you think of this playset and you
guys like this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next
time bye


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  1. The Pony Girl Swirl

    June 13, 2018 3:33 am

    I really do miss the old g4 toys…..
    But great review! Luna defently looks amazing!!!

  2. Julia Håkansson 6.1 Västra Ramlösa skola

    June 13, 2018 4:15 am

    I hate this becuse i love my little pony and this is wrong😑😒😲😡😠😡😡😡😡

  3. Moon The Lost Wolf

    June 13, 2018 10:30 pm

    You used twilights crown on luna….and twilight also has a pink stripe in her hair…..

  4. Временно• Закрыт

    June 14, 2018 7:53 am

    Я люблю MLP
    Супер видео
    Кто говорит по русски лайк на комент

  5. Itz Queen Sake!

    June 16, 2018 3:02 pm

    I wanted cadence but she deserves a sperate video all by herself bcauz she's so unique and she is the best Princess forever

  6. Lily Bloom

    June 18, 2018 6:51 pm

    I had a set like yours and I tried to do her hair the opposite way but I got the Play-Doh Stark

  7. Toa Liuanga Aulika

    July 13, 2018 8:34 am

    Is your hand five times and look under your pillow but make sure you leave a comment first and then look under your pillow but if it doesn’t work just wait for a few seconds and then you find what you wish for

  8. charles robinson

    July 17, 2018 4:31 pm

    it looks. . . . . . ……. … ….. . . ……. so so so so so so so so so buttyfull

  9. Sianna The super star

    August 4, 2018 5:55 pm

    You sound lovely and the ponies are nice 👍🏻.plus you should have a Instagram and put you custom on it

  10. Mariah Moore

    August 18, 2018 7:04 pm

    Oh yeah you used twilight's crown on Luna and I would mix my colours for them all not just Celestia

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    September 27, 2018 2:33 pm

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  12. Erika Gonzalez

    November 8, 2018 12:01 am

    Luna doesn’t have the element of magic and you used twilights crown for Luna and Luna’s crown for celesta and celesta’s crown for twilight lol

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    June 16, 2019 4:30 pm

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